How to Apply Bronzer Like a Pro

Pro tips for applying bronzerPro tips for applying bronzer. I love using powder bronzer to contour. It's quick and easy and looks very natural when done properly. This is how I incorporate bronzer into my every day routine.

How to apply bronzerBest bronzer and brushStep One: Bronzer goes on after face makeup (foundation, concealer, and powder) but before blush. You can use any type of brush you like. My personal preference is a brush with soft, short bristles so I can control my placement.

How to apply bronzer  Step Two: Using a sweeping motion, you're going to imagine that you're drawing a number 3 on your face. Bronzer should go along the hairline/upper forehead, just below the cheekbone and just below the jawline. 

How to apply bronzer Step Three: Blending is super important, especially down the neck. Make sure everything is smoothly blended. If you feel like there's a harsh line that you can't get rid of, try using a little bit of translucent powder to smooth it out. 

Pro tips for applying bronzer.  This is a great trick for when you know you're going to be photographed! Just like the contouring with concealers, sometimes it takes a bit if practice to get the placement right. Emma has killer cheekbones, so she's a great example of where to put the product! xo. –AnnaRose

Credits // Author: AnnaRose Kern. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

  • Thank you for this tutorial! I’m very pale and never wear bronzer but maybe i will after this 🙂

  • Hi Sarah! They are by Real Techniques. You can find them here: 🙂 -Jacki

  • I’m a believer in bronzer.. especially in those drab winter months. Good trick about the number 3. I’ll give it a try!

  • LOVE this! Any recommendations for your favorite bronzers? I see the Benefit one! 🙂

    Any tips on really dark circles?

  • I use the same ‘3’ method and it has made applying bronzer so much easier! x

  • I have quite a lot of freckles and tend to stay away from bronzer, I feel like it makes my freckles stand out more. Maybe I wasn’t applying it correctly or I need a different shade. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Please tell me Anna rose will explain how to cover dark under eye circles!!! I’m a mom, hence limited sleep.

  • Thank you for the explanation of where to put the bronzer. I am so fair that I tend to shy away from it. When I have used bronzer in the past I feel like my face just looks dirty.


  • That ‘3’ trick is so helpful! Thanks for sharing, especially at this time of year when the glow of summer is starting to wear off, and bronzer becomes essential!

    xo. Jilli

  • It looks great! The idea of drawing a 3 makes the process super tangible & easy to recreate. 🙂
    Emily |

  • Thank-you for posting this! Being so pale I am afraid of using bronzer but you are right it makes photographs have more to sculpt your face.

    We just rebranded our Fashion and Lifestyle blog, please stop by and take a look!

    – RSH Xx

  • I just got a bronzer in my brichbox and was wondering how to go with them, as i haven’t used on before..its like you guys read my mind…this is great..


  • I kid you not, this morning I was thinking, “hmmm. I bet ABM is going to have a tutorial on bronzer soon. I wanna try it out, but I’m gonna wait for AnnaRose’s tips.” MIND READER! I can’t wait to try this and I am seriously loving AnnaRose as a contributor here. so great!


  • I actually have those brushes! I am going to try tis out, thank you for the tips xx

  • I still have my bronzer from the early 80’s called Rubiglo. It came in a small clay bottle with a cork top……I still use it. It’s probably toxic!

  • Love the drawing a three tip! Will be using that one.

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  • I’m a big fan of a subtle contour and absolutely love Hoola bronzer. Emma you look stunning! Great post!

    -Emily |

  • Do you apply different amounts along that ‘3’? I see a ton of bronzer on her cheek but none on her forehead/temple. It would be helpful to know what kind of “weight” you apply to each section of the ‘3’. Thanks!

  • As a very pale women, I’ve always been afraid bronzer would make me look like an Oompa loompa! I guess that’s a bit silly, because I probably need it more than most people. I think you have a great point about it being a good trick for when you’re being photographed, AnnaRose. Loving all these beauty tips!


  • Bronzer has been such a struggle for me but this makes me want to try it again! Thanks for putting this up– I’m really enjoying all the beauty posts recently.

  • cute! bronzer can really make a difference in our faces haha we look so much better with it!
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  • I found this technique on youtube many years ago and I’m so happy to see that it works for a lot of people, too! I love using Hoola bronzer -it’s the one I’m wearing today 🙂 Emma has phenomenal cheekbones!


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