How To Make a Lace Patterned Coffee Table


6a00d8358081ff69e20153916f1958970b-800wiRecently Kinsey had a super cute idea for a DIY coffee table that we could use in the dressing room area of our boutique! I loved it so much that I asked her to share her cute idea here. Here's how she made this pretty piece.




How To Make a Lace Patterned Coffee Table/ 1-2. Supplies Needed: A coffee table in imperfect condition. Ours is faux wood (plastic!) and had several scratches and dents. We would never do this to a piece in perfect vintage condition, but for this $3 thrift find it was the perfect solution. You'll also need lace (enough to mask the entire table) and spray paint (we chose Pistachio!). 2. Next, we covered the top of the table with lace and secured the edges underneath with masking tape. 3. After making sure all the edges were secure, we sprayed the legs a solid color to make the top pop even more! 4. Begin spray painting over the lace about a foot away, covering the entire table. 5. We let the paint dry for about an hour on a warm day. 6. After it's dry, slowly begin peeling the lace back to reveal your beautiful new table! This technique is also perfect for creating a pretty journal cover, a suitcase or making a pretty piece of art to frame. Enjoy!



6a00d8358081ff69e20153916f1958970b-800wiI love the perfectly imperfect texture that this technique created!




Thanks for taking a peek! xo, elsie


  • Thank you! We did this to two of our tables, and we spray painted a different color for the base for some fun colorblocking.

  • Thank you for this post, I’ll try it myself this weekend – have these basic coffee tables from IKEA.

    Do you have any ideas to re-use the lace afterwards? It’d be a pitty to throw it away 🙂


  • great idea, so glad I stumbled across this! Your blog always inspires me when I’m in a creative rut! x

  • I just used this technique to make lace printed fabric with fabric paint! It turned out surprisingly well. I ended up sewing it into a little top!

    you can see it here if you like!

    thanks for the inspiration


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  • ha! This is super sweet x

    visit my blog;

  • Looks really charming. I’m going to try this once I figure out what table to paint!

  • Pure genius! Why are the best ideas always the simplest. Crazy idea to use it for a bedroom door – I love it ;9)

  • I loved this tutorial so much that I just did i this this weekend on an old TV stand I found. My roommate and I are using it as a side table and I’m absolutely in love with it! (I made re-painted a lamp to bring out the cream color I did for the lace)

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  • It’s great and all, but just as a study in human perspective, my first thought upon seeing the pic was, “..bad for that book..”

    Just a comment on the image. I love the project, and have plans for a dresser in my room.

  • Ottoman coffee tables that can double as footstools, or nesting coffee tables that stack inside or below each other are ideal for entertaining large groups in a small area.

  • Wow I never would of thought of this, but I am definitely going to do it! 🙂 You have a fabulous blog and I’m soo happy that I found it! Keep it up! I love it all!!! 🙂

  • Love this idea. I actually used this technique on my hand-made wedding invitations several years ago, but I never thought to apply it to furniture.

  • I would need to have my wife help me with this. What a great way exploit room fashon

  • I love this coffee table! I saw something similar that involved a door and a table on another website. Needless to say, it was cool. It was the first post.

  • Thank you so much. My nightstand had a makeover 🙂
    I just blogged about it :

  • This is seriously the coolest thing I have seen in awhile! How inspiring! I have some old furniture that could use an uplift. SO doing this to it!!!!


  • Hi!

    Did you try washing the lace again or did you throw it away afterwards? I would be interested if you can get it clean again after spraing on it… i don’t want to waste nice lace :/
    would be nice, if you could write here and maybe a mail, for i always forget to look up answers of the comments here 😀
    thanks, great idea!

  • such a cute idea!! that mid century coffee table is just perfect in its original state too!

  • I love the look and also the effect.
    Look into good ideas in a Portuguese site –

    The “monsters” concept is to turn something old into something creative and original and brand new.

    Everything is handmade following traditional methods.

    Passionate about everything vintage, old or any piece that carries memories within, they can see beauty where no one else can.

  • This is so neat! Unfortunately I live with 4 guys right now… I don’t think they would appreciate a girly lace table 🙂

  • Love this technique! My boss did this on the floors of our salon (using black and gold) and it’s such a cool effect! We get tons of compliments on it.

  • Great idea! hmmm… I wonder if this will work on my cheap and boring ikea kitchen table… Or chairs! Thanks for the tip!

  • Ha! i literally used this technique to create a display at work today! I love using everyday objects as stencils with spray paint. Your blog and shop are beautiful by the way.

  • Love this!! How gorgeous would a vintage suitcase be, like this, too?! Eeek! 🙂

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! THANK YOU so much for sharing, Elsie. As usual, SO inspiring!!

  • Recently, I’ve started keeping a journal, and I must admit that it helped me not only with collecting new ideas, but also with developing the old ones. Thank you for your wonderful tips, Elsie! They are great!
    xoxox frutti

  • Love this, I’m going to try this tomorrow with some small canvas’s and pink spray paint so it matches my room, cross fingers it turns out well 🙂

  • Too darling! I’ve seen a DIY similar on pinterest, but I prefer your easy instructions and creativity! Oh, I can not wait to do this project.

  • I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but on a book instead! Spraypaint can work wonders. Where do you have room for all of these things? You’re coming out with a DIY a day, it’s amazing!
    <3 Linda

  • That is perfect! I am so in love with that table! And I love all the DIY’s you’ve been having!!! So fun!

  • I’m a pretty firm believer that a good can of spray paint can fix basically everything. I’ve done this with smaller things before- CD covers and journals, but I never thought to do this for a whole table. GENIUS. I am going to try to find a thrifted coffee table to try this out on, and I love the pistachio color!

  • The table looks awesome and I love love the green. I did something similar for project restyle but using canvas’:)

  • It’s gorgeous! What a lovely idea.
    Have a great time at Renegade. I hope you remembered to order the tent this time!! 🙂

  • That is so amazing! I have a crummy coffee table that would be much improved by this technique.

  • nice!! looks awesome! great idea! i will try! 😉

  • This is genius! I’m going to try it with my journal (my moleskine notebooks come in red and black so they’d be perfect for decorating )

  • Wow you’ve got all the creative cookies in your basket! Amazing

  • I love this DIY! I wish I had a coffee table to do this to. Maybe someday when my apartment is bigger. XO, Rae

  • this is a good idea! I’m pretty sure I have that same table I bought for $3 too! 🙂

  • I’ve been looking for a way to zzsh up my coffee table! Perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  • ah! love this! I am always coming across super cheap tables that are a little beat up and just need some love… love this idea!!!

  • I am definitely doing this! No doubt about it. I have spray paint, and I have lace……now to find something to put this pattern on….

  • such a great idea! love the color, and the lace texture makes the table stand out even more!

  • I’ve seen something very similar on the concrete floor of one of my favorite local shops (now closed). I’ve thought to try it on my mudroom floor, and this just might be the dose of inspiration I need!

  • That’s such a cool idea! I’ve got a table with a water ring (why don’t people get what coasters are for?) this could be a fun way to mask it!

  • This is so pretty and feminine and such a great idea! You are the DIY queen!



  • WOAH. That’s super pretty. I’m totally doing that once I move into my apartment for university 😀

  • it looks so pretty!

    with love,
    I have I have new note with photos and a giveaway!!

  • Wow great idea! I spray painted my bike a while ago, but hadn’t thought about this yet. So cool!



  • This is such an amazing and great idea. I just bought something that needs a little touching up and this is perfect for it. Thanks for sharing this!


  • It turned out great! This is the perfect solution for tables that aren’t in the best shape!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • We did this to a pair of our sunglasses recently, and they came out so pretty! But we got the idea from an old 1940s truck in our neighborhood. The owner did this to the fenders! It looks amazing!

    The coffee table looks rad!!

  • This is genius! Will definitely be trying this… and on lots of other stuff besides coffee tables too.
    Thanks so much Kinsey & Elsie!

    Aoife x

  • Q: that’s so pretty! did you finish it with something so the paint doesn’t chip from wear and tear?
    A: We did not. We’re using it in a shop though, where it isn’t handled like it would be in a home. Might be a good idea if you’re using it in a home, especially with small children. XO

  • I really love this. That turned out fab. I might be doing this to my coffee table that is in horrible condition. Love it!!

  • I would LOVE to do this on my antique desk that i’m turning into a girly vanity…but i’m not bold enough for that! gonna find a small table instead!

  • Oh wow, this is so cute! I’ll have to show this to my mom, she has a wood table that needs a little makeover. Awesome awesome! xx

  • this is perfect for poor college students on a tight budget!!! great idea. Def. will do this when my parents give me all their old furniture.

  • that’s so pretty! did you finish it with something so the paint doesn’t chip from wear and tear?

  • So pretty! I have an old coffee table we found in someone’s trash. 🙂 This would be perfect!

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