Simple Photo-Covered Journal

Make a photo covered journal! www.beautifulmess.comHi friends! We're big fans of carrying journals and notebooks over here. Last fall I made this journal and filled it with ideas within a few months! Time for a new journal. This time, I thought it would be fun to make a photo covered design—something super simple with large striking images. These journals make great gifts, because you can customize them for any holiday, friend or family member! Make a photo covered journal! This is another post from our Canon USA collaboration. We used the Canon Pro-100 printer to print two photos, slightly larger than our journal cover size. We printed a color and black and white photo from my home for the front and back cover of the journal on this huge semi-gloss photo paper. Again, we chose the Pro-100 for the quality of the blacks in the black and white photo. Plus, the size of the printer made it easier to print both photos on one sheet. However, if changed the orientation of the photo, you could definitely make this work with the MG6320.Make a photo covered journal! supplies www.beautifulmess.comSupplies needed: A blank journal, 2 printed photos (measure your journal cover and add half an inch to the width and height to get an image that's easy to work with), scissors, fabric, Mod Podge.Make a photo covered journal! step 1 www.beautifulmess.comStep 1: Cover the front cover with mod Podge, leaving the spine untouched. Adhere your photo to the cover. Allow it to dry completely. Use scissors to trim away the excess so that the photo is flush with the front cover. Repeat with the back cover.Make a photo covered journal! step 2 www.beautifulmess.comStep 2: To create a flexible, fabric-covered spine, just cut a piece of fabric 3 inches wide (larger if your journal is super thick) and the height of your journal. Use Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the spine, pressing it into the dips around the spine. Allow it to dry completely.Make a photo covered journal!(back) www.beautifulmess.comHere's what the back cover looks like! 

Make a photo covered journal… time to jot down ideas now! www.beautifulmess.comNow I'll be carrying this everywhere with me for the next few months, jotting down ideas. 🙂 If you're not currently carrying an idea journal, you should totally make one too!Make a photo covered journal! so fun! www.beautifulmess.comHave a great day! xo. Elsie 

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