How to Make Eucalyptus Hair Wreaths

How to make eucalyptus hair wreathsToday I wanted to share our quick and simple method for making eucalyptus hair wreaths for your next gathering. Laura and I whipped up about six of these in an hour or two. They are fun to wear, look great in party photos and (the best part!) smell amazing!

How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths Needed: Seeded eucalyptus (I got mine at Trader Joe’s), floral tape (both the sticky kind and the kind you use to wrap- pictured here), floral wire and scissors.

How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths Twist a long piece of wire into a circle that comfortably fits your head. Remember, they’re easier to make smaller later than to make bigger, so be a little generous with the size.

Use the sticky tape to attach individual clippings of eucalyptus all the way around the crown. Repeat until it is full.

How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths Use the other floral tape to wrap the wire. It takes a little patience to  maneuver around all the clippings, but it’s worth it because this step gives it a more polished, finished look.

How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths We had a little extra help from Dolly. She’s very crafty.

How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths Ta-da! Aren’t they pretty?!!

How to make eucalyptus hair wreaths I’ll definitely make these for a future party! These are the kinds of detail that make a celebration feel thoughtful and special.

If you want a more colorful look, see our fresh flower crown tutorial as well! xx. Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Collin DuPree and Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

  • Making these this week! Thanks for the inspiration! I do have a question though, what is the sticky floral tape that you used? From the looks of it, traditional floral tape is not that sticky? I’ve clearly never used floral tape before! : )

  • I love all diy projects using eucalyptus leaves! So simple and pretty!

  • Love that last photo! I know you’re getting rid of the wallpaper (and I can understand why) but it IS pretty and its kind of nice that it’s been immortalized in a photo where the soft green works so well! Ha, look at me… getting sentimental about your wallpaper…

  • Oh nice! I think I love the colorful flower crowns for women and eucaliptus crowns for men maybe? 。◕ ‿ ◕。 Anyway, I like them both and they seem pretty easy to make for festivals and such. Cool, greetings guys! Iva –

  • Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I’ve bookmarked this for next summers music festival season. Everyone is loving these in Europe.

  • Yes, you can & yes, I would! I made one the night before and it was a bit wilted the next day, but still good.
    xx- Elsie

  • So pretty! Thank you for sharing. Any tips on how to convince my friends to wear them? 😉 😀

  • I love eucalyptus but it’s so sticky and hard to wash off your hands. Did you wear gloves to avoid the sappy stickiness while making?

  • Can you make these the day before? Should you refrigerate them, or will they last a couple days on their own?

  • So cute. I know you mentioned earlier this week how you don’t like the wall paper in your front entry. I love that paper. I’m thinking of you change the yellow paint to another color (sage green perhaps) that you may like it better.

  • This is an adorable idea. Plus, it looks like you were able to get some use out of that wallpaper you don’t like in your entryway!

    ♥ Heather

  • These are really so pretty! I love the simplicity of them. This is completely random but I just checked out the mermaid doll tutorial and was pleasantly surprised to see minimal sewing and lots of glue lol I am thinking of making one for my younger cousin who will be around for Thanksgiving. Best of luck with the house and can’t wait to see all the before and afters.

  • I am so glad that you are sharing this tutorial today☺ These wreaths are really beautiful ♥♥

  • What beautiful hair ornaments, I love them! They’re especially beautiful for Christmas photos!

  • These are beautiful I loved them in your friendsgiving post! Going to go and look at the fresh flowers one now ♥♥

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