How to Make Granny Squares (and a Blanket!)

6U8A8786 6U8A8806Baby, it’s cold outside! At least, it is in Manitoba. One thing I love to do on a cold winter day is snuggle up under an afghan with a cup of tea. Even if it’s warmer where you are, a nice crocheted afghan adds beautiful texture to any space. In this tutorial, as part of the Crochet Basics series, you’ll learn how to make a classic granny square. I’ll also show you how you can join your granny squares to create a cozy afghan of your own! 

In this video, I demonstrate how to make a 3-row granny square. Choose any yarn you fancy! Check the yarn label to choose the appropriate size of crochet hook for your yarn.

Granny SquareStart with a slip knot on your hook. Ch 4, and insert your hook into the first ch. Slip stitch (sl st) to create a loop.

Ch 3, 2 dc in loop. *Ch 1, 3 dc in same loop. Repeat from * 3 times.

Ch 1, then connect to the third chain on the other side with a sl st into the top ch st. That’s the first round!



For the second round, start by ch 4, and in the first space beside that chain, work 2 dc. Ch 1, skip 3 stitches, and work 3 dc in the next space. Ch 1, and work another 3 dc in the same open space.

Ch. 1, move on to the next open space. 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc. Repeat for each open space on the first round. Once you’re back at the first corner, work 3 dc, ch 1, and then sl st into the top of the ch (4th stitch) to connect. 

For the 3rd round, ch 4, 2 dc in the same space. *Ch 1, move on to the next open space on the side, 3 dc, ch 1. Move to the next corner, and work the corner as follows: 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc. Repeat from * around.

To complete the 3rd row in your granny square, once you’ve done the final 3 dc in the last corner, ch 1, then insert your hook into the top of the chain (in the 4th stitch). Cut the yarn and pull through. This completes a 3-row granny square!

How to join granny squares step 1-3To connect your squares, start by taking 2 granny squares and put them together with the nicer sides facing in. You can see how the stitches line up nicely.

How to join granny squares step 4.Insert your hook into the corner of both squares.

How to join granny squares step 5.With matching yarn, slip knot onto your hook, and pull the yarn through the corner. Work single crochet stitches in each stitch until you reach the other corner.

How to join granny squares step 6.How to join granny squares step 7.How to join granny squares step 8.From here, you can decide whether you want to continue around the square, attaching 4 squares to the middle square to create a plus sign like in the afghan I made, or you can cut the yarn and attach your squares “end to end” in a long strip, creating rows of squares to later attach using the same sc method. Once all your squares and rows are joined, use a darning needle to weave in all the yarn ends.

6U8A8705 6U8A8802One thing I love about making granny squares, is it’s something you can start and finish in one sitting. Sometimes you have time to make one, other times you can make a bunch at one time. Stockpile your squares until you have enough to join them into a blanket! Small blankets make special baby gifts. Definitely something that takes time, but those are usually the gifts that get treasured for a long time. -Holly

Credits // Author: Holly Neufeld, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. 

  • Hi Allison, the yarn I used is a bulky weight wool/acrylic blend (Lang Yarns “Mille Big”). For worsted weight, I would use a smaller hook. Check your label for the appropriate hook size suggestion. Good luck with your crocheting! – Holly

  • Just started crocheting a week ago when I stumbled on these tutorials – I think I’m addicted! I just finished my first granny square and feeling pretty impressed with myself 🙂

  • Did you see the squares onto a piece of fabric? If so please tell me how and what you used 🙂

  • I love this! I’ve never crocheted before and have spent the weekend trying to learn from your videos. I was wondering what type of yarn you were using in the video. I tried worsted but the kind I got seems so much smaller and gets fuzzy easily and I’m struggling to see the stitches with my 5mm hook. What type of fiber did you use? I’m just so excited to try this out!

  • Hi Meg!
    I used worsted weight yarn, purchased from in 50g skeins. I used 8 skeins of white, and 6 skeins of black. I made 5-row granny squares (5″x5″), using the same technique from the video, but adding 2 more rows. The blanket came out to be around 35″ x 45″. So the whole blanket used approximately 700g of worsted weigh wool. I would purchase a bit more if it’s a fussy colourway. Good luck, and happy crocheting! -Holly

  • Hi Holly,

    Since I’d like to ensure the yarn I use for this blanket is from the same dye lot, can you recommend how many skeins of the Superwash are needed to make this exact size blanket? I’d want to purchase the yarn in advance to make sure I have enough of the same dye lot.

    Thanks for the great pattern and tutorial!


  • oooh man, I hear ya!! I have started way more projects than I have finished. I was officially diagnosed with “Start-itis” ha! Here’s to finishing more yarn projects this year! 🙂

  • I started making a granny square blanket a couple years ago and ended up giving up after about 20 squares! Last year I started a wave effect blanket and that’s still 1/4 of the way done haha! I really need to get back to work on all these blankets I’ve started!
    xo April
    April | April Everyday

  • Absolutely beautiful baby girl!! Also love the Lime green colour!

  • Good point! What is your favourite place to purchase yarn? I usually get mine from or Knit Picks. I love a good quality merino wool… and a little cashmere doesn’t hurt, either! 😉 I love to splurge on premium yarn at local shops in Winnipeg as well, like Wolseley Wool.

  • Hi Evanthia! This blanket measured around 35″ x 45″ which isn’t too big for a toddler. It’s a good size for lap blanket on the sofa. I would use a superwash wool so it can be easily laundered. A lot of yarn companies make superwash wool especially for babies, so look for that! Something soft and washable. 🙂 Happy crocheting! -Holly

  • This is great, I’ve just started to teach myself to crochet!

  • I’m just the opposite. I taught myself to crochet when I was 12 & have been doing it for 41 yrs. I dabbled in the knitting but didn’t pursue it.

  • Wow, that is a great design! I’ve never thought I could make something like that with granny’s squares. Thank you for the idea! Question: what are the measurements of your blanket? and any suggestions for a baby’s (1,5 years old) blanket? thank you!!!

  • Love love love this pattern. Definitely going to give the +’s a go! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  • I think this may have just inspired how I want to go about making a blanket for my baby girl arriving in June 🙂 I made one for my son that was one GIANT granny square and I wanted to do something different and love the plus signs!

  • Thank you for this tutorial- I’ve been so intimidating by crochet, because knitting came so easily to me, but this makes things look pretty doable! I’ve got to head out for some new yarn! 🙂

    Mostly Salty Blog

  • I love this! The pattern is really fun & it looks fairly simple? Thanks for the tutorial!

  • What a cute baby! I can’t get enough of her adorable face and eyes. So cute!

  • I have always had the most trouble with these. Maybe sitting down with your video and some yarn will help. Thanks!

  • I’ve been waiting for this tutorial since I first saw that blanket in some of your pictures! It’s so cute!

  • Oh, my. I am IN LOVE with the black and white one. I think I might just make one for me!

    I learned how to make granny squares on my own and my first project was a blanket for a little girl ( . I didn’t really know how to put the squares together and I had to improvise, so thank you for that part of the tutorial!! I’ll def. apply it to my next blanket 😀

  • Granny squares are so fun to make BUT make sure that the yarn is at least of decent quality. I made a bunch of them with some cheap yarn and finally realised that the yarn isn’t worth the effort! Splitting yarn isn’t pretty…

  • Knitting is like meditation for me! And you can never get enough knitted washclothes, they wipe down counters so much better than regular dish clothes or sponges. =)

    Latest Post: DIY Distressed Denim – Can You Tell Which Pair Cost $200?

  • I’m with you on that. I can knit all day long, but crocheting has always been the thing I can’t figure out!

  • so cute ! love it !

  • Woah! Your from MB! Me too! Weather seems to be warming a little though ( fingers crossed)
    Great post, I love how you are getting everyone to appreciate crochet!

  • That blanket!!! Also, can you provide the source of your couch? Gorgeous.

  • What a gorgeous afghan! I’m going to share this post with my best friend so she can create a beautiful one for me. Happy Monday 🙂

  • Hi Victoria,
    The blanket pictured above is 7 squares wide, by 9 squares long. I used a worsted weight yarn, and made “5-row” granny squares. Just repeat the pattern for the granny square for an additional 2 rows for this look. These squares came out to be around 5″x5″, making the blanket approximately 35″ x 45″. I used yarn from, and ended up needing approximately 8 x 50g skeins of white, and 6 x 50g skeins of black. Hope this is the info you were looking for! – Holly

  • Just what I needed! I tried to get a granny (my grandmother-in-law) to teach me this, but she is wayyyyy beyond my skill level, and I just looked silly. She’s making a granny square blanket for me right now (totally cheating–and yet, authentic). How cool would it be if I could make one for her in exchange!

  • That blanket is darling. I need to practice crocheting, but I’d love to make one of these. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • I know it’s a bit of a silly thing, but can i just say how stoked I am to see that you have a Canadian contributer! Maybe I missed this before but now I know Holly is from (or in) Manitoba and that’s awesome.

    I’ve been wanting to learn to make granny squares forever. This doesn’t look *too* hard!

    x Kathryn

  • Love it! I wish this tutorial had been around last year when I very much winged a very similar baby blanket for my (now) 9-month-old.

  • Love this! So so cute- and that little peanut is just precious!

    Warm Regards,

  • I’ve always made big granny square blankets, I’ve never tried joining squares. Adding it to my to do list.

  • On a side note…. where is that awesome silver lamp from above the couch!?!

  • This looks like such a fun project, I love to crochet! 😉

  • well i had really hoped that this post would include the yarn/quantity/number of squares needed/layout to make the afghan in the picture…

  • Crocheting is difficult in my opinion;-)
    Guess I must try harder….

  • Crocheting is something I have always wanted to try and learn to do. I am now inspired to write out a list of all the things I want to learn while 30 and actually get them marked off my “one day ill learn” list that floats around in my head.

  • I love this ! I was waiting for this tutorial since I watched the 1st episode of your crochet serie and became hooked (haha)

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