How To Make Hair Bows: DIY (jr.)

Hello! I’m excited to introduce you to a cute new weekly feature DIY jr. It’s a quickie DIY that you can do in an hour or less! Hair bows are one of my favorite accessories and this tutorial has been requested a lot over the past year. I hope you enjoy…

Hair_bow_DIY_tutorial1. Supplies needed: fabric you adore, scissors, a needle and thread. You can experiment with different sizes of fabric, but use the above photo as a guide for proportions as you get started! 2. fold two outer edges of your fabric down. 3-4. fold the outer edges in and hold in place with one finger 5. scrunch the center in to create a bow shape. 6. stitch the center of your bow with embroidery thread. make several stitches so that all the layers are secure. 7. tri-fold a small strip of fabric. 8. stitch the fabric so that it creates a loop that is small enough to fit tightly over the center of the bow, but still large enough to squeeze on. 9. trim excess. 10. slip the small loop over the bow and into the center. Hooray! You just made something adorable. 

Hair_bow_handmadeHere’s another fun idea. I made this bow with candy cane striped ribbon last year. This one is even quicker to create. It’s the same process, with no folding. 🙂 

IMG_5314XOXO. Elsie

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