How to Make Sushi Burritos

How to make a sushi burritoIf you follow me on Instagram, then you might know that I have a fairly hilarious who-I-follow list. It mostly consists of micro pig accounts and then all things food (food bloggers, chefs, random restaurants that seem cool, bars, etc.) One of the food accounts I follow is @thelowkeypokejoint who have made famous their Hot Cheeto-rito, which was a big inspiration for this post. I’ve been wanting to find a foolproof method for making homemade sushi burritos and I think I finally figured out a few tips and tricks that makes it super easy!

In this post we are working with Frito-Lay. I used their Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Original Cheetos as the color + flavored-packed dust on the outside of these sushi burritos. These are insanely fun to make and just as fun to eat! This could probably also double as a great party trick for your next summer get-together. They’d be perfect to take on a picnic or to a bbq. It’s sure to get people talking! 🙂 And you can easily change up the fillings to whatever you and your family love most.

Easy sushi burrito method How to make a sushi burrito The real trick to these is to get your sushi rice that perfect sticky consistency, and then I have a little trick I do that makes rolling these super simple. So first let’s talk rice.

How to make sushi riceSushi Burritos, makes 3-4

1 1/2 cups sushi rice (medium grain white rice)
2 cups water
1 teaspoon oil
3 teaspoons rice vinegar
1 cup Cheetos (or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) for the outside
fillings you prefer

I used a rice cooker to make the rice the night before I planned to use it. I combined the rice, water, and a teaspoon of (olive) oil in the cooker and let it do its thing. As soon as the rice was done, I removed the hot rice to a mixing bowl and stirred in the vinegar. I let it cool for just a couple minutes (not completely cooled), and then I pressed plastic wrap over the top of the rice (so no air could get in) and refrigerated overnight. This makes the rice very sticky, perfect for my method for sushi burritos below.

Veggie sushi fillingI decided to keep my sushi burritos vegetarian, so my fillings consisted of carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, and fresh herbs. I also added avocado, not pictured. I cut the vegetables into thin matchsticks.


You can crush the Cheetos in a large sealed bag by hand or in a food processor—super simple!

Fool proof sushi rolling methodNow to make the burritos. On a cutting board covered with wax paper, add about 1 heaping cup of the rice. Cover with another sheet of wax paper and press or roll the rice into a large square.

Fool proof sushi rolling method Peel back the top layer of wax paper and add the Cheetos dust. Add a new piece of wax paper to the top (the old one will be sticky) and gently press so the Cheetos dust sticks into the rice. Now cover that with another cutting board. So the order is:

cutting board
wax paper
Cheetos dust
wax paper
second cutting board

Then flip that all together so the Cheetos dust side is on the bottom.

Fool proof sushi rolling method Peel back the now top layer of wax paper, and you’re ready to fill your burrito! Add the fillings toward the edge closest to you and then gently roll up, using the bottom wax paper to help things stay together.

Easy sushi burrito methodI like to leave the final wax paper on the outside and just tear it away as you munch down on these—keeps your hands a little cleaner. In conclusion, you should make sushi burritos. Don’t over think it, just say YES. I promise it’s way fun! xo. Emma


Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. 

  • I’ve been wanting to try these for some time, This is so good
    – trump twitter

  • The Cheetos were an unexpected surprise!


  • oh my god these look so yummy! I am looking forward to eating and making these.

  • I’ve been wanting to try these for some time! Thanks for the creative (eating) inspiration!

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    Have a good week!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

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    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Looks interesting! Why are they called burritos though? It looks like California rolls minus the seaweed, with added Cheeto dust.

    • I think it is because they are rolled into a larger shape that you eat like a burrito instead of cutting into bites like sushi…

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  • I have legit been wanting to make sushi burritos for ages now! I totally need to try this!


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    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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