How to Make Temporary Tattoos

How To Make Temporary Tattoos via A Beautiful MessHey, friends! Today I’m excited to share that we teamed up with our friends at Canon USA to teach you how to make temporary tattoos!

You probably already know, I LOVE tattoos. If you don’t have any tattoos, you might not know this, but people tell me their tattoo “ideas” ALL the time. And they also talk to me about how they’re too afraid to get them. Haha—yeah, having tattoos is kind of like wearing a sign that says, “Talk to me about tattoos.” Haha!

Anyway! For that large population of y’all that are “too afraid”, there’s always these fun temporary tattoos. Great for kiddos too! OK, let’s get into it!

How to make temporary tattoos 1First up, print your tattoo designs on printable tattoo paper. You can use my design (below) or you can design your own. If you design your own, remember it needs to be an 8.5×11 inch file and you need to flip it (so it looks backwards) before you print it. I used my Canon PIXMA iP8720 printer for this project, which is my favorite printer because the quality of the print stays top notch, even when printing on different types of materials like we did for this project!

Tattoo Download, Click Here

Next, Follow the instructions on the temporary tattoo paper. Add the plastic film to the paper.

How to make temporary tattoos 2Next, cut out the tattoos you want to use. Remove the plastic film and stick the tattoo to your skin.

How to make temporary tattoos 3Next, use a wet cloth on the back of the tattoo paper. Then peel it off.

Easy, right? Then just repeat and add as many as you want!

How To Make Temporary Tattoos via A Beautiful Mess Real vs. Fake. Haha!

xx -Elsie

  • This is such a great idea, in this pandemic I’ve needed a alternative solution for my henna designs on brides! Can’t wait to give this a go!!!

  • Hello,

    any feedback about health ? does putting industrial ink on your skin/children skin is safer than special temp tattoos ?

    Anyway thank you for this tip share.

  • These are way cute! We made some nautical temporary tattoos for our wedding (we got married on a veteran ship, so it seemed appropriate!), and they were a huge hit!

  • No need to buy overpriced temp tattoos anymore! Thank you!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • This is straight up my alley. I want a real tattoo but I can’t commit!

  • I love temporary tattoos! They’ve come such a long way as far as in options. I went to a really cool pop up shop in Brooklyn last year and the place was a temporary tattoo parlor. It was really cute! This is a cool article. I didnt kow it was that easy to make! Thanks for sharing.

  • This is amazing! I had no idea I could do this at home haha x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

  • These DIY temporary tatoos would make such great party favors! I can’t wait to make them. I might also give these a try just to see if I can be adventurous enough to actually get a few real tattoos as well.


  • I’ve wanted some silver temporary tattoos, but I can find few I like. I wonder if this would work with silver ink or if I could take my designs to a printer.

  • I had no idea you could make these so easily! For years I’ve been wanting to get my sister a bluebonnet (Texas flower) temporary tattoo because she dreams of maybe one day getting one. I couldn’t even find one on Etsy. Sending her this!

  • I had no idea that there is now printable temporary tattoo paper!! Well, that just changes everything…

    xo, Sofia

  • Ahah, lovely ! My kid, my husband and I have been in a fake tatoo mood for weeks ! We’ll try those soon ! Thanks

  • You’ve saved my life. I’m planning a huge surprise 30th birthday party for my husband, and there will be tons of kids. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for cute little lumberjack themed temporary tattoos and they are so. expensive.

    I JUST bought this Canon printer because I’m in the process of making Emma’s document pillows. I can’t even believe how excited I am to make these little tattoos. Thanks for saving the party!

  • I have 5 real tattoos and yet I still love wearing fake ones!! Thanks for the fun idea!!!

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