How to Style a Reverse Crown Braid

700px finished 1We adore a pretty crown braid—it's a super stylish ways to keep your hair out of your face for day! 🙂 Today Katie is showing off how to style a classic crown braid in the back of your head. This is a fun to way to change up your pretty braids—and you could tuck some little flowers in the back of this braid for an ultra spring look!Side braid steps1. Start with a large section (about 1/3 of your hair) in the back on one side of your head. 2. Begin french braiding this section, adding more hair as you braid around the back. 3. Continue french braiding until you have incorporated all of your hair. 4. Finish braiding your hair and tie off. 5. Fold your hair in half and tuck up into your french braid. (This step will vary depending on how much hair you have to tuck!). 6. Pin the tucked hair in place and style any loose strands.700px finished 2Thanks so much Katie for sharing this classic look with us! xo. elsie and emma

  • I’m flattened for your blogs writings and blogs as well.

  • I have tried to do this loads but each time there seems to be too much hair to tuck in, and it starts to come out though my french braid 🙁
    someone PLEASE help, I love this style soo much!

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • I love all your hair tutorials (and isn’t Katie’s hair just to die for?!) but I would really, really love it if you could post a video of how to do a French braid! I’ve been tryig for years and I always end up with my fingers in a pickle and dropping and picking up the wrong bits of hair! Your pictures are always great quality but I really feel like a video would bring it to life for me!

    Thanks guys, loving your work as always x x

  • Ohh I love this look!! I just cut my hair short so I will have to wait a few weeks before I can do this but I know my sister would love to wear her hair like this. Thanks 😀

  • I tried this one this weekend for a party. My guy came home and did a double take. (He thought I cut my hair.) Then he decided he liked it. It was so fun and easy even with my massively curly hair. Thanks for the idea!

  • Beautiful! Love all the hairstyles you guys do – wish there were some more for us shorter coiffed ladies! I get so jealous of long locks when I see these styles.

  • Really cute! I’m just missing the long hair! I’ll have to wait another year before it gets long like that!

  • Love the natural feeling of this braid. So pretty.

  • What a great style! Love it because it’s practical for keeping hair out of your face during sports, etc. but it can also be dressed up!

  • Oh how I love the Katie’s hair tips. It’ve helped me in the most crazy situations when I would need a hair stylist…

  • This is beautiful! It is making miss my long hair! I chopped it into a short bob this past sunday.

  • I will probably never try any of these hairstyles (due to laziness) but her hair is gorgeous!!

  • This style is so lovely, I did it for my birthday party today! My hair is thick and wispy curls, so it wasn’t quite as sleek but looked pretty loose!

  • That is really nice! I will try it tomorrow for one spacial event!


  • What a lovely hairstyle and I love the model’s hair color. So pretty!

  • love the feather tattoo! so pretty! 🙂 you should do a blogpost about your (and your friends) tattoos!

  • just tried this on my hair,it looks fab!thanks for sharing!

  • So pretty! I had something like this for my wedding hair. Such gorgeous hair!!


  • This is so cute. I wish my hairs was all one length so it would make this sort of style easier for me! 😀

  • This hair color is amazing!
    I think this is too difficult for me…
    But love it!

  • I tried it! In the end it turned into a side pony because my hair was too thick to tuck under… BUT, that was really cool too because it was a side pony in which the hair didn’t fall out!!!

    pics at instagram: aivlysann 🙂

  • Really like this look for an evening out! 🙂

  • Someday my hair will be this long-just wishing it would happen overnight! Thanks for another pretty hair style ladies.


  • Is she left handed at all? Strange question but i can only do mine from the other direction!

  • What a lovely look! 🙂

  • I really like this! I totally need to try it. I always love the hair tutorials on here.

    – ashley

  • I am seriously hair challenged, but I think I might be able to do this! Thanks for the great pictures. BTW Katie, your hair is beautiful!

  • so pretty! You always hair the best tutorials. love.

  • Wow! This looks even prettier because of her gorgeous hair!!

    Trying it tomorrow! 🙂

  • her hair COLOR is killing me — too beautiful!

  • So classic and beautiful! I love this look. Will definitely be trying it out this weekend!!

  • She’s one of my favorite blogs to read.

  • I love this style. Too cute. Makes me wish I didn’t just cut my hair off!

  • I like it so much! I’ll get my sister to learn how to do it, because I can’t style my own hair!

  • So adorable! Do you think that it will work even with my curly hair??? I hope so!

  • Please please PLEASE do some tutorials for up styles for shoulder length hair.Rx

  • i’ll need to practice my braiding for this one. love it!

  • So pretty and not to hard! Love it!


  • LOve it, so easy so beautiful!! Great work!!

    (New blog needing some love: )

  • So pretty! I haven’t been able to braid my hair in the back yet…I keep trying, but can’t seem to find the coordination…

  • Oooh I love this! I have been trying new ways to style my hair cute for softball, and this might be a new one! Thanks! 🙂

  • Aka, how to style the Katniss Everdeen braid. 😉

    Maria Elyse

  • This is so sweet! I am so bad at styling my own hair, up or down is about all I manage 😉

  • In trying to grow my hair out, I’ve become obsessed with all types of braided hairstyles, this one is gorgeous! So helpful in keeping me from chopping my hair off in despair! 😉

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