How to Style a Top Knot

Top knot 2Top knot  1We love a pretty top knot! This is a great hair style for those warm summer months since it's a stylish way to keep your hair up and off your neck and shoulders. We love how top knots can be styled to look casual for a day out shopping or more polished for an office day. Sarah demonstrates how to get the perfect amount of body for a top knot on our model Kinsey.Top knot steps1. Gather your hair into a high pony tail at the top of your head. 2. Use a comb to brush down and through your hair, teasing it. 3. If you have thin or fine hair be sure to tease as many strands of your pony tail as you can. This is what gives the bun volume and body. 4. Twist your hair around your hand and pony tail base. 5. Pull the end of your hair through, this puts the knot in top knot! 🙂 6. Tease and style your top knot and, if needed, spray on a little hair spray to finish.Top knot 3You can change up the look of your top knot by leaving bangs our strands of hair out before you begin, or by adding a scarf or ribbon to the base. Dress it up however you like to show off your style! xo. emma and elsie

  • Well this is great stuff that i have seen before. Please keep these efforts up. Regards. Encinitas Hair Stylist

  • I learned this type of hairstyle and made such a hairstyle for myself. It’s beautiful.

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.


    killer top knot + MO!!!

  • This is brilliant! I MUST try this. Ps: love everything on here, I’ve been following you for awhile now and I still love everything you put up.

    <3 Spencer

  • So so so love the Top Knot.
    I’ve got a how to coming soon and mine’s a little different.
    I really like how your model had enough hair to really KnoT it.
    So cute. Thanks for the new take.

  • Thanks for shering this! I always can do my top knot to look like this!


  • Love it! The top knot is every girl’s best friend in Europe; they’re everywhere. xxx, j

  • Thanks for this post! I always wondered what was woring with my top knots and now I know it! I never brush down!!! Volume please!!

  • I tried this and it didn’t work for me, my hair is too thick. Bummer 🙁 so wish I could pull off all of these beautiful hair styles you post. Got any styles for people with extremely thick hair?

  • I wish I had this much hair!!! Wearing such bun has always been dream of mine…

  • I love wearing a top knot! I will have to mention this post to everyone as i always get asked how i do my hair…and i am never really sure how i get it into a top knot!! lol. I just sort of tip my head upside down and pull my hair over my fist….finally somewhere that shows you xxx

  • Technical difficulties! Mine looks like it was styled by a spiteful capuchin monkey.

  • love messy buns! i’ve never tried a top knot before. i think a video from steps 5-6 would be helpful!

  • Super cute! I love her hair. So pretty! xo, rv

  • So pretty! This is definetly how my hair is going to look when the warmer months come! 🙂

  • So sweet! I have such thick hair that I’m not sure I’ll be able to knot it!

  • Ah topknots, a day rarely goes by without me donning the old pineapple. Love it

    Gem xx

  • Now I will have to do this with my hair!

  • Best. Topknot. Ever.

    Mine allllways falls out, haha

    Fashion Blog – Lela London

  • I always wondered how to get this right, I could never seem to master it. Thanks for sharing and lovely photos!

  • I understand the top knot look by wrapping it around the base of the ponytail like twisting and then wrapping in a full circle- but I don’t understand “knotting” or tying it…Anyone have a more detailed explanation?

  • Stunning!!! Perfect for the summer heat. 🙂


  • Love love it!
    I will try for the dinner of next saturday

  • easy + pretty = awesome!


  • With my curly hair a messy high knot, seems a piece of cake. They all wander how much time i spend to make them, when I only spend 2′! It’s so funny!

    (New blog needing some love: )

  • Love a top knot! Kinsey has lovely hair for it too. I made a braided one ( you should do one on Kinsey it would look great! x Miss Kettie

  • perfect how-to on mastering the top knot!


  • Just a few more months and my hair should be at said length! This is a really nice/messy way to get the tresses off of the neck.

  • YAY! I keep trying to figure this style out. I’m so glad to see another tutorial. ♥Thanks for sharing!

  • If only my hair was long enough…right now my top knot is definitely not looking as full as that one!


  • I’ve read so many too knot tutorials but this is the first for fine hair! Thank you!!!

  • Oh I wish my hair was long enough! Grow out layers, sheesh! 😉

    Love it.

  • I love that the messy bun is in style now, it’s the look I’ve been rocking for years while doing dishes and scrambling for my editor’s deadlines for years. 😉

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • I love how the plant is totally mirroring the hair in the second shot 🙂

  • this is so pretty! I love wearing my hair in a topknot with a headscarf…perfect for warmer days.

  • love this tutorial! i need more practice at making my own top knots!! i like the tip about pulling it through the top!

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