How to Style a Twisted Bun

1Today we want to share a super cute and simple hair how-to! This twisted bun looks pretty and unique. I love it with lace twisted in or flowers and bows.

Here's how to style a twisted bun: 1. Pull half of hair up in a rubber band. 2. Put bottom half of hair in a low ponytail. 3-4. Take a small section of hair and twist it until it curls naturally into little 'twists'. 5-6. Pin your pieces and continue until the entire bottom ponytail is covered in twists. 7-8. Let the top part of your hair down. Twist the sides and cover the back 'bun' with more twisted pieces. 9-10. Twist in the top pieces, pulling them from side to side to create variety. Spray and pin any loose pieces.♥ 


Have fun trying this cute look! It's perfect for a wedding, date night or holiday party! xo. elsie

  • FABULOUS!! Have an event next weekend and was searching for something!! I LOVE your “How To’s”! Thank yoU!!

  • i think this might be a hair tutorial that i can actually do by myself. 😛
    (i am so horrible at figuring out hair diy’s.)
    very cute.

  • This is so cute!!

    I’ve always been kind of a tom boy and never really learned how to do anything fun with my hair (except for straightening it) but this seems like something I might be able to try! Thanks! =)

  • Aww… Makes me wish I had long hair again. And I’m getting it cut shorter today, too! Here we go, extreme betty page bangs with 20’s-style bob! I enjoyed the tutorial anyhow. And I will try it on my long-haired friends who are patient enough to let me fiddle around with their hair. Oooh! Perhaps we shall watch a movie and I will do hair for all! Ah, yes, I’m always getting inspired with your blog, Elsie.

  • cuteness! and my hair is finally long enough to try something like this out! hurray!

  • I found myself wearing this style quite often in the summer, as it leaves you with lovely messy soft curls once you undo it – those would be perfect for autumn late night dates as well!

  • That is such a cute look. I saw a video tutorial (from missglamorazzi) on it once where it was called a “funnel cake up-do”. I thought that was adorable so I wanted to pass along the name to you.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • This is sooooo cute!! I only hope I have enough hair to try it!! 🙂
    I love when you post hair tips!! The three bun hair do you posted a few months back was such a hit!! I wear it and always get compliments!! love love love it!! 🙂

  • You have posted a few of the best creative, interesting, yet non-fussy hair tutorials for long hair. Thanks again!

  • I just used this hairstyle in a play! However, i never got to actually see how to completely do it! this is wonderful.. i love it. My hair is medium length, so this is a great way to put it all up, and still let it look adorable! xo!

  • I love those buns and love hair styling, but my problem is that i have less hairs that are also very thin, Gave some more styling ideas for those who lack hairs.

  • My daughter did this to her hair years ago when she was in 6th grade. This is the first time I’ve seen it elsewhere…in about…12 years! I still think it’s cute!

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