How to Style a Corner Gallery Wall

How to style a corner gallery wall (click though for a video tutorial!)Styling a gallery wall is one of our favorite home projects. Emma shared hers earlier this year, and today I’m excited to share my new black and white gallery wall.

Knowing I wanted to feature so many photos, this was another great fit for our Canon USA collaboration! I had so much fun collecting art, printing my own photos at home, and making some easy original pieces for our corner. Here’s a video of my start to finish process:

Like I was saying, I printed some huge photos on our PIXMA PRO-100 (I really can’t love its B&W printing much more than I do) and the 4x6s on the PIXMA MG7120.

Then, I was inspired to get a little creative and make some of my own art, just some super simple designs and paintings.

How to style a corner gallery wall (click though for a video tutorial!)    How to style a corner gallery wall (click though for a video tutorial!)

Do you have a corner in your home that would look great with a head to toe gallery wall? xo. Elsie 

P.S. Love this? Check out my giant family gallery wall, too!

  • Bonjour, Could you please tell me where you found this lovely brown bear?
    I just fell in love :/

  • I’ve seen dozens of gallery feature walls in design magazines and pinterest. This one is so striking and lovely. For me, I love how you use the whole height of the wall. Further I love the limited color palette. I would love to curate a collection like this behind my flat screen tv. Right now our tv sitting on an IKEA cabinet with a blank gray wall behind it. Thanks for the lovely post!!

  • Great idea! I can not wait until I have a house to do this in. Hanging up anything in my apartment is a big no-no unfortunately.

  • Oh, Elsie! You’re so cute. I love the face you make when you hang up the canvas and it goes all off-kilter. 😉 Great post and great video! I can’t wait to get my gallery wall started once my living room is repainted.

  • I just moved into a new home and this is so inspiring! Now I want to go buy some art supplies and prints 🙂

  • OMG! I love this idea I would have never thought to do something like this! So creative!! Thank you for sharing!

  • I have a corner that is dead space behind a sectional where I believe a gallery wall look would be ideal. I’ve been trying to figure out WHAT to do with that wall for five years – ever since we moved into this house. Now that we are going to SELL the house, I feel like something needs to be done because it’s just not attractive. BTW, I’ve been wanting that printer for a while – got the Canon Selphy but would love a printer that will accommodate larger sizes. Need to save my pennies for it but happy to see it’s a worthwhile cause.

  • Beautiful! The thing that caught my eye the most was in the video, there was a print thats not in the photos. It was a black background with white jars on it with colourful pops in the jars, I think? Maybe vegetables or something? Do you know where that one is from (or even what I am talking about!)?

    Laura 🙂

  • This looks so awesome! I really love the idea of using the paper to place and map and plan everything. Makes life so much easier! 😉 And the video format is perfect for this project. xx

  • We did a mini one in my daughter’s nursery- check it out !

    I was not so keen on the idea at first, but my husband won the debate and his idea looks great now. 🙂

  • That is so incredibly clever! I’m definitely going to use the craft paper when I style my kitchen wall. Thanks!

  • I love this! So helpful and the end result looks fabulous. Time to do some Etsy shopping and pick out a wall!

  • I’ve been collecting many nic nacs for a gallery wall! Thanks for the great idea!

  • Very nice!! I’ve actually been looking for ideas for a blank wall in my living room and this looks like a fantastic idea…and i love the black and white style, so elegant and pretty, gorgeous! Again, thanks for the inspiration girls!

  • I love this kind of posts! I’m trying to create a nice art wall in our living room but I find it so difficult!! I already have the frames but I just don’t find the art that puts it all together!! I’ve seen that in your posts you try to stick to a colour palette but… I don’t know, it’s taking me ages to find the prints and images that I want!

  • I’m going to spend a chunk of my Sunday patching holes in my living room walls. This idea could have spared me so much work! (And will in the future!!!)

  • oki doki!! can´t wait 😀 keep going with the good ideas and work

  • Hi Jaclyn,
    I’m sorry to say it’s vintage. Sorry I can’t help more!

  • Oh I love corner feature walls! You have some wonderful prints Elsie! I have so many that need frames!!

    Lulu xx

  • Where did you get the Andy Warhol print? Is it homemade?

    Your wall is beautiful!

  • Great idea – I love the look of your B&W corner 🙂 I’ve seen different methods of hanging up paper on the wall, but not like this. Looks super easy!!


  • This is such a fun project! I love the video and the technique. Those pops of color with the tape are cool, too!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • Love the wall gallery but my eye is drawn down to the bar cart, love it. Wondering where this purchase is from? Thank you so much!

  • I love it! I’ll be moving early 2014, I’m thinking something like this is a really good idea.

  • Absolutely love this. The monochrome looks stunning, with just the tiny hints of colour. Inspired!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Wow, I just love your blog. So much inspiration and life spirit. And this is really nice. Think I need to re-decorate 🙂

  • How very beautiful!

    Have a lovely weekend and an even better world pasta day:

    Greetings from Germany


  • Man, I really need to get my half empty walls taken care of! Thank you for the info, ideas, and inspiration! This came together so lovely!

  • Hi Katie!
    That piece is form Anek-

  • I love this! We have enough posters that I think doing a corner gallery would be perfect! I’ll have to create some small things to scatter between them!

  • Hi Leah! Yes it does. I spent months collecting all the pieces for this wall!

  • the wall now is look exciting and cool. i like the ideas. someday, if i have my own room, i will make like this. 🙂

  • Hi Melinda! The Pixma is the best Printer I have ever owned. It’s incredible. I don’t know how many years the archival guarantee is for, sorry!
    From my personal experience, I would recommend it. The black and white is gorgeous.

  • Hi there!
    We are releasing a Google Play version for Android phones very soon. Thanks for asking! We will announce it here when it is released!

  • This has me bursting with ideas. I have a corner wall that already has numerous framed photos in it and yet it is not quite right. Thanks to you I now know what it needs. Looking forward to getting started. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Love the ‘I like boring things’ print. Too good.


  • Funny, my favorite part is the pops of tape against all the black and white too!

  • I never thought to put pieces of paper up first! That’s a helpful tip!

  • Love how it’s mostly B&W with hints of colour here and there. Lovely idea to have a corner gallery! Doesn’t make a space too cluttery, but allows for experimentation and expression. Lovely :0

  • Elsie, in the video of the creation of the (fabulous!) gallery wall, there is a print of mason jars. Could you share where that print is from? Thank you!

  • The charm of b&w is something that never seems to wear off.

    Such an inspiring post, especially for a gal who’s moving into her own place within the next couple of weeks (…me being that girl)

    Thanks, Elsie.
    As always, another inspiring way to make life a little bit more beautiful

  • Great idea not only gather pictures, do it gladly


    I am a furniture craftsman, visit my blog


  • what a good idea with the papers in the same size to measure with, why have I never thought of that, thank you and love your blog!

  • Trying to make our gallery walls expanded, we only have a few things up right now. Without using only pictures of well us, as a shrine. Because that’s overdoing it?! Help, any tips?

  • Love this. You got me inspired to switch up one of our walls for sure. Dolly at the end is just too cute 🙂

  • This looks amazing, it makes quite an impact and doesn’t look cluttered at all! I definitely want to try this on a smaller scale in my bedroom.

  • Beautiful! Love the black and white with pops of color. So darn cute.

  • I love that “i want a perfect soul” poster!

  • But isn’t the big mountain design from Fine little day? you should write that in the post!

  • I love the variety of things you have in your gallery wall! I am working on collecting pieces that I love and want to hang up. It takes time!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • i love your wall! i have one going on and this would have been helpful a while ago but ill keep this in mind for future walls.

    also!, i LOVE dolly!
    she is THEE cutest!
    i just want to huuug her! <3

  • Such a cool idea en much more wall friendly than drilling holes everywhere! xx

  • Great post, I’m thinking of doing this in my room!

  • Dang it! Totally forgot to add that one. Thanks for pointing that out! elsie

  • Elsie, earlier on in the video (at 0:51), you have a canned vegetable print up, that you must have taken down and replaced with the heart print. I was wondering where you got the canned veggies print from, or if you made it? I would love to get one for my home!
    Love the gallery wall by the way!

  • I love gallery walls. I have a massive inspiration wall that I want to move into a corner. This is definitely going to fix my problem of how to do it. Thank you!!!!

    p.s. do you know where the print on the left wall in the 5th photo is from. I’ve seen prints like it everywhere online but can’t seem to find a source

  • How does the Pixma that prints true black print in color? I have some art I’ve created that I want to sell and I think this would be a great starter for me to work with and build my name. Also, what is the lasting power on the ink in the printer? Thanks!


  • Oh, that’s a great idea! I forget they come in multiple colors. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Love your corner, b/w never fails.
    Great job dear Elsie

    by the way, one question the app also can find it on samsung galaxy?

    from Costa Rica.

  • This is so lovely, great video too! Really like the black & white theme with the pops of color 🙂

  • so pretty!! i would love to do something like this!!


    check out my chloe + isabel giveaway!

  • Hi Emily! It’s actually yellow electrical tape.
    thanks so much! elsie

  • Hey Elsie!
    What colorful (yellow, teal) tape did you use? When I post things to my wall, I use the good old boring masking-tape on the back, but I love the pops of color here. Thanks in advance for your help!

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