How to Style Beachy Waves

1There is nothing more sad than spending an hour curling your hair, only for all the curls to fall out thirty minutes later! I had this predicament for years until I finally switched to curling my hair with a flat iron. It was the best hair decision I ever made! When I used a curling iron, no matter how much product I used, it would always fall out by the end of the night. But since I've started to use a straightener it holds throughout the night with little or no product and it only takes me about five minutes to style! I couldn't keep this secret all to myself, so I thought I'd share!


I used a one inch GVP flat iron and heat protection spray to make sure I didn't damage my hair.  Here's how I style "beachy waves" with my flat iron in 5 minutes…1. Part your hair into three sections. If you have thicker hair or lots of layers, part it into four or five sections. 2. Begin curling each section at a time. To do so, start at the highest point you want curled (I started about five inches from the bottom) clasp it to your hair and curl your hand outwards as if you're turning a door knob. Once you've turned your hand as far as possible, release. 3. Then, return the straightener at the end of where you just released and repeat the process. 4. Curl each section into one large curl so that you end up having 3-5 curls all together. 5. Next, gently run your fingers through your hair, separating the curls. 6. All done! This hair-do is perfect for any occasion and took less than five minutes. Hooray! 

3Here's another variation- mermaid curls! 1. Begin curling your hair, one thin section at a time. You'll want each piece to be thin and wide to create more volume. 2. For the top sections of your head you'll want to begin curling at the root. Do this by clasping the straightener to your hair and curl your hand outwards as if you're turning a door knob. Once you've turned your hand as far as possible, release. 3. Then, return the straightener at the end of where you just released and repeat the process until you've reached the end of the strand. 4. Continue this process until you've curled the top half of your head. 5. Tip: Want to make your hair look longer? Instead of curling the longest layer underneath from to root to end, only curl the last four inches. The uncurled section of the strand will be hidden by the top curls and with less curl it will make those long strands peek out the bottom and won't take away your length! It also prevents it from having too much volume in the middle section of your hair which can make the top look flat. 6. All done!

4And most importantly, don't get discouraged! It takes a few trys to get the hang of it! xo. Kinsey


  • Really advisory and effective assemblage.

  • Every single time I viewed the blog I feel so glad that the images in the blog always show the pretty hairstyle I love.

  • Going to try this…it looks really fun and not overly difficult!

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  • I’ve done this a few times before, and its nice to know Im not the only one! xo

  • A video tutorial for the mermaid curls would be so helpful! I can’t tell whether I am doing it right… I know that my curls don’t look the same when I am done so then I try to fuss with it so much that everything gets all frizzy.

  • You can use one that is smaller than 1″. I have an FHI iron that has super tiny (I think it’s 3/8″) rounded ceramic plates. I can make the curls really small or large and beachy depending on how I hold the iron and how big my sections are. But please ladies, ALWAYS use a heat protectant! Redken Iron Silk is awesome. 🙂

  • yeah i ordered the same day i saw this video i was like eh sure why not lol a few days later it sepiphd and i’ve been following the program how it is and its been working so far. Am a 20 year old guy and i can feel my curls more managable as well. I thought this would only be for girls but if it worked for me am sure it can work for yall.

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  • Debilou, I have tried all kinds of stuff on my hair to get that run-your-finger-through, silky feel. 🙂 My latest faotvires are Beyond the Zone’s Turn Up The Heat that I get at Sally’s and Her Styler’s Hair Serum that I got at a kiosk in the mall. Turn Up The Heat is a flat iron protection spray, and the serum makes it shine when I am done. 🙂

  • Usually it takes me about 45 mins to flat iron.. and what I mean by leaving too much on your hair, is after puittng creams or oils in your hair.. does it feel heavier? Is it greasy feeling? does it look like it’s still wet from too much product? stuff like that.. cuz I absolutely hate the look when there’s too much product in hair..

  • If you use too much of the coconut oil then yes it may feel gsreay.. and no it doesn’t burn the oil it still smells pretty nice afterwards But I actually haven’t been using the coconut oil recently.. I still love my tony and guy protein protection mist that I did a video on.. I’m trying out some new heat protectant products so stay tuned for those reviews!!

  • Buy a straightener that is cearmic instead of metal if you don’t already have one. And while you’re straightening it, if your hair is thick, straighten it in layers instead of doing it all at once. Section it off with clips or elastics. It works for me and I have reeeally frizzy, curly hair, so it should work for you, too :]

  • I have EXTREMELY frizzy & curly hair.if you don’t want it to curl, the best thing to do is not to tie it. IT WILL CURL IF YOU DO THAT.also, get your hair tnenhid. it cut my hair straightening time in half.the best thing for keeping your hair from curling is pureology straight serum that is some amazing stuff. hard on your pocketbook but really really good.good luck!

  • Well, real CHI’s do not have a temperature knob, and they do have the GBN and red round CHI label at the hinge. Do you have thick fizzry hair or fine thin hair? CHI’s work wonders with thick fizzry hair and average hair. If it burns your hair, then maybe you did something wrong. I have never used my CHI on previously straightened hair, and that might be the case. I suggest you give it another try. If the results don’t please you, then by all means, take it back. Ask you’re hairdresser (if you go to the same person to get your hair cut over and over again) what kind of flat iron would work best with your hair.Best of luck!

  • Well, You straighten all your hair out first then you grab a cuinrlg iron and curl not around it but take a piece of hair and bring it backward. It’s sorta tricky though. But I hope for the best results.

  • Thank you! I appreciate the explanation of “curl your hand outwards as if you’re turning a door knob”. I think this may finally help me get the curl right.
    Random question: Where did you find your cardigan? I love it!

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  • Please make a video!! I am absolutely stupid with hair stuff but I would LOVE to try this!

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  • It’s a great idea, but I feel your pictures and your written descriptions don’t match up. Perhaps a video of how you do it?

  • Its a great tip, but I find that the method you have described gives my hair a more of a boxed curl look, or a crimped look, I might be doing it wrong but I have tried doing this many ways and have always got similar results or just plain straight heir =(

  • I don’t quite understand the technique of twisting your hair. Do you think you could make a video? I tried twisting it and then running the straightener down it but nothing happened. I also tried curling it like an iron but that didn’t work either :

  • Could you do a video tutorial? I don’t really get the whole process & I’ve been dying to get this look.

  • I would love to see a video! Could you do that please? Soulds perfect but I can’t quite picture how to do it by the description 🙂

  • would this woork with a straightener that doesnt have round edges? please let me know! i want to try this out! 🙂

  • Do you have any curly hair friends who want to share cute hair tutorials? I envy the beach waves, but have way tighter curls already that I need inspiration for!


  • I’ve been trying to do this for ages, after my hair dresser did it to me – and I’ll still can’t get it even after reading your post! I must be daft but I just don’t get what is happening in photo 3! A video would be awesome.

  • I always heard this was the best way to curl your hair, but I could never find a tutorial that really helped. This one did! And about being discouraged. The left side of my hair looks silly, but the right side looks exactly how I’ve always wanted it to look. I’ll definitely get the hang of it by the second try. : )

    P.S. I have hair that barely touches my shoulders and it still looks cute!

  • I’ve been curling my hair with a hair straightener for a while, but it took me FOREVER to get it done, cause i was doing it little piece by little piece. I actually tried this method this morning before heading out to work. It was SOO much easier * faster… and I actually like how it looks SOO much more!

    Thanks for the tip! You’re awesome!

  • My hair is naturally wavey but every so often a strand here or there needs a little UMPH! Love this, super cute and sweet!

  • i don’t understand the part when i turn my hand *-_- could u maybe make a video on how to do this?

  • Your hair looks so perfect! I have completely straight hair too but I’ve discovered the babyliss wand – it’s available in the UK, I dont know about the US, however it is fantastic with a capital F! Nothing has worked better in my hair!

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  • If you can, I would love to see a video tutorial. I try to curl my hair how you tell me but it turns out NOTHING like yours. It’s very hard to tell how to do it by words and pictures.

  • Less than 5-minutes–impossible! Not even my hairdresser can do this in under 5-min.

  • I’ve heard and read so many times before about curling with a flat iron. This is the motivation I needed to try it!

  • This is a great post but my hair is no longer long as it used to be 🙁 although it’s slowly growing longer each week!!! I’m just wondering will you post some bright ideas for shorter hair as well???

  • I have naturally curly hair but when a curl looks weird I have to fix it–I’ve found that using a straightener always works best! Love your hair!

    That last sentence was a bit tricky but overall a lovely article. 🙂

  • I gave it a go and couldn’t make it work. I ended up with straight hair and occasional crimps. Someday if you post a video, we would be ever so grateful. 🙂

    You have very beautiful hair.

  • LOOKS SEXY ! <3



  • Hi Kinsey,
    I wondered what kind of straightener you are using in this post. I have never bought a straightener before and I love the color your straightener has so it would be really helpful to know the brand and/or type of your straightener. Thank you very much in advance.

  • ah! love these beachy waves! you make it look so easy 🙂


  • I’ve always wondered if I should break down and get a real curling iron but now I know I’ve been using this cool trick for a while!
    Can’t wait for my hair to be long to try mermaid waves.


  • I really want to be able to do this! However, for me the pictures leave out the critical “how do I get from step 2 to 3.” I don’t get the turn like a doorknob thing, I’m a really visual person! Does anyone know a good video for this?

  • This is great! I have been using my straightener for curls for as long as I can remember, but slight variouation if you want looser waves:
    instead of turning in once place and stopping then starting again, just slowly glide the straightener down your hair as your turn, until you get to the end. you may need to use both hands and turn the straightener multiple times depending on how long your hair is, but just keep pulling it down. this will create softer, looser waves and may help avoid the little bend @heather was talking about when you stop in one place and start again.
    I hope that makes sense! people always ask how i do it with a straightener and it’s so tough to explain. this was a great tutorial!

  • Darn her and her constantly gorgeous hair! Stunning as usual.

  • It really depends on the type of hair. My hair is wavy and curly at the back mainly but not the kind whereby you just dry them and go. It needs work too. On my kind of hair the curling iron works wonders and stays for hours and even days. While the flat iron never never works on my hair, after a while it’s all blah. So all you straight hair ladies, enjoy the tricks with the flat iron, as for us curlies we’ll do our magic with the curling one.

  • I always use my hair straightener to curl my hair! My hair is stick straight but when I curl it with my straightener, it looks way curlier than this and lasts for days! Maybe you guys moved the straightener too fast through the hair? Or maybe you started too low on the strands? In any case, using a straightener to curl it will give you real curls and not just waves!


  • Thank you for sharing Kinsey I ove your hair it always looks so pretty
    I hope it works with my hair as it is shorter than yours.

    Nic xo

  • I’m so excited to finally know how to do this! My hair never holds curl with a curling iron so I hopefully with a flat iron I’ll have more succses! Thanks for sharing!

  • I’ve tried & tried & tried this, and all I get is these weird bends in my hair 🙁

  • Thank you for posting this! I was trying to do this last week, but it wasn’t working. I can’t wait to try your instructions for this. Have a great day!

  • This is so pretty–I have tried this so many times and it never seems to works, probably beause I have been doing it wrong, so hopefully finally I will know what I am doing 🙂


  • OOOH love this, here’s my version of the exact same thing!

  • Love this idea! I’m going to try using straighteners rather than my curling iron for sure!

  • awww your hair looks so pretty like that, the curls really bring out the different tones and highlights *.*

    xoxo Stephi

  • I was in exactly the same predicament, spent ages curling my hair with tongs only for it to fall out 5 mins later. Who would have thought a straightener would do the job so much better?!

    Emma x

  • Beautiful! I’ll try it as soon as my hair grows a little bit more! Thanks for sharing!

  • i do not own a flat iron.


    something to be ameliorated.

  • ohmy! thats so gorgeous!!
    i really love her hair color! I have pure black hair so its really boring for me when i do curls and braids and such!

    Would this hurt your hair?


  • so so pretty! like the sheets in the background. cute vintage fabric.
    couple typos at the end but that is the “editor” in me. 🙂

  • How funny!! I was talking about this at work today!!


    Check out my blog:

  • Such gorgeous hair! I love “beachy” hair. I’m not one to spend an hour doing my hair so this is a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is sooo pretty! Thank you for sharing.

    I don’t ever use heat on my hair, but I have been tempted to buy a straighting iron just for such a use. I have really long so this would be fun to try. I am totally going to try this.

  • This is super cute! I’ve seen people curl their hair with a flat iron before but I could never figure out how. Thanks for showing this!

    xo, Megan

  • Love it! Think I’ll give the mermaid variation a try tomorrow~*

  • Thanks for the great tips! I’m definitely going to try these, I’ve been struggling with my curling iron for years!

  • I learned this trick about a year ago, and it’s a thousand times better than using a curling iron! For me, I always got an odd little bend from using the curling iron clamp on my hair, it was awful! I love love love these beachy waves! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    xo Heather

  • I just cut 8 inches off my hair length! Drats! Darn my poor timing! Still a very cool tutorial! I’ll just have to try it with shorter hair I suppose 🙂


  • It never works when I try it! 🙁 so abnoying haha. I even bought the special VS iron curler – it doesnt work either.

  • She has the prettiest hair!! Love this:)

    Stephanie May*

  • so cute! i’ve never been able to curl my hair with the flat iron! i’ll have to try this method!

  • I am a big believer in curling with a straightner and avoiding hair product. However, your trick to make hair look longer is a trick I hadn’t heard before! Thanks!

    xo Tori

  • I’ve been curling my hair with my straightener for years now, and no one will believe me that it works! Isn’t beachy supposed tobe messier though?

  • OMGOODNESS, I wish we were all lucky enough to have that beautiful hair! Gorgeous Kinsey!

  • You have great hair! I have always wanted to know how to do this…could ya’ll post a video to go along with the tutorial? It would be so helpful!

  • Just spent the last 7 nights reading back through your blog. You are amazingly inspiring, I love your blog!

  • Great idea – though I’m the opposite – won’t curl with a straightener, only with a curling iron!!

  • This is great! I also use my flat iron to curl my hair but had never used this technique. Would you be able to post a video tutorial?

  • I’ve been using my straightener to curl my hair for years! I had the same problem of my curls falling flat after using a curling iron.

    It’s also great for taming your bed-head when your hair is already naturally wavy! It usually takes me less than five minutes in the morning!

  • A tip from a hairstylist…make sure you use a flat iron like in the pictures. It has to be a one inch plate with rounded edges. Any bigger or smaller and it won’t work! And make sure you use plenty of protective spray!!!

  • This is such a cute post, I love the tips. I’m a huge fan of waves, and I have permanently straight hair, so definitely helpful :).

  • I couldn’t agree more with how great straighteners work for curling hair. My fine hair wouldn’t stay for the whole day when I used a curling iron, but with a straightener I can literally wear the look for like 3 days!

    Your hair looks gorgeous in these pics. Do you use any styling products to make it so shiny?

  • I’m naturally super curly but this is a great idea for those with straight locks.

    ♥ sécia

  • Ah I have been trying to recreate this ever since my hairdresser did a fabulous job styling it! I thought I watched closely enough but last time I attempted it people commented about how straight my naturally curly hair was 😛

    Will definitely have to give it another shot!

  • What a great idea!!! I will def have to try this. I never thought to use my straightener for this!
    Thanks for sharing.

    “Love who you are”

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