How To Style Lace Braids



After the wedding I got tons of questions about styling braids with lace and styling beehives (as seen on Rachel's hair here). Here is part one… the braids! Lace braids are so fun and easy to wear. They are perfect for Spring/Summer and can be styled casual or dressy! Here's how I do it…


1. Supplies needed: Lace, scissors and two rubber bands. Maybe some bobby pins too. 2. Separate hair into two low pigtails. You can do more than two sections if you plan to pin it up. 3. Measure from the bottom on your scalp to the end of your hair. You'll need a piece of lace that is double that! Tie it onto the base of your hair, as if tying a pigtail. 4. Braid lace into your hair. Just add it to a strand of hair and braid as usual! 5. Tie off at the bottom with a rubber band or another small piece of lace. 6. Ta-Da! You did it! Wear the braids as cute folky pigtails or pin them up into pretty little buns.


Cute as can be!


A second styling option is to pin them up and wear them as pretty buns. I love this look. It's perfect for a date night.  XO, elsie

PS. Extra special thank yous to Kinsey for modeling for us.

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  • golly gosh why have i not tried this or thought of this!!!! If you have ever taken a sneak peak at my blog you will know i am known for bright tights and plaits…..and i always just fasten printed ribbon at the top or the bottom……..trying to decide if i have enough time to get back into town to the habedashery……xxxx

  • I am going to play devil’s advocate and say that this is not my favorite style. I think the lace is too thick and looks too messy. I usually like a little mess but this looks just garbage-y. I love interweaving material in braids but I think it needs to be a little thinner to really pull off the look. The dress is too classy and the pictures too beautiful to be mussed up by a not so demure hairstyle. Sad to be disappointed.

  • This is amazing… this is like the best blog ever for cute and quirky hair tips! Thanks!! 😀

    Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

  • cute! my mom used to do my braids like that – that brought me back 🙂
    Beautiful as always!

  • I’m in LOVE with the image on the “She Belongs There” perfume! Absolutely obsessed, I want to get it just so I can have that cute little image 🙂

  • Ooh the buns are very cute. What a fun and simple idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I Love, Love, Love this idea! It’s adorable. Thanks for the How-To. 🙂

  • thank you for sharing!! i so can’t wait to try this!! (tomorrow if i can find some good lace or even nice ribbon lying around :P)

  • the braided buns with the lace- how sweet!! i can’t wait to try this 🙂

  • I LOVE IT! Is there a way you could put up tutorials for fun twists and pinned up hair for bob cuts?? 🙂

  • Arg! I recently cut my hair super short…and then I see all these ideas for adorable styles that DO NOT work with short hair. *sigh* I can’t wait for my hair to grow out…

  • How lovely is this?! Can’t wait to try with different ribbons etc!

  • I LOVE the pinned up look! So cute:)

  • else! this is such a cute look, i’ve finally grown my hair out from my super short length and i can’t wait to try something like this!

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  • What a cute idea!!! I just found your blog today and its fantastic!!


  • So cute! I going to try it this weekend! great for summer, and keepeing the hair off your neck!


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  • Love the buns the best! So so so cute!
    thank you so much for your sharing

  • Gorgeous! Your hair ideas are always so whimsical and creative! I love what you create with hair!

  • I just got an idea for another way to style this, but couldn’t quite name the type of braid that I was thinking of, so I looked it up, and it turns out it’s called a LACE braid! Ha! Well anyway, I think a lace braid around the crown of the head (Like this: look nice with the lace too. But to spice it up, leave a little extra lace at the base of your neck where you’re starting and then go around the head and arrive back at the neck area. Then take the leftover lace and make it the same length as the one you left when you were starting, and tie it into a cute bow!

    Okay, so that was a really long-winded and bad explanation. I think I’ll just do a post on it sometime and link back to you…haha.

  • Ooo I love the pinned up look best!

    Giveaway on my blog *shameless self promotion*

  • Thanks for sharing this tutorial! The lace looks gorgeous! I will definitely be trying this for a wedding I’m going to this weekend 🙂

  • oh, where’s Kinsey’s dress from? love the braids, thanks! hoping you’ll show how to do the one across the top of the head.

  • This looks so pretty! Yet another hairstyle I want to try once my hair gets a bit longer. Gee I wish I hadn’t cut it short last summer!

  • Woah. I love those buns! I need new ways to style my hair now that my daughter is of grabbing age!


  • Adorei!! Certo que vou fazer! Beijos

  • Hi Carol, yes the dress is vintage from Red Velvet.

    Thanks for all the kind words! els

  • Thank you…the whole look is amazing.
    I love Kelsie’s it from Red Velvet?

  • CUTE! Such lovely inspiration.

    Talia Christine

  • I’ve done this with silk ribbons before. Lace is a great idea and perfect for summer!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I have been wanting to know how to do a cute 60’s bump with my hair down. Any style tips for that! Thanks for sharing!

  • Lovely! I would have never thought to do this on my own! This is so sweet and I will definitely have to try it out! Thanks for sharing <3

  • this is amazing! i wonder how hard it would be to braid the lace through the front…hmmm….

  • Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS! Thank you so much for sharing! My hair is really long this summer and I’ve been on the lookout for cute styling ideas. :]

  • oh yes yes..i love the bun look. brilliant.
    love of my favorite fabrics.. so why not wear it in your hair!!?!! 😛

  • Gorgeous!! My hair is actually long enough to give this a try! Although, I’ve been wanting to chop it off…hmm…maybe I’ll give this a tray BEFORE I cut my hair! haha. 😉

  • So so pretty! I extra love the buns. Thanks for sharing this tutorial – I’m definitely going to have to try it out!

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