How To Style Maiden Braids


Last month I did a makeover story with Kelsie and had many requests for a maiden braid tutorial. Yesterday she came in and we photographed these simple step by steps. Kelsie has extremely long and thick hair, but anyone with shoulder length or longer can do these braids (see my photo below for an example). 

Steps 1-2: Braid two strands on each side of a center part. 

Steps 3-5: Wrap braids around the crown of your head and pin in place with one pin each. 

Step 6: Arrange braids so that they cover the front of your head like a headband. Pin into place more securely until you feel comfortable. 

Steps 7-8: Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail and pin it into a cute messy bun. Note: This step is optional. You can also wear your hair down like my photo below. 

Step 9: Add final pins and spray. Enjoy! 

  • Does your hair have to be very long for this style to work. Mine is right at shoulder length. I love this style.

  • Those braids are so pretty…i don’t think i could do them myself though! I hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

  • Love it love it love it!!! I’m waiting for my hair to get long so I can do THIS! 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial, I’ll save it for later 🙂
    xxx mervi

  • This is a gorgeous look. It looks like it might require an extra set of hands, but definetely worth a little extra effort.

  • MAN FOLLOWS trouble to prepare a hair. WHEN Seen braid and place over the head then there remains the UP AND LOOK NESMUKI. Maybe YOU CAN Add Video Clips to prepare a HOW AS HAIR?

    I have a trouble to make my hair in that style. When I put braid over the head then there remains un and look terrible. Maby you can put video how to make that hair style??

  • that looks sooooo awesome i am def going to try it thanks for sharing!!!!

    <3 steffy

  • Absolutely divine 🙂
    I’ve tried to do the “Heidi” braids before..can’t get them to really feel secure; any tips?

  • Hi Elsa! Would you be able to write a post where you link to a bit of shopping pages, that is a little bit vintage – like yours ^^ Thanks for a great blog!

  • Oh lord. I wish I had the skills to do this hair for myself. I need to practice!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  • great tutorial. i think i’m going to try this today!
    whenever i come to your blog i instantly feel more inspired to work on something creative. thanks 🙂

  • I can not wait for my hair to grow out long enough to do things like this 🙂 Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I wore this look last week for the first time since I was a girl. It looked great but think it looks better on longer hair like Kelsie, that really is some lovely hair she’s got! I also had some aching shoulders afterwards 🙁

  • love this! i’ve been doing my hair in milkmaid braids which is essentially the same, but with only two braids, not four. love this though! looks so pretty!

  • I can barely manage a solitary braid, but I love your tutorial! Might just have to play around with my wee girl’s hair today! :>

  • Eee! I truly love maiden braids and I will always looks at posts and pictures that have them, I can’t help it.

    BUT, I can’t wear maiden braids because my hair is too thick. I know, I know, there’s worse things in life to cry about. Barely.

    However, I’ve never seen or tried to do multiple braids on each side to accompany a messy bun. I think this would solve my problem and I’m really excited! I’ll try this out in a few days… when my hair is a little dirtier 😉

    Thanks, Elsie!!

    Talia Christine

  • this is so wonderful! recently cut my long hair…kind of regretting it at this point. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • So pretty! I have been looking for some super cute things to do with my hair and I will definitely be trying this!

  • Love this look!! But my hair is super fine & I don’t think it will work 🙁

    I’ll have to settle for admiring yours! x

  • Thank you for the tutorial! I’m definitely going to have to try this, since my hair is now shoulder-length. I love the thought of having braids for a headband. 🙂

    Also Elsie, has anyone ever told you that you look like Minnie Driver? And I mean that in the best way possible!

  • Wow….those are some gorgeous braids…..I think I might try it:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I’m a new IFB Links ala Mode Editor♥

  • This looks gorgeous on the both of you. Wish I knew how you kept it from looking too Kirsten Larson, though, because my attempt…not so successful! (Maybe it helps to have bangs?) Great tutorial though.

  • I used to do this when I was around 10, and I would stick daisies into the braids. I miss having long hair 🙁

  • this is SO cute! i love it! i’m in the process of growing my hair out, but i can’t wait to play with braids when it gets longer 🙂

  • YAY! Finally something different to do with my long curly hair! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  • It took me a few trial runs, but I love this look on myself, too. Everyone I ran into yesterday was freaking out over it. My hair isn’t quite as thick, but it is SO long and I’m glad I have something new to do with it. Thanks for the tips!

  • Thanks for the tute. But. I have about half as much hair because it’s so thin. I thought I was doing this all wrong, but I think the awfulness of my hair is the problem.

  • Any ideas on how to do this without fringe? I love how this looks, I just don’t want to chop my hair to make fringe for it…

  • I wore my hair like this today and it was very fun! I surprised a lot of people at the office with the look! Thanks.

  • Tried and FAILED. Either my hair is too thick (my hairdresser has noted that my bangs alone equal a whole head of hair) or my head is too small. I think I’ll just have too stick with one braid on each side half up half down. I always worry that my hair will fall out though (so thick and heavy). In any event I had fun trying. Great post! I look forward to further exploring your blog.

  • I definitely tried this and it looked fabulous!!! Thanks for the idea!!!

  • I just have a question…how do you make the braids so there’s no “pill”…like when you pull the braids over your head, will there be bump because the braids want to go the opposite direction still? Do you have to braid them upwards to begin with? Or do you take the braids all the way around the head? Beautiful style on these models.

  • love it. i do this style on myself and my daughter 🙂 she loves them too

  • This tutorial was great!!!
    I have medium-long thick hair and this hairstyle was a huge hit! I got loads of compliments and it was way easy to do myself, Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Very Pretty, but more than that, that style feels so full of character. I’m a guy, so I can’t really use that for my own style, but I appreciate its complexity, and the end result is slightly hypnotizing.

  • Braids are perfect for those who have long hairs. It is stylish, and it makes girls look fab! Girls out there will be very much pleased to view this post. Many of them would be doing this at home, and they’ll probably like the outcome. This one’s easy to do! A little of a personal retouch, such as clips or ribbons, can also add more style to this braid. Just always be creative.

  • i love this hairstyle, but i couldnt do it when i tried it on myself. my hair is very long and thick. its down to my waist. but i just couldnt figure out how to do it correctly and i really would love to figure it out. maybe you can put up videos of how to do it 🙂 i really do love this hairstyle

  • How would this work for someone without bangs? My hair’s too frizzy in front to ever be able to pull them off 🙁

  • I don’t have bangs, so I left out a piece in the front until the end, then french braided that across the front, and pinned it around the other braids at the same place as the ends of them are pinned. It turned out really nicely, and blends great.

  • This is soo cute! I attempted it and I kind of failed. I just did four smaller braids because my hair is no where NEAR this thick. It was such a fun style and something I will definitely try again 🙂

  • Wish I could do this look. My hair is extremely long, but also very thin. So if I did the first look, it would most likely look strange and flat, and the second look would make it seem like i had no hair. -_-;

  • i saw this hair style and by the end of the day i had done at least 20 peoples hair this way!! They all love it and so do I 😀 Thank you for putting up the tips!

  • I really want to do this for my sister’s wedding, and i wanted to know how long your hair has to be for it to work because my hair isn’t as long as the girl in the picture’s is?

  • I wore this style to college, thanks to your tutorial! 🙂 It’s such a pretty style! I really like your blog! 🙂

  • Thanks for this tutorial. I really loved your posts since then. Specially this one,I’m gonna try this one to my niece because she has longer hair than mine. Thanks again.

  • Feel affection for how all the braids are pile on top of every one supplementary – so sweet! thankfulness for the lesson – i humbug stop to try it…as extensive as my tresses is lengthy a sufficient amount!

  • I love this style but when I pull the braids over my crown, there’s a big bump on the side from the braids, right above my ear. How do I fix this?

  • o wow I’ve tried so many times, and this isn’t working for me, but i think it may be because I’m hair illiterate and mines longer than hers lol

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  • Her hair looks so shiny and healthy :O I’m jealous, pleaseee share the secrets! x)

  • I LOVE this look. I have very long, almost waist length hair, but I simply can’t make it happen. It just looks all bumpy and crazy-cat-lady like. Maybe if I got someone else to do it for me.

    I love your site, which I found via Daniellorama.


  • I’m so gonna try and do this !! i hope there is not a limit on your hair lenth lol! mine is a little past the middle of my back!!

  • So I have tried to do this braid before with a youtube video to help me but i was not successfull as it. after a couple of tries with this blog I was able to do it, Thank you so much for your tips 🙂

  • Oh My Gosh!SOOOOO Super Cute!!! I love it! i’m 13 and I tried it, and it looks really good. Thanx!!!

  • just did this and my hair is jaw-length but really thick! to give it the proper effect I french braided the rest into the side of the hair I turned it over onto! xxxx

  • This is super cute! I don’t have bangs, though, and I’m wondering how best to do it without bangs.

  • hmm, is this possible to do with an amateur with short hair!? I hope so when I try this out tomorrow 😉 it look gawgeus

  • this looks really cute! my hair is super long and thick and its just waiting for it to be braide! I can’t wait to try this! thanks so much!!!!

  • Oh my gosh, I have to tell you I wore my braids today, and I got so many compliments on my hair! I threw some hot rollers in the back of my hair, and did the braided headband while they were cooling off.

    One word. AWESOME!

    Definitely a win in my book!

  • all the hairstyles are pretty awesome, BUT i dont have a toupé or fringe. it would be really nice if some of the future hairstyles were for people without a fringe.

    thanks xoxo

  • I love your site! My daughter is 14 and loves looking at your beautiful ideas! Can’t wait to try this braid! Looks amazing! Thank you for all the cute craft ideas!

  • I tried, and I was VERY unsuccessful with this style on both myself and my daughter. I can’t figure out how to make it look that great lol.

  • To those people saying they don’t think they could do it because they don’t have skills-I’ve never done any sort of hair styling except basic braiding and ponytails, and I just looked at this tutorial and I was able to pull it off within ten minutes. 🙂 I have thinner hair, so I just did one braid on each side, and it looks just as good, and I had enough hair left over to let it down and it looks awesome! Thanks for this tutorial!

  • I’ve struggled for years to find a style that is both cute and manageable with my hair type. I just gave this a shot with a messy bun on top and I think it might be the cutest style I’ve ever worn it in! Thank you so much for this!

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  • I tried these and I absolutely love them! It’s currently rainy where I am and paired with my favorite boots, bright blue eyeshadow and a vintage umbrella… I’m even brighter and cheerier than I would be if there was sunshine! <3

  • Seems very vague on how to arrange the braids “around the crown.” Can’t figure out where to hide the ugly ends. Not to mention my pins are visible everywhere. Disaster. 🙁

  • Thank you so much for this tutorial! I tried it today and it turned out beautifuly. I just found your blog the other day and I am having a wonderful time exploring it!

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  • Any tips on how to make this work without having bangs? When I tried it, the under side of the braids showed and looked rough. I also haven’t figured out how to hide the ends of the braids. Maybe my hair isn’t long enough, but it’s past my shoulders so that would surprise me.

  • Thank you so much for this! I’ve always wondered how to do this hairstyle! I just tried it, and I love it so much! Definitely gonna be wearing this to work tomorrow- might just have to get up a bit earlier to have time to do it!

  • How weird! Just the last few days I’ve been trying to fnecrh plait my hair. It’s just grown out to a reasonable length to start doing things like this to it again. Though, I still fail miserably.Somebody did my hair like the third one once.There’s something about them which is just so lovely. x

  • I just recently discovered this blog, and have been enjoying my adventures in A Beautiful Mess. I love everything about it! Especially the hairstyles! This one is super pretty and your model is gorgeous!(I saw her makeover story) Thanks Elsie!

  • I am like the worst hairdresser you can find but even I with my super curly hair did it in less than 15 min! so easy and it looks great!

  • this is awesome, but both of you have bangs, makes me wonder what it would look like on someone without them.

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  • @MzHypnotiq27 I think it is sooo funny you have asked this lol because i lltlraeiy just finished editing a video yesturday where I answer this lol and said the exact same thing you said about not liking to because of the frizz (however i editied the frizzy part out because i started going off topic lmbo) anyways when i have my hair in braids i dont usually like to wash because of frizz HOWEVER (lol ) you can avoid this by using witch hazel on ur scalp. (continued) .. Was this answer helpful?

  • Please plsaee plsaee!! Show me how you can draw Rima Touya from Vampire Knight T_T Rima’s type of pigtails is what I wanted to draw! Its so detailed and such and she is my most favorite character in Vampire Knight!

  • ThatÊ»s great! Take a picture of you and your famliy during Earth Hour. Have mom or dad send it to me and IÊ»ll post it on my blog. Have fun!

  • I am so impressed with your bueutifal braided bread. I am looking forward to trying it in a french toast like your stuffed one. I made challah a few days ago, but in my bread maker. I made it again tonight and I think the humidity here made it rise way too much. I wish I had taken it out and braided it like yours.

  • I just got back from a camping trip! Wish I had seen this video prior to going, I wore titsws/twistouts the whole time. I was so tired of retwisting my hair at the end of the day that by the end of the trip I just slappeda cap on and called it a day! lolThis would have been very helpful, but truth be told I have yet to do a successful wash n’ go.

  • i LOVE this! i’ve been trying all kinds of hair do’s and this is absolutelt GORGEOUS, thank you 😀

  • The second piuctre really clever one I am hooked on to this blog. subscribed. Love the outfit ,the accessories and the way you have co-ordinated it all. Looks very classy and high-fashion .Great photography.

  • Love the braided look! I wear braids daily, but wondering if you have suggestions for a nearly 60 year old with a fat, square face and no neck? I have thick auburn hair tho. And wearing pigtail braids does thin out my face.

    Any looks for older bohemian women?

  • I love this hairstyle! My hair’s too thin to have really thick braids, so I ended up having four going across my head, then braided the rest in a loose braid to cover up the part. This hairstyle is so pretty and easy to put up!

  • Would be able to email me step by step on how do this like which way to flip the hair and stuff please?

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  • Love this look, especially with the rest of your hair left down! Been trying to find the look I want to wear in my sister’s wedding and I think this might be the one!


  • I don’t have as much hair but I just realized it looks just as good with 3 braids instead of 4!

  • I love this! I’m DEF trying this later! Who else found this on StumbleUpon?

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