How To Style Mod Eyeliner



Twiggy is one of my favorite style icons from the 1960s. I’ve tried for years to style my eyeliner like hers. It’s so much fun! Here are a few tips….




Steps 1-2: Using liquid eyeliner, line the top of your eyelid with a thick line. Add a little “cat eye” stroke on each outer edge, if you like! Step 3: After lining the top of your eye, your makeup should look something like this. It may take several coats of liquid eyeliner to get the look you want. I use more or less eyeliner depending on my mood. Step 4: Draw small lines under your lower eyelid to create this cute mod effect! You can draw the lines just in the outer corners or all the way across your eyelid for a more bold look. Step 5: Add mascara! There you go. It’s easy as pie and so cute!








Thank you, Sarah, for modeling this pretty look!


Have fun trying something new with your makeup. XO, elsie

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  • I wish I could do winged eyeliner but my eyes turn down too much so it looks weird.

  • how lovely look! i must tell you that every time i feel not so much into styling myself, i take a look to your blog and it cheers me up immediately. thanks! greetings from mexico

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  • for the bottom lashes, do you “draw” it on your skin under your eye or onto your lashes themselves (lumping some together)? the picture looks like the latter. i love love love the look and have always wanted to achieve it.

  • White eyeliner on the waterline will make this pop even more, makes the eyes look even larger and more doll-like

  • Flaming red hair? Yes, please! <33333

    Very nice tutorial. Simple and really pretty. It also looks wearable for any occasion.

  • looks wonderful,do you know what kind of lipgloss or lipstick you used? love the colour

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  • I adore all things mod. I rock this liner a little too often because it’s such a subtle but classic makeup effect that is virtually perfect for all occasions! Thanks for the how to!

  • Twiggy! Twiggy!Twiggy!

    Love her hair and make-up. And I never thought that she uses liquid eyeliner in lashes at the bottom. This look really got me, and I can’t take my eyes over this make up.

  • I am excited about learning way more than what I have already taught myself. Thank you!

  • Thank you for the tutorial, I’ve always have trouble trying to get this look.

  • Nothing better than a quick concise tutorial! I love this look! One thing I add is a bit of nude or white eyeliner in the waterline of the eye, it adds a babydoll effect. Great job ladies!

  • LOVE this post!! Thanks for sharing!!

    And thanks for visiting my blog!!!

    xoxo, Maryam

  • Twiggy is the shit! & i love your interpretation of the look.

  • I struggle so much with liquid eyeliner!! I want to be able to wear it but it always runs into my eye. I need tips!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Wrinkle In Time Vintage Giveaway

  • the lower lash line is what makes it twiggy. I never would have thought of that.. Neat!

  • Oh wow, just what I needed! Lately I’ve been trying new eye make-up styles and this one has been hard on mee:-) Good to have a step by step guide. And maybe it’s not such a miracle that it didn’t work the first time around- since you’ve been practising for so long too:-)

  • While this is a gorgeous eyeliner job, Twiggy also has the crease of her lids lined. That is what makes them so dramatic. Loved the post!

  • Great tutorial, I love winged eyeliner but I have quite a shakey hand and always make a mess 😛

  • uh dear you’re lovable!i’m make up artist as u,try to put the eyeliner over the mascare for an effect more stronger!
    with love….

  • What a great look! Twiggy is so inspiring!

    Psst! This would also make a great additon to Tutorial Tuesday on my blog!

  • Ooooh! Sarah is such an amazing model! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    This is a fantastic tutorial 🙂

  • I love this look so much! Though I’m quite sure to fully achieve Twiggy’s look, you’d have to line the crease of your eyelid… at least that’s what I read on another post about these “doe eyes”.

  • Wow! That’s impressive. I love the top liner. It’s so bold and it looks fantastic and clean. Yay @ashleyTIA I loved your Adele post today.


  • Love this look, Elsie! Bold eyeliner is so fun. I actually did an Adele-inspired look with a large wing on my blog today. It made me feel a little fancy. 🙂

  • Gorgeous! What a great how-to post. I’m still trying to master the liquid eyeliner cat-eye technique. Your model makes it look so easy. Alas – Twiggy is gorgeous and I will forever adore her mod eyeliner.

  • I adore a 60’s eye! This looks marvelous! And Sarah looks beautiful.


  • I love this look, i sometimes sport it on nights out <3 it.

    Zoe x

  • I love Twiggy so much! She is one of my favorite style icons. And sarah is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this makeup tip! <3

  • very cute! i love liquid liner to begin with, but with my blue eyes in the sun, they like to water, a lot! its really too bad!

  • Heck yes for 60’s mod makeup! She looks too cute…like a doll.

    Thanks for the tutorial!


  • I totally adore Twiggy !!! She just looked so pretty and created such an impact in the 60’s. I was just thinking the other day of trying her look just to see how it looks haha. I should try it!

  • You look so cute like this! I’m going to give it a try for sure! (As soon as I stop sweating so much…wouldn’t that be a melted mess!)

  • Nice idea! Twiggy sure had an interesting look with that eyeliner 🙂

  • I love this! never would have thought about the lines 🙂
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • This is so great! I’m actually hoping to dress up as Twiggy for Halloween this year (can’t wait to find THAT costume!), so this totally helps 🙂 It looks lovely!


  • I love how it look like!!! Because i love twiggy style!!!
    Actually im inspired on her!

  • Ah the Twiggy look!!! Classic and Perfect!

  • I love this look. The cat’s eye just makes your eyes pop!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I love it! I’m always aspiring to bring Twiggy’s look to my mascara each morning and this tutorial is wonderful! Sarah wears it so well! Cute and Mod Chic for sure! <3

  • This is perfect. I’m planning to do a Twiggy inspired shoot with a friend soon.

  • I have needed help with this for FOREVER. This post was more of a lifesaver than you’ll ever know.

  • Oh my gosh, thank you for doing this! My favorite eye makeup look!


  • Twiggy really is so amazing. I have also done the “cat eye for years”. Great tips. I will add a step, dab some powder/concealer on your lids before doing this, it tends to stick a bit better and holds its shape throughout the evening!

  • lovely and simple description, i like it… I’m completely hopeless when it comes to makeup, but its nice on occasion to do something a tad different. 😀

    Also, I have a marks and spencer bag which has a picture of twiggy on, hehe! random !

  • Sarah, you have beautiful eyes! Love you, Twiggy. Great DIY.

    ♥ sécia

  • love this! especially the lower lash tip! thanks!
    hummm…maybe ill be trying this is vegas next week lol

  • oooooo love it and I’ve just thrown away my liquid eye-liner as I never used it grrrrrrrr

  • ooooh i love it! it looks fantastic – totally plan to try this out!! i’m a sucker for all things make-up.

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