How to Tie a Yarn Messy Bun – Hair Inspiration




I'm happy to introduce one last new weekly feature for the new year! In addition to Project ReStyle and Makeover Story I will be sharing weekly fun and simple hair and makeup tips straight from the Red Velvet Studio! This new feature is called Red Velvet gets fancy! 

Today's tip it all about using yarn (it works with thin pieces of lace too!) to create a pretty messy hairstyle. Just tie the yarn around your head like a headband, then weave long piece into a ponytail. Last, pin the loose ponytail up into a bun. It's that simple. Plus… good news, the messier you make this hairstyle, the cuter it looks!

This look was originally inspired by these gorgeous fashion photos. Emma is modeling the look and you can see more photos of her outfit from today on her blog.


  • She may have also gotten the inspiration from here or elsewhere. Anyway,

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  • My girlfriend ties her hair like that! She may have also gotten the inspiration from here or elsewhere. Anyway, you should continue making tutorials like this! It seems like they really love it, especially the girls.

  • It is really fantanstic. anyway, you also can use ribbon to do this. more ribbons will be in

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  • i have a million cones of yarn, not sure which one i’ll use to try this first.

  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much

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  • I’m going to have to try this idea. I have tons of spare yarn laying around.

  • Looks like fun! Must try it…and I love Emma’s hair color. Any tips on that?

  • so happy to see this daughter, who is 4, loves me to braid my yarn and make headbands for her or tie around her pigtails..what a great idea…I am so trying this with her..she will love it. xo

  • Oh my goodness- the second inspiration photo is gorgeous. I do the french-braided headband look all the time, but I’m definitely going to have to try weaving in some ribbon or lace. I love that you’re doing so many style features! I fix my hair in the cascade braid, (I love braids, obviously.) that you and Emma modeled a while back, a lot, and people always compliment it.

  • Aaaaaah! this is such a good idea 🙂 I’m so wearing my hair like this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • This is a great idea. I’m going to have to try it.
    Thanks for sharing the post!
    visit my blog and follow! I’ll do the same in return.
    xoxo, A

  • I’ve left a link to your blog on my blog, because I simply love it 🙂

    Have a great day Elsie! xox

  • So pretty! Too bad I have short hair! Maybe I could just wrap yarn around my head? 😀

    P.S. I just started a “52 Weeks of Instax” project on my blog, and created a Flickr group. I’d love to have more people join!



  • Ah, this is so pretty.
    And perfect for the wedding I’m attending soon 🙂
    The lace sounds stunning.
    Thank you for sharing.


  • Adorable! This is a great idea for those days when I’m rushing to get ready for work & don’t want to do much to my hair… Now I just got to either find yarn or buy some.

  • Oh my, I’ve been loving the new hair trends… yarn and feathers?? Yes please!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this, Elsie! I tried it today and felt awesome 🙂 Your post is featured in my blog today, along with a photo of my rendition of it!

  • That looks awesome. I love how simple and elegant it is, even being messy.

  • fun! not sure if it would look as good on me as it does on emma but willing to try!

  • I’m definitely going to try this out! I hoard ribbons and the like from each bunch of flowers or wrapped present I get – time to put them to good use!

  • Pleeeease continue to hair inspiration for easy, good looking style. I have no clue when it comes to hair and i’m in process of growing mine out. But with 5 kids I don’t have time to blow dry, curl etc. I love this so much.

  • I’m going to try to do this to my hair this weekend! I knit a lot, and I’m used to sticking a needle in my bun, so why not go the extra mile with a bit of yarn. hehe

  • Thanks for posting this! I have a ton of thick curly hair that I usually only wear down or in braids and I’m always wondering about updo’s. My hair is soo heavy that most stuff doesn’t stay put. I’m looking forward to trying this out and seeing more of these posts =)

  • wow. it is unbelievable. I love it so much . Thanks for your sharing. cool .great. I sure I’ll come back soon.

  • hi elsie, i’d like to ask you to make a ‘get fancy’ post for short hair! I love your looks, i adooore braids really, but i’ve cut my hair short and i think it’d be nice to have a short-hair-for post here if that’s ok. Thank you!!

  • its so cute!

    I would like to give you the “Stylish Blogger Award” for your awesomely stylish blog! 🙂

    How this award works is that it’s passed on from blogger to blogger, so I received the award from someone and I pass on the award to others. Part of this award is to write 7 things about yourself (on your blog post) and pass this award to 15 other recently discovered blogs you think deserves this award too.

    You can see my post and the link for the award here!

    I wish you the best for 2011


  • She looks stunning! I wish I had long hair, so I could do something like that! 🙂 Need to start project “grow my hair long” for 2011.
    xxx mervi

  • Ooooh, I’ve just started wearing headbands, this will work out great!! I’m a SAHM of a toddler…anything that looks mildly cute/put together while being quick and easy = perfect!!!

  • gosh emma has the loveliest hair color. i like this one a lot, plus it seems the yarn would stay in place really well. it never fails that i’ll be constantly adjusting my headbands b/c they tend to slide around. this one’s stellar.

  • @Abby No face framing tendrils? I bet it would look cute too if you pekinese-pompadour the front & rock(abilly) the heck out of this look 🙂

    My hair’s a might shorter, messy by nature & i have bangs… I’m going to do this to my way-too-old-for-pigtails 🙂

    love it!

  • Love all the new fashion features! Thank you for doing such a great job, you are always inspiring me!

  • This is such a cute/creative/crafty hairstyle…I love it.

    Your blog is amazing- it is so much fun to navigate and you have created such an amazing “environment” on your blog.


  • how much do I LOVE this??

    I’m a knitter, too and always seem to have that last little yard or two of luxury yarns leftover that I can’t bring myself to scrap. What a lovely way to use them 🙂

    thanks for the inspiration!

  • Uhhh, heh-heh, okay, so I might be able to get the messy bun part. BUT what if you *don’t* just happen to have adorable tendrils framing your face in the front? SIGH.

    Cute, though. 🙂

  • so very sweet, i shall be giving it a go with ribbon.


  • Amazing idea! I wish my hair was just a little bit longer so I could try this. Beautiful.

  • This is so pretty! I’ve done it with a skinny scarf, but I love the yarn…you could change it up in so many ways! I think I’ll braid a few different colored pieces together and try it out! 😀

  • this is reallly adorable and looks extra coxy for winter time! i definitely need to try this in the near future!

  • I love that. I think you should do one for short hair gals, llike myself, out there. I am always trying to come up with something fun, but cant think of much

  • Ah I remember doing something similar to this!!! When I was little my mom used to always braid different color ribbons into my extremely long hair! (I used to sit on it).

    Definetly going to try this! 🙂

  • holy crap. emma is beautiful!

    i bet this would look really pretty with a velvet ribbon, too.

  • So pretty! I love that idea! Afraid it’ll get tangled in my hair though…:)

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