i make promises….

(some favorite things from today….)
here's a little quickie to say i'm sorry i know i promised a post last night (and instead i made crafts and then slept…). it's coming coming coming.
right now i'm gonna hang out with my bestie for a little bit. she found out today that she's having a GiRRRl!
i started crying in my car when i found out (via. Twitter… because i was sleeping when she called! how nerdy is that?). i'm excited.
anywayy….. be back soon. she's here!

  • Not nerdy! So fun! Girls are fun!! :]

    My hubs and I have 3!! Rachel (and Doren) are doing to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  • little girls are so much fun! We have only had Stella for two months, but oh my goodness- she is simply wonderful!

    Can’t wait to see photos of your bestie’s baby

  • YAY!!!!
    and I wanted to say that I received my camera girl necklace yesterday from RVA and wore it today. I was STOPPED countless times and told how awesome my necklace is… Thanks so much for the cuteness!!!……… love it!

  • as a mama of four little girlies let me tell you its totally NOT nerdy to be excited….little girls are the very bestest EVAH!!!!!!!!!

  • i love that you’re rocking a cd. my nerdy tidbit–i don’t download or buy mp3s, i’m still stuck on cds.

    waiting to hear about your whole cleanse experience!

  • Oh a GIRL! NOTHING better- nothing! i adopted my daughter from China 5 years ago & she is pure bliss & joy EVERY day!! (did i mention VERY demanding also-LOL)

    ~misschell (chinamommy)

  • Hi! 🙂 Just wanted to say that I received my ‘good morning giveaway’ package yesterday and

    1. I looove Jeremy’s albums 🙂

    2. Paper dolls are adorable! I’ve shown them off to everyone and I just don’t even want to cut them because they are too stinkin cute! I did have a question though… Where you do get your dolls and other paper products printed at? It looks awesome and I was curious if you did them yourself or had them printed professionally somewhere…

    Anyways, Thanks again for the giveaway! I love every inch of it! 🙂

    ~Mollie Neff

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