I Painted Our Bathroom Vanity!

Hi there! Ever since Asa painted my kitchen cabinets, I have been blown away by the quality and excited to try my hand at it.

I had this dated bathroom vanity in our basement bathroom, and I wanted to modernize it with some paint. I also ordered wood knobs so that I could paint them the matching color. Here’s the before:

I followed the exact steps in this painting tutorial. The only big change I made was that I used a foam brush to paint instead of a sprayer. Asa told me that as long as you are careful that it won’t necessarily look bad to not use a sprayer. So I went for it. I like foam brushes for painting because they don’t leave as many brush strokes as paint brushes.

I wanted to share this with you to encourage you that YOU CAN DO THIS. In the past, I’ve had stuff I painted turn out bad and I had no idea it was possible to get a result this good. I highly recommend it even if you’ve had bad luck in the past.

The prep work recommended and the hard drying paint made a huge difference. I would 100% feel confident painting a vanity, a bookshelf or piece of furniture this color in the future.

In fact, the following weekend I was so pumped up about my new “skill” that I painted my own front door with hard drying paint.

If you’ve been too nervous to paint something outdated in your home, I hope this post gives you the confidence needed to get started! Oh—and one more cool thing. This whole project took me around 4-5 hours. I did it in two days. Not bad considering how much it improves our bathroom. xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • This is my first time here. I wanted to paint bathroom and blue is my new favorite color for interiors. Thanks for the ideas.

  • i love the color, its eyecatching. There is really no big difference using a spray and a brush. Great job on this one..

  • Wow, that turned out pretty amazing! My bathroom vanity has been an eyesore for years, but its got good bones. So it looks like I might have just found my next weekend project.. Fingers crossed.

  • They look great! I’m toying with the idea of painting my powder bath cabinet myself or hiring someone post-COVID to do it, but haven’t fully decided. This gives me a little more confidence to give it a try myself. Could you share a link to the foam brush you used or something similar? I’m picturing just a cheap craft one you might get at Michael’s, but I feel hesitant to go forward with that without confirmation. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Meredith,
      Yes- I just used the cheap foam brushed that come in a pack of different sizes (exactly as you are picturing). You can 100% do this project! It’s not bad at all!

  • Looks great! What finish did you use on your kitchen cabinets and here – semigloss?

    • Yes, I believe these are semigloss but the kitchen is eggshell maybe, it’s less glossy.

    • You said the paint is linked in the post, but it’s not. What is it?

    • Hi! It’s linked in the post. If you want to do it I suggest following all the steps in the tutorial linked- it worked so well! XX

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