Ice Cream Sundae Jumper (3 Ways!)

Ice cream sundae jumper


OneIt's time to introduce you to our new Spring looks! First up is the Ice Cream Sundae Jumper. In this first styling, Emma paired it with a lace top, brightly colored satchel and red clogs. It's casual and fun! 
TwoThis next look is paired with a fancy collared top and a black felt hat. We love all black and white outfits with one pop of color and these red shoes are so fun! 
ThreeIn look three Emma went super casual with a pull over sweater and some chunky sandals. Perfect for a day off, no? 

We're so excited to realease these dresses this coming Monday night (6pm cst). Thanks so much for all your kind comments! We will be sharing more dresses all weekend. xoxo. 

  • How do you know a piece of clothing is vintage? Labels. styles, what is it? Say if you per chance get one at ARC thrift. Usually just hand me downs.

  • i want i want…do you deliver to SA…. inbox me… I’m a hairstylist been dying to try some new clothes… my hippy wardrobe is looking very sad…. maybe i can send you some nice local gear…

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  • Hooray polka dots! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!! I have to buy this jumper 🙂

  • Eeeee gad, I LOVE this dress! Emma, you look beautiful! Oh, and can I have your legs?? 😉

    Stephanie May*

  • That jumper is so adorable!! NEED!
    xo Heather

  • oh my!!
    i finally get to check your blog after a mad week at work & i’m dying from adorableness!! your new collection is stunning!!
    SO glad i get monday (though that might be tuesday over here in Aus) off!
    i’m in love with this
    Cheray x

  • This is so cute, I love the first look and those red shoes are amazing in the second outfit. xxx

  • Can I buy this?! It is super amazingly cute just tell me the details and I will have I bought! You rock girls!!!

  • How sweet! And the sort of thing, as you have proved, that you could wear so so many ways – an investment piece!!!! Love it!!!

  • p.s. Look 3 is especially encouraging for a jumper novice such as myself. 🙂

  • I’m really looking forward to Monday now. I guess that’s a good thing! Soooo excited for your new stuff!

  • this is so cool.. i love the second style.. this is something i can imagine myself to wear 🙂 enjoy the day, svenja

  • Love all the looks! I just love #2 though 🙂 sooooo pretty & classic. Can’t wait to see the entire collection!

  • I never considered myself to be a jumper-wearing kind of gal, but after seeing these cute stylings, I am starting to think that I could pull it off! Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection 🙂


    Ever since I started reading your blog Ive started to try to wear dresses and skirts on a regular basis, but I have a hard time finding things that are “me”. This is it!

    When will this be available for purchase? I want it sooooo badly.

  • So cute ladies!! We are obsessed with polkdaots! Love the different ways and the fun look of them all 😉 Thanks for posting Elsie!

  • Love these kind of post, it’s nice to see how versatile clothes can be. And, of course, your designs are always the cutest!

  • What a lovely jumper ♥
    xoxo from Paris

  • That is so freakin’ cute! I can’t decide which look I like best, they’re all adorable.

  • So cute!! Love look two! 🙂

  • Such a cute design, i love it. Its great you style it three ways to get the most out for your items. So cute.


  • “Just a thought for future collections – maybe a few slightly longer hems or two!”
    This is the only short piece from our collection. The rest are much longer. XOXO! Also Emma is wearing an XS, it’s longer in larger sizes. 🙂

  • That is sooo adorable!!! I loveeee the jumper soo much!! I think my favorite is look one!

  • Love it..just wish it were a tad longer. Us taller girls may have a hard time wearing it.. Just a suggestion for future collections. 🙂

  • Makes me urge to go shopping! Also, I feel like ice cream…

  • I love the first outfit! Emma really plays the part of the nerd well. Especially with those glasses.

  • I LOVE it!! This style of jumper is super cute, especially with polka dots. I’m pumped to see the other dresses!

  • Love all of these looks! I love polka dots in black and white!

  • I love #2. It’s very Zooey Deschanel. SO cute.

  • I’m with everyone else – this is really adorable and it is nice to have a piece that is so easily styled in so many different ways.
    One thing though – it is quite short! Personally, I’m a fan of more of a mid-thigh hem as I just don’t feel comfortable in really short skirts (I carry my weight in my upper thighs). Just a thought for future collections – maybe a few slightly longer hems or two!

  • Oh my gosh the jumper is ridiculously adorable! It’s nearly winter here in Australia and I think this would look super cute with some tights underneath too.

  • I love all your dresses! I wish so badly that they were longer so I could get one. :'(

  • That is such a cute jumper. I love it when pieces are so versatile because usually when I newly fallin love with something I wear waayy too often in one week.

    🙂 Ewa

  • Oh gosh. When I first read your blog title I was a little surprised that the only thing common in all three is the dress because in England a jumper is really a sweater. 🙂 .. It was nice to widen my vocab today 😀


  • Adorable! But so weird for this australian to see that being called a jumper… I was like, what? That’s a skirt! Here a jumper is a sweater haha I slowly cottoned on x

  • How creative!
    congrats on coming out with another collection, Elsie!

  • #3 is definitely my favourite. I love stripes with polka dots. You’ve given me great inspiration for my a polka dot dress I own!


  • Love this! The last look is my favorite. Where is that sweater from?

  • ahh i want this jumper! haha this is going on my wishlist 🙂

  • I love the jumper. Hope I can afford it. 🙂


  • Love all looks. Last one is my favorite! Where is that sweater from? 🙂

  • Love the first look!!! That ice cream sundae jumper is gorgeous! 🙂

  • Oh no I already want to buy this and the dress Stacy wore I hope I don’t love everything this much as my bank balance won’t allow it.

    So glad it’s new spring line time though

    Take care

  • I love it! if all the other dresses are like that, i’m sure you will sell every single one of them in a fortnight! 🙂

  • Hi! The shoes are from 1. Lotta From Stockholm 2. ModCloth 3. Urban Outfitters 😀

  • OMG I NEED that jumper! I can’t wait for the new RV collection!

  • Michelle,
    thank you for your beautiful, encouraging comment. my day is made!
    Loves to you & thank you so much for reading along!

  • Since I started reading your blog not too long ago, I’ve found such inspiration to seek out the little opportunities I have to make every day beautiful. I know this is the goal of your blog, so I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that it’s working! This is coming from a woman with bare walls and no fashion sense, all because I never believed beauty in and of itself was worth the time. Thank you!

  • Adorable! You are topping yourself! I, also, can’t wait to see the rest of the spring collection.

  • So cute! Can’t wait to see the whole line 🙂 Congrats on another collection!

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