i’m back!

first  of all… some new random art that i made just for fun. i was feeling so inspired after i saw this and i just had to make a maritime style portrait of the Larson and i….
1and since good things (or fun times…) often come in pairs, i couldn't stop at just one…2(we love halloween!!)

some silly photos with my little brother, doren… 


a random/awesome thrift store find that i can't wait to paint…

a peek into my personal journal….6

goodbye wishes to my little rockstar (she's leaving for the month, tomorrow)…

My next update is Friday, Aug. 15th at 10 am (CST). I will be introducing my brand new Alice in Wonderland themed Art Journal kit! 

8you'll have to check back this week for more pics and sneak peeks. it has been a superrr fun project to work on. after i did the Neverland kit I got a crazy amount of e-mails asking for this fairy tale themed kit as well. Alice in Wonderland was the first movie I ever watched as a kid (we watched it on Christmas Eve at my grandparent's house). It certainly has a special place in my heart! xo. elsie

  • sooo i heart everything you do, and especially love your paintings of you and the manly man! 🙂

    i hope to be one of the LUCKY girls to get my hands on one of your journals… 🙂

    esp since they come out 2 days after my bday!

    🙂 Wheeeeeeeeee!

    happy monday elsie!


  • sooo i heart everything you do, and especially love your paintings of you and the manly man! 🙂

    i hope to be one of the LUCKY girls to get my hands on one of your journals… 🙂

    esp since they come out 2 days after my bday!

    🙂 Wheeeeeeeeee!

    happy monday elsie!


  • I am SO excited for your Alice in Wonderland journal kit!!! 🙂 I’ve been on an Alice kick lately, so I cannot wait until your update 🙂

  • yay!! for the new art journal kit 🙂

    i can’t WAIT to see the sneeky peeks. I loveeeee the Neverland one and i hope i can get my hands on the alice one as well




  • OOOOOOOO I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!!! My allll time fave. Can’t wait to see the kit!!! Love the cute portraits…adorable!

  • Will you have more embroidery patterns and will you be bringing back some of the ones you had before? I just loved them!

  • I want one of those kits. I MUST have one of those kits.

    Geez, I wish I were as talented and prolific as you. Even after becoming overstretched, you still show back up seemingly a second later with more amazing creations.

    How is it that you are not afraid of making the most of life? Tell me the secret.

  • glad you are ok, was getting kinda worried. hey are you going to be at any of the local craft fairs this year?? hope you have a happy week! welcome back!!

  • Yay your back! Your such an inspiration to all of us out here in cyberworld. Thanks for sharing all beautiful work with us and for making such funky stuff for us to love. Hope you feel all rejuvinated and refreshed. Keep looking after yourself. Peace! jen.

  • that vintage children’s counting page is making me pee my pants.

    i bought a couple of your embroidery patterns last week, and i am in CUTE embroidery heaven! thank you, elsie.

  • ooh, i love alice in wonderland just as much as i love peter pan and sleeping beauty! i will most certainly buy the kit, especially if you make one with the purple stripped cat. gotta have it!!

  • THe vintage counting page art is adorable. I love old childrens school books because of the color and design. I love your work because of the color and design. Hay! Did you design childrens books in a past life?

    Glad you are feeling all inspired again. Look forward to your etsy shop opening soon.

  • does this mean that you and the larson are moving in together? eeeeeeeeeek! (sorry for being nosey, but i had to ask!)

  • awwwe!

    thank you, everyone, for your kind words!

    Alexa, Jeremy and I are not moving in together. We are just going to share a larger studio space! 😀

    xo. elsie

  • Elsie your AWESOME!! And so is everything that you do.

    I hope you & Jeremy have fun looking into studios together.

    Good luck to both Vanessa and Emma!

    I’m so glad I have stumbled upon you in blog world 2 yrs. ago. You pour out inspiration all around you. Cant wait to see your new updates.


  • Ohh, your back 🙂

    Thx for all the inspiration! – good thing you didn’t stay away for that long, I always depend on your blog for inspiration! 🙂

  • hey there elsie. thanks for the inspiration!!! would love to see what else is in your journal. I imagine cute little scenes with jeremy. toodles. XO

  • Hi,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple years. You are such an inspiration!

    I have been waiting and waiting for my local scrapbook store to get your book. They keep telling me “it’s on order.” I finally gave up on them and ordered it online. I can’t wait for it to come in!

  • Holy cow! I am sooooo excited for the Alice kit! I am quite partial to that myself, even though your Peter Pan kit was adorable, too. I can’t wait!!!!

    (look at all those exclamation points!)


  • amazing inspiration as always milady.

    I’m looking forward to the sneaks of your new journal kit! The neverland one was a hit! I love it. I’m imagining you have an adorable version of the White Rabbit! Can’t wait.

    Glad to see you’ve refreshed!


  • Love the way you just sneak in that news about househunting all casual-like at the bottom, like we wouldn’t realise YOU’RE MOVING IN WITH YOUR MAN! Good to hear you are embracing commitment again. I know how hard that can be for a burned heart…

    On the plus side – I now have a copy of your recipe cards!! FINALLY my fave scrapping store got them in. I’m still devouring them one at a time. YUM!

  • This is just too much for me to handle I think.. all the lovely stuff you make… I’m speechless…

    I LOVE the paintings and as for the art journal kit, I want it so bad but I won’t even allow myself to think about it anymore because I know I will feel the pain if I don’t get it *lol* I hope you will find a nice studio together and keep on keeping on so to speak. I love you Elsie, you are the coolest girl I “know”.

  • haha… we aren’t moving in together. my grandma would freak out!! 😀 we are just looking for a studio space to share because we enjoy working together. 😀

    thank you everyone for your comments about the alice kit… i can’t wait for you to see it!!

    loveee you! elsie

  • Missed you Elsie! I am dying to get an Alice kit!!!!! Doing Rachel’s class is so awesome…missed out on Neverland but will be there with bell’s on to get this one! Happy studio hunting 🙂


  • i just stumbled across your blog today and i have to say that i am becoming quite a fan 🙂 and i love that orla kiely chair you posted about..wonderful picks!

  • Love the portraits. Doren is cute. Your inital is wonderful and I love the graphic of the polaroid. COOLNESS!

  • Glad to have you back. You inspire me everyday and I thank you for that. Love that peacock, i agree its very cute

    Have a great day Tracey 🙂

  • So excited about the new kit, I was a lucky one to have the Neverland one, it is so great!!!I’m working on it at the moment I will put some photos on my blog soon. I am such a big fan of your work, your paintings are beautifull, your pictures are great and I have so much fun with your scrapbooking lines, not much stock in france tho! xoxo from the south of France

  • Hi ! So excited about the new kit. I was a lucky one to have the Neverland one. It is SO great, I ‘m working on it at the moment I will blog the pictures soon…I love reading your blog, It’s full of inpiration, love your painting and your pictures and I have so much fun with your scrapbooking lines, it’s a shame they are out of stock to soon in France. xoxo from south of France

  • *SQUEEE* AM so stalking your etsy tomorros! I WANT ME A ALICE IN WONDERLAND KIT! I ADORE the Peter pan one – yet to do it I KNOW but – I love it!!! SQUEEE!!! HUGS E!!

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