In Love (with blogs)

Don't you just love it when you discover a new blog that you really really enjoy? I know I do. It's so much fun to find a blog that makes you want to click on and on and on. I'm feeling this way about Remodelista this week- 

RemodelistaMaybe it's because Jeremy and I are closing on our new home in just a few days? What blogs are you obsessing over? Please share.

  • I am one who follow just about every blog out there. I follow some blogs with emails,pinterest, wordpress, tumblr, stumbleupon call me crazy but I do it just in case I miss checking one of the ways listed above. If I don’t go on the blog its okay because I know it’ll be sent by email. For me its like pinning. One thing I can say yours is one the best out there. Oh! How about the sidebars? Click a way and register for emails and follow the blog. It’s sick, but I love it because of what you find and learn out there.

  • I love, love, love

    Joy the Baker


    Dessert Girl

    I’m making your pumpkin risotto tonight!

  • i love discovering new blogs! My bloglovin list is SO long. So i am excited to see what other people share to for more favies.

    I am addicted to yours, I also love: Jenna and the Giant Apple; A Girl, A Style; Designlovefest; and The Glitter Guide.


  • It had never crossed my mind that you’d have a favourite blog (silly thought!). My favourite blogs are

    a)yours (I always check if you have new posts. It’s the first blog I always check)

    b) Creature comforts

    c) Oh happy day

    I have more but let’s focus on these!

  • I absolutely adore finding new blogs.

    Some of my favorites right now are

    Secondhand Sundays

    Deer Circus

    They are just the cutest ladies with the loveliest posts.

  • What a cool blog! Thanks for the advice…I’ll be making great use out of this one! I’m a big fan of It’s a family blog and Cassie is the sweetest girl with the cutest family ever! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  • I love your blog, also Delightfully Tacky, Hannah & the World, Joy the Baker and Zoella. I always love finding new, exciting blogs too though!

  • i love your blog, especially all the tips about blogging and posting pictures!

  • I am an avid reader of A Beautiful Mess. I myself am a blogger and I too love reading and following the lives of other bloggers. Some of my current favorites are:

    Spoon Fork Bacon:
    Design Love Fest:
    Pure and Noble:
    Love and Olive Oil:

    My blog! For Love of Exploration:

  • Love your blog of course… and I’m always drooling over foodie blogs like smitten kitchen and ! Thanks for sharing this beauty as well!


  • – I love Jenny’s DIY furniture fixer upper projects. – Joy’s recipes always turn out delicious and I love her writing style!

    But I seriously check your blog the most. Love it!

  • I love your blog, so many posts. I love all your different topics. Other blogs I love currently, are you must try the Congo bars, (her husband has a blog too about his blogging wife. He’s pretty funny. And then there is my blog I hope you all will check it out.

  • I have this real obsession with home decor, even though I can’t do much, so without a doubt I love this blog. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love coming across new blogs to read, i enjoy reading them on a morning with my coffee.




  • Love finding all these incredible blogs! Some of my favorites: (Vulnerable stories and gorgeous watercolor) (Tons of bohemian outfits with tender soulful writing)
    http://loveelycia (Hilarious, adorable fashion and fantastic tips)
    Catherine Denton

  • i’ve been loving

  • I am way too obsessed with blogs! My bloglovin list is overflowing everyday 🙂

    xo Emilie @

  • would have to be my latest obsession. Not only because she writes about a topic I truly believe in (radical self-love) but also because she’s a New Zealander and that makes me feel like I’ve got something super cool in common with her!

    Elise xx

  • I’ve looked around.. and this is still my utimate favorite I check it EVERY DAY 🙂 Another great blog (it mostly has to do with party planning, which I also love), is … super cute ideas!

  • Your blog is my go to blog for fun inspiration and goodies! My mom, sister, and I absolutely love the things that you two post.

    Me and my sister also have a blog together! It is new and has a few posts so far, but it is growing and we are loving it! is the link, we would love if y’all checked it out and showed it some love!


  • I’m a big fan of and – both full of well-written and interesting content.


  • your blog is one after my own heart.

  • is a fairly new blog—not a lot of posts just yet—but it is honest and very promising!

  • These are some of my tops: and so many more! 

    and one more… 

    Enjoy reading!

    Heather Ashley

  • Thank you for sharing this blog with us ! I love it too !

  • Yes I know what you mean…I just discovered your blog and am loving it! Your blog is organized so wonderfully and helpful, with gorgeous images. Thank you!

  • I love your blog, but also and

  • I’ll have to check that one out! Yes, I do feel this way about a blog… it’s yours! I check it pretty much every day. Most of the time I check a beautiful mess more than once a day! I was ecstatic when I found it, and I still am every time I read it! Thanks so much for… well, everything you guys do!

  • So many awesome bloggers out there! I lovelovelove it!

  • I like this blog too 🙂 I really love lifestyle blogs right now, I read loads.. my latest find is

  • That blog looks cool

    I love the next blogs: Miss indie, blythe ponytail parades
    and Princess corner blog.

  • I love so many blogs! Some of my favourite are cupcakesandcashmere, wendyslookbook, taza-and-husband, and pastorsgirlsponderings, and of course YOURS!


  • a very new one i’m reading is reflect and recreate. She’s very new to blogging as you will see but it has potential. I’m not a blogger just enjoy reading them Yours is one I enjoy daily

  • I just discovered Oana Befort’s blog. It’s so lovely and inspiring!

  • I’m falling in love with your blog! Every day I usually to visit this place because every day there are a surprises. Your picks are really cute and I like you way to write, is really adorable.

    Another blogs which I’m hooked are this:

    And my own blog 😉 :

    Thanks, you are a wonderful team! xoxo

  • I’m totally obsessed with your blog. Is so amazing:) So colourful, positive and lovely.

  • I live in Asia, so I enjoy following other lovely ladies who are doing their thing abroad. When I’m not reading I’m usually keeping up with your blog, the Bloggess ,and Thanks for adding color and creative ideas to my day! ^^

  • i am not a celebrity is my favourite blog – after yours, of course.

  • It would be lovely if anyone could check out my blog. I take vintage fashion photography using only film cameras



    Not what you think!

    Or maybe it is…

    Also, for giggles

  • i’m really into blogs about young couples figuring out diy, all natural sorts of stuffs. it fits, since i’m trying to do that myself! and of course, abeautifulmess!

  • i really love blogs about young, cute couples figuring out life. i am also really into diy, all natural stuffs. i’m trying to discover that on my own, so it just fits.

  • I love howtocrochetaheart. It is such a great blog for learning. I also love Redneck Mommy and Sprinkle Bakes. : ) but I probably obsess over my own blog the most.

  • My newest blog love is Katie’s Pencil Box.

    – Sarah

  • I’m in love with lately. Mostly because she lives in my home town and shares my last name. Haha. Her blog is WONDERFUL though. I’ve been reading it constantly.

    and yours of course!

  • I love finding new blogs. The one that I have been obsessing over for a while now is Eat.Sleep.Cuddle. ( It’s so adorable and her food photography is amazing!

  • I completely love Monet is a genius baker, and a truly amazing writer!

  • My absolute favorite is – everything she does is pure eye candy!

  • I just began a blog, and I’m loving being a new blogger! I’m only 20-some posts in, but I feel like I’ve got some pretty decent content. I mostly cover apartment living, cats, dogs, plants, and thifting. I’d love to have some Beautiful Mess readers stop by 🙂

    <3 Laura

  • I super love your blog and honestlywtf too.
    I just always find myself reading and obsessing over every post.

  • I have a a list of 5 blogs that I check every day, but a few days ago I found a new to me blog and I think it is going to join the line-up 🙂

  • I LOVE this healthy dessert blog…

    She has some of the best recipes, if you are trying to be health conscious!

  • I am, and will always be completely in love with this women:

  • Actually the new blog I’m crushing on is! I recently found it and love going through all of the blogs, recipes and fashion posts! I even purchased an e-course on blogging from the Red Velvet Shop and LOVE IT! So yeah. I totally understand the excitement. I’m excited everyday to see what’s new at beautifulness!

  • Yours, I’ve just started to make some quilt and there are some cool ones about that on the web.
    And I love

  • There are so many! BUt here are a few of my favorites: (She’s only 14!) (She’s only 13!)
    Okay, a lot of my favorites.

  • I too just started blogging again and I could make such a long list of lovely blogs I read for inspiration! A Beautiful Mess is on the top of my list.

    Lately I’ve also been enthused and inspired by Collector’s Weekly’s blog Fresh Type. Such interesting articles and images.

    I also love love to browse Apartment Therapy when looking for anything home related!

  • Elise Blaha’s blog @
    She is one of my favorite bloggers, so creative, open, honest, and fun to read. She’s inspiring for sure!

  • I adore your blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and This is Glamorous! All of them have such inspiration!

  • TheBlogess is always good for a spit-your-coffee-out-and-snort kind of laugh and I love I started reading your blog a few months ago and I’m always inspired! Thank you for putting yourself out there!

    🙂 Erin

  • Oh wow. I’ve never heard of that blog, but it sure is gorgeous! Off to check it out now!
    xo Heather

  • Love that blog too! Some other favourites: and

  • I just found yours yesterday, and I’m in love with it! And of course lovely Mariells blog

  • Your blog always hold my attention, along with A Cup of Jo. Or you can always check out my blog…it’s still a complete work in progress, but something dear to my heart:



  • We love Design Sponge and have to admit, although we blog about insects and spiders and science, your blog is a guilty pleasure. We get a lot of good ideas about how to run a creative business as two women/besties/sisters.

    — The Bug Chicks

  • I follow so many blogs, I don’t even know if I could name all my favourites. Right now I’m loving your guys’ personal blogs, Bright Bazaar and Camille Styles!


  • Some of my favorites are The Everygirl (, Creature Comforts ( and, since I’m a travel blogger myself, I love VagabondBond (

  • – meredith is the cutest and her crafts are adorable!

  • Discovering new blogs is always fun! I can never follow enough blogs.

  • Sooo true!!!!
    And that’s why, I click on your blog everyday just to find a new recipes, decor for my new house,or just to pick up one of your amazing idea!!!! 🙂
    During these hot days in France, I tried your lemonade! And I have to tell you thank you, so refreshing !!
    Thanks for sharing a new one!!!

  • Your blog, of course. But also I love Skunkboy Creatures, Pugly Pixel, Ree Drummond’s blog, and the Modcloth Blog. Ooh, and Atlantic/Pacific! 🙂

  • i love finding new blogs too!!! thanks for sharing this one!

  • I love coffee, I love cafes! So, besides the coffee nerdery that I gush over, Aaron Frey reviews a bunch of cafes in Europe, South Korea, and now on the East/West American coasts! On that coffee note…. 🙂

  • The blogger from has AMAZING style.
    I daily read The Sweetest Occasion for party ideas, and Rabbit Food for Bunny Teeth has a ton of amazing recipes haha

  • this one:

    great photos and she shares some yummy stuff, too!

    Congrats on your new home!

  • I’m in love with this blog:

    Check out her outfit posts, they’re the best!

  • What a great blog! I’m obsessing about, it’s a Dutch blog about home design and stuff like that.

  • I’m loving local San Francisco .gif filled Tumblr blogs like San Fran Living and Whilst in SF.

    Crafty-wise I’m loving tons but especially Sarah London, CrochetKitten, WhipUp and Thornberry.

    Podcasts I’m adoring Crochet Chat and CraftyPod.

    And for business I’m loving Solopreneur and Problogger.

  • I check up on two blogs regularly – one being yours (of course!) and the other

    Very, very guilty pleasure…

  • My favourite blog is my very own because I wanted to create a sanctuary for myself instead of trying to impress others – I love scrolling through my own blog – BUT my favourite blog to visit is A BEAUTIFUL MESS….I am so grateful for the frequency of your posts…and everyday elsie & emma to satisfy those cravings in between! Oh! And Kelli Murray of course!

  • Brooklyn to West and One Forty Three (amazing wood working design blogs). They are the reason I started my own kind of DIY blog.

  • This is a great blog. Thanks for sharing! I love all the ideas and congrats on closing on the house! That is so exciting.

  • I agree that there are soooo many wonderful blogs out there. My list grows almost every week. My forever favorite blog is Sandra Beijer’s @

  • I am really glad I found your blog for one, it is really original and different from the rest of the blogs I follow. My favourite blogs are the Sartorialist, Atlantic Pacific, and Style Bubble. I did a post on my favourite blogs once.

  • I found your wonderful blog about a day ago, and I just love it!!! Som much inspiration in all the styles that I like. DIY, Fashion, interior and much more. I linked to you from my blog yesterday and I hope many of my readers take the chance to find you.

    I hope maybe little me can inspire you too !

  • Just discovered Life as a Thrifter and am in LOVE –

  • I love a Finnish lady who has a stunning home and sweet little stories of thrifting and family to tell…

    As a travel blogger always on the move I love to read blogs about houses and making home so I look forward to following your journey in making your new house a home Elsie! x

  • Love yours! And the littlest and design mom and cup of Jo. And mine:!! 😉

  • I felt this way when I first found your blog. One of my favourite blogs is the one by swedish blogger Elsa Billgren (

  • I love Remodelista too! Have you checked out The Weaver House yet? It’s lovely.

  • Just starting blogging a few weeks ago and yours is definitley one of my faves 🙂


  • Totally get what you mean! And to be honest, this blog keeps surprising me every single time so it feels like I find a new blog every single day 😀

  • Just discovered The Militant Baker, a blog about empowerment and One Sheepish Girl, which is all about knitting, embroidery, and being creative.

    – tianna 🙂

  • I, of course, love your blog and I love love love when I find a new blog and love it so much I read all the way back to the beginning. Right now I’m particularly fond of H2Design and Hither and Thither.

  • Obsessed with your blog, Girldoesgeek, Mimi+Meg, and any food blogs like smitten kitchen. However I’m a very new blogger and right now I’m just enjoying the vibe of reading and catching up on everyone else’s! Also love any blog that can help and offer e courses on setting up Blogs, and the protocol, to which you have a fab couse on that!

  • I lovelovelove bleubird blog, muchomuchobuenobueno and taza and husband, just to name a few. So many good blogs out there!

  • Yep I’m with you ! I am just getting back into blogging once again and I must say I kind of enjoying it ! Come on over if you would like … Not much going on yet but there’s a fun little giveaway ! Love your blog you girl are so cute 🙂

  • I check all your guys’ blogs daily & then I also adore SprinkleBakes, but I’m a sucker for sweets. ;D

  • Well, I’m always obsessing over your blog, but I’m also in love with Tick Tock Vintage, Two Happy Hearts, and Pugly Pixel. I’m also loving those pics in your post. That stenciled floor and mustard couch and white kitchen are totally awesome! My Mom (I’m fourteen) gets Remodelista’s emails and I love reading them and drooling over all their awesome stuff. Have a good day!
    Love, Ella

  • and and beautiful, the former is the most colourful blog ever! and yours, as always!

  • I’m obsessed with your blog of course and then dottie angel…stinking cuteness everywhere!

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