Infused Vodka: The Results

Last week we tried our first batch of infused vodka. We tried a bunch of flavors and had no big hopes or expectations… it was definitely an experiment! Here are the results- 

Our favorite infused vodkas (via A Beautiful Mess)Our favorite infused vodkas (via A Beautiful Mess)Our favorite flavors were pomegranate, green apple, raspberry, ginger and pear. We also love the jalapeno but it is INCREDIBLY spicy, so I want to try a batch that only sits for 24 hours. 

We thought most of the flavors turned out ok. The only one that was super gross (in my opinion) was our basil batch. It went straight down the drain. I love a cocktail with fresh basil, though!

After our first round I feel like I know more about how to customize our next batch to our taste. I will let some infuse for longer and strain some sooner. I am also looking forward to trying other varieties of liquor like rum and tequila. In our next batch we will play more with flavor combinations, like adding cinnamon sticks to an apple batch to make an "apple pie" inspired flavor. All in all, the was such a fun experience. I enjoyed trying something completely new.

If you're interested in making a batch for gifts I would recommend one of the berry flavors. Raspberry and Pomegranate were both delicious and really pretty too. They can infuse for 72+ hours before straining. Be sure to use a fine mesh strainer for that step. 

Raspberry MojitoOne of the first mixed drinks I tried was a raspberry mojito. I used the classic recipe but replaced half the rum with our infused raspberry vodka and added fresh raspberries. It was pretty yummy.

I'm excited to try more combinations with the vodkas we made. The jalapeno might be making an appearance in a Bloody Mary soon. Can you tell we had a lot of fun with this? Have a great weekend! Elsie 

  • I’m gonna try those. I did vanilla pear vodka, cinnamon apple vodka and whiskey, and cranberry clove vodka and whiskey

  • Note on the “apple pie” comment. If you use grain alcohol like Everclear and infuse with apple cider, apple juice and a cinnamon stick it makes an apple pie drink that EVERYONE will be talking about. It was the bridesmaid’s present at my brothers wedding. So so good.

  • The pomegranate vodka sounds so nice. I’ve gone and bought myself some jars just so I can do this next week.
    Thanks for sharing the results, I’m so glad they worked out.


  • I was so inspired by your first post I made some infused liquors for my Christmas gifts! I did vanilla pear vodka, cinnamon apple vodka and whiskey, and cranberry clove vodka and whiskey! I also made a coffee and clove vodka–I let it infuse for three days and strained it. It is my favorite one! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

  • For my NYE party I made a bunch of these that infused for a bit more than a day.

    Strawberry/spumonte (my fave)
    olives/gin/rose’s lime
    maraschino cherries/whiskey
    maraschino cherries/brandy
    gummi bears/vodka/cran ras juice (was most popular)
    gummi worms/brandy/maraschino cherry juice
    cherry tomato/vodka (didn’t work out quite right even though I poked holes in the tomatoes)

  • This looks like such a funny thing to do and I think it`s even more fun to try all the flavours after!
    Definitely need to try it!


  • If you have trouble with the basil infused vodka, but you like the basil flavor in your drinks, you should try making a basil infused simple syrup and use it in the cocktails. I used this recipe without the lemon and it was fantastic! Makes an excellent gimlet!

  • Looks great. I tried a fresh mint one once and it was rubbish too. Perhaps it’s just fresh herbs that don’t really work out?

  • For some reason I thought these would turn out to be extracts for baking… lol. Aaaaanyway… glad to know they turned out good. 😉

  • I made a handful of batches of these a few years ago for Christmas. I LOVED a spicy pickle one with cucumbers, dill, garlic, and jalapeno. Made one of the best bloody marys. We made a coffee one that was just raunchy! Since then, it’s been such a blast infusing alcohol. The brown stuff is a bit trickier and takes quite a bit longer, but definitely worth it.
    Can’t wait to hear what you make!

  • this was a great idea! this christmas I tried it with pisco (a traditional peruvian liquor), since I have it available here, and also with local fruits like mango and aguaymanto (a sort of berry). Everyone loved it.

  • These vodkas look DIVINE ! Can’t wait to give it a try ! The raspberry one sounds delish !!

  • My favorite infusion is grapefruit and basil!

    It’s delicious. I Infuse 1 bottle of vodka [i use ketel one], 2 large sliced grapefruits, and about 1/2 cup of basil. The trick is to only infuse for about 5 hours, and make sure you squeeze all of the juice out of the grapefruits after you strain it.

    Mix with a little bit of fresh grapefruit juice… add a sugar-rimmed martini glass and a fresh basil leaf and you’re good to go!

  • It’s fantanstic to have those flavors, especially infused vodka.

  • We make a drink of caramel vodka ( or everclear) infused with cinnamon and mixed with apple juice. Tastes like a liquid apple pie straight out of willy wonka! So I highly suggest the cinnamon infused vodka.

  • My favorite infused vodka is with blackcurrants. Infusion time is at least 2 months. at the end i add some sugar. Enjoy!!!

  • Great ideas! Yum!! Happy Holidays! Enjoy.

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  • Boy you must have had a great time making and tasting these concoctions. I’ll have give the pom one a try – sounds yummy.


  • Elsie, awesome idea. I’ve never seen someone make some incredible girly drinks like you do. 🙂


    ps. Emma..was nice meetin’ ya at my bro’s sorry I was such a goofball fan!

  • Green apple sounds incredible! I made a custom infused orange whisky for my boyfriend for Christmas, and it turned out delicious. I’ll have to add some of the spring/summer flavors to the list of things to make next year. Thanks for sharing!

  • yummmm i have always wanted to try this! i think your right fruit is probably the best way to go!


  • looks delicious !!
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  • Gees, how were ye feeling after tasting all of them?!!

    Merry Christmas to all at ABM x

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • I made pomegranate vodka and some coffee vodka, which has vanilla, coffee beans and pecans in it 🙂 I’ve not tried them myself as I’m pregnant but made them as Christmas gifts. I’ve also made some hot chocolate mix and vanilla extract for gifts 🙂
    Green apple and cinnamon sounds like an excellent idea!!

  • Nice! 😉


  • I made orange infused vodka for my best friend and it’s yummy. I try vanilla extract, too. 3 vanilla beans to 250 ml of vodka and I have last minute christmas gift for my mum. 🙂

  • The raspberry vodka sounds like it would make a lovely gift, plus makes a beautiful mojito!

  • Love this! I made coffee infused vodka and limoncello last week!

    Recipes going up on my blog next week……they were a blast to make!


  • Vanilla beans in gold/ dark rum or tequilla are amazing! My husband and I own a bar and we make these quite often, patrons always love them!

  • This sounds delicious, will hope to try during holiday break!

  • my husband & i went to a tequila bar last night that specializes in infused tequilas, and it was seriously a life changer! i had a “margarita” made with 3 different tequilas – vanilla bean, blackberry & red pear. aaaamazing! so i’m definitely inspired to give these infusions a whirl too.

  • I’m glad most of them turned out well! I’m excited to see how the next ones turn out!

  • I bet your creations taste amazing! I’ve never infused vodka or any liquor before so this might be a lot of fun! The results looks so pretty, too.

  • I should try this soon. Happy holidays girls!

  • Yum, those look great! I want to try the raspberry for sure.

    I made some ginger liqueur, coffee liqueur, and mint liqueur earlier this year, and I just wanted to say that with those, at least, the flavors totally mellowed and changed after I let them sit for awhile (weeks for the mint, months for the coffee) At first the mint tasted like mouthwash, but it got much better. So if you don’t like one of your experiments at first, I’d urge you to let it sit for a couple of weeks or months and see if you like it any better. Then if you still don’t like it, you can throw it out 🙂

  • Yum!! So glad to hear they turned out great. I think I’d like to try the raspberry first…that sounds yummy! I’d also love to try cherry infused vodka. Thanks for the infusion tips!

  • love all the flavors! i did an “apple pie” infused whiskey to give out..been a mad scientist in the kitchen all day making gifts haha

  • Yum! I’ve made my own raspberry infused vodka before and it turned out really good.

  • Oh what a great idea! I bet the pear & ginger are yummy. I’d pair them together, not as vodka’s but the ginger vodka with a fresh pear. haha just brain storming.

    I hope you & the family have a great Christmas!


  • Love infused vodka. Can’t wait to here how your second round turns out.

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