Infused Water Inspirations

Infused Water InspirationsWe just returned from a ten day carb fest vacation. We tried every possible Dutch fry, Icelandic hotdog and somehow, not sure why, a LOT of pizza and fried foods. It was fun #noregrets. Haha!

With that said, we ate so much indulgent food that I was actually CRAVING kale when we got home. (Not exactly my normal Jeni’s Ice Cream craving, you guys!!)

So Jeremy and I have been kickstarting a bunch of healthy routines this week. It feels amazing. We tried Avo for dinner, and we were both inspired by how tasty a raw, vegan, gluten-free meal can be. I think I need some dramatic music, actually, because I’m feeling REALLY inspired.

Anyway! Water.

Water isn’t coffee. It’s certainly not a latte. Water isn’t soda. Water isn’t juice or smoothies or cocktails or all the other delicious things that I love.

To be blunt—water is no fun.

But we all know we need to drink more, right? (raising my hand) So this week I am making batches of infused waters to keep in our fridge. And so far, it’s really helping me reach for the water!

Infused Water Inspirations Here are a few combinations you may not have tried before! Orange and star anise (you only need one star to flavor the whole bottle), basil and kiwi and apple and cinnamon.

If you think these sound gross, cool, but I am NOT LISTENING to your feedback until you at least try it. 😀

No really, just try it!

Infused Water Inspirations My favorite is the orange and star anise flavor. There is a hint of citrus and spice. It’s real nice.

There are endless combinations you can try. I also love lime and mint and strawberry and basil/mint. If you’ve never tried infused water, don’t expect it to be super flavorful like lemonade. Expect it to be lightly flavored water. Keep this in your fridge at all times and you’re straight up fancy!

Oh—and if you have a winning flavor combination that you go back to again and again, please leave me a comment. I will try anything! xx. Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • These just look so pretty, I love infused water, my mother loves to cook with anise so I know exactly where to find some. This will be a mus try

  • Hi Elsie

    I often tried this during the hot summermonths and the kids just didn’t drink any more water at all…
    Me for myself, I’m a fan of infused water but the prefer to use siurps instead.

    Thanks for the ideas. I must try ginger soon, it’s helping when you have a running nose they say.

    Grüess Pascale

  • I have to admit, I’m late to the whole water infusers craze, but lately I have been getting into them. Thanks for this!

  • I went to a tea party an they were serving orange and pineapple flavored water. It was so dang delicious – almost like a punch! Who needs tea, now LOL!

  • Thank you for the ideas. I worked in a hot office and drank a lot of water. Tiring of plain water I started using sugar free powders in my water each day. Eventually I tied this habit to the diarrhea that I developed for over a year, including many doctor visits, colonoscopy, and endless diets of gluten, dairy free, etc.. After switching to fruits in my water, it all cleared up like magic. I endorse these ‘recipes’.

  • Oh, and random other thought of the day? Make a strongly flavored infused water/tea, and freeze it in ice cube trays or popsicle molds. Add the ice cubes/popsicles to plain water in your glass. It’s an easy way to keep a variety of flavors on hand.

  • Get your hands on fresh lemon balm. mmmmmm

    Crack open a coconut and put a slab of the meat in to infuse.

    Fresh ginger slabs are pure win, but put them in water and let them infuse overnight. They combine well with lemon, mint, orange, green tea, lemon balm, strawberries, cucumber, pineapple, cardamom, and almost anything really! I make myself a super large mug of hot lemon and ginger tea every night, and then drink the rest when I wake up in the morning.

    I also like to infuse with the hard core from pineapples. (Tbh, I like to eat the hard cores too!)

    Sugar cane makes great infused water.

    I second or third or 200th the cucumber.

    Rosemary + blackberry is shockingly tasty; basil pairs up well with a lot of fruits. Most green herbs make good infused waters, but I personally don’t like dill that way. If you’ve seen a flavor combo in a jam or a tea, you can make it into a tasty infused water.

    Don’t forget your flowers – rose and lavender pair well with a lot of things, and if you grow them yourself dianthus makes a delicate spicy flavor. (Elizabethans called dianthus clove pinks and used them in drinks.)

    Celery makes a pretty good one, but I like it better paired with vodka…

    Sorry to ramble so much

  • I love infused water. I drink enough water every day but can always use the help on ways to make it better. Love these ideas.

  • So I love love love fruit water. That’s what we call it. I make a big pitcher for potlucks, church events, gatherings at our house. And here’s what I use most of the time. Especially when fruit is not in season in Arkansas. I buy a bag of mixed frozen fruit. But obviously any frozen fruit would do. I first fill my pitcher with ice, about 1/3 of the way up. Then I add the frozen fruit. On top of that I add slices of citrus fruit. Whatever is on sale or what I have on hand. My favorite is lemon and lime, but grapefruit or blood orange slices are fun too. I also cut the ends kind of think and squeeze that juice into the pitcher. Then I add water. Carefully so that all the fruit doesn’t end up sitting on the bottom under the ice. Last, drink and enjoy! It’s good for a couple of days in the fridge. But after that it gets that strong rind flavor from the citrus fruit. I’m not the first to come up with this, but enjoy it none the less.

  • My absolute favorite combo is fresh lime juice, cucumber slices and fresh mint. Soooo good!

  • Yum! We love infused water in our house! These look like some tasty combinations!


  • Can not beat a large pint glass of half cold tap and topped up with boil water from the kettle, and added with sliced lemon, you can then top up with hot water, cheers

  • My go to is cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger ~ I’m excited to try the kiwi basil though if/when I can find either of those ingredients (the grocery in my town of 800 people is limited to say the least!)

  • Yum! These are flavors I’ve never thought of. I want to try them asap!

  • I recently downloaded a water drinking reminder app. These recipes will come in handy when I get tired of plain bottled water.

  • I can’t wait to try these! I love my go-to lemon + mint, but your options sound so good for fall!

  • Ok Elsie you convinced me! I`ll try it 🙂

  • We’ll definitely be giving this a go and keeping a stash in the fridge at the pop-up shop and our office! Thanks for sharing 19BP x

  • thanks for sharing,,,, you are so lovely


  • Ooh I’ll have to try these! My favorite infused water is Ginger, Cucumber, Mint and Lemon. The first glass is a little funky tasting but when your taste buds get used to it, it’s SO refreshing!!! Not to mention the ginger helps settle your stomach 🙂

  • Infused water is also a must at home, such an lovely way to drink water – both kids and I love it, we always have a jug in the refrigerator. All those recipes looks fantastic and I’ll absolutely try new flavors. I made a post on my blog about our favorite recipe :

  • Ik weet niet of ik nog steranijs heb, maar wel sinaasappel… Ik ga het meteen eens even maken 🙂 X

  • As I am drinking a few liters of water every day I am always looking for something to spice it up (honestly, it gets boring real quick). So I will be trying those in any case! I am especially curious about the kiwi and basil flavour.

  • It looks delicious! Will try making these soon, thanks for sharing!

  • Also want to tip everyone to whenever possible, put the fruit etc on a wood skewer and put the whole skewer in the bottle. Then the fruit doesn’t float on the surface and go straight to the glass when you pour, but stays where it should be. Looks great also!

  • Ohhhh I might try the orange and star anise combo, it looks awesome! I usually stick to the way too common lime and mint combo when flavouring water, it is time to try new thing.

  • everything with mint is absolutely refreshing to me. Ill have to try mint and strawberry soon

  • Yum. I was at a reception recently that had orange-blueberry water. So so good!

  • My favorite’s lemon-cucumber-ginger! Love all the ideas I’m seeing here though–I’ll have to branch out.

  • I love making my own infused sodas with the SodaStream. It really just carbonates your water, but I think it makes infused waters more fun!
    These combos sound great! I’m definitely going to try some out.

  • These sound so good! In the summer I cut up a bunch of watermelon into cubes and froze it, so now I can just pop a cube into a glass of water and it’s like an ice cube + burst of flavor in one. It makes having to drink a lot of water actually palatable haha 😀

  • I usually only add strawberries or lemon into my water, but the orange + anise combination sounds delicious and perfect for the season. The citrus and spice flavor combination sounds like a winner!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Ginger, mint, cucumber, lemon. DIVINE!
    Anything with ginger, really. Just peel a small chunk, grate it, and voila! A culinary delight. ; )

  • Definitely will try the orange and star anise. Looks yum. How long do these last? A few days?

  • Rosemary + Blueberry and Cranberry + Orange are my faves! And pretty much mint with anything.. 🙂

  • Oh I will most definitely try this! Thanks so much for sharing.. (also, I know what you mean, I actually live in the Netherlands and during the colder months its totally one big carb fest haha)


  • defo trying these, I wonder how the star anise would taste.

  • My favorite is blood orange and ginger. I’m going to have to try the star anise, it sounds wonderful.

  • Orange and anise?? Never would’ve thought!! You’re right, the combinations are endless. I need to break out of my regular lemon slice water routine and jazz things up a bit!

    ♥ Heather

  • I’m fine with plain old water, but I do on occasion enjoy pineapple/mint infusions. Also, if you want to take fancy water on-the-go, they make water bottles with infusers built in!

  • Infused water is my favorite, any recipe I can get my hands on I have to try!!

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