Alannah Hill

oh my goodness. years ago i visited an Alannah Hill Boutique in Sydney. It was magical and made me want to quit everything and make clothes. I bought a big feather flower and a crystal bow and felt super fancy. Today I was browsing her site and had that same feeling. She’s brilliant.


here’s a photo i took of her shop in Sydney. What designers and artists inspire you? I’m in the market for some new obsessions…. XO! ♥ elsie

  • Alannah Hill is quite lovely! I once saw her with her when I was having brunch on a trip to Melboune- complete with her trademark lipstick. Apparently, it was her local haunt. Kurt Halsey and Amy Butler inspire me in so many ways 🙂

  • oh my gooodnesss!!! i would wear it all! those dresses are indeed magical. love love LOVE the red and white dress, i wear big bows like that in my hair 🙂

    i’m always inspired by erin fetherston, alice temperley & john galliano.

  • Hi Elsie ALLL the way from Tasmania in Australia!
    (That is actually where Alannah is from 😀 Check it out on google maps.) You’ve managed to reach me from a long way away so thank you!
    I’ve been following you for a while from my little island home! Thanks for the inspiration <3

  • I adore Alannah Hill, just wish I could afford to buy some of her stuff! She’s quite eccentric and sometimes plain weird but her stuff is amazing – I adore just going IN to her stores!

  • I was just in one of Alannah Hill’s shops on the weekend looking at her bags. Just looking. If I win lotto……

    If you would ever like anything sent over, please let me know. I can be your personal shopper. 🙂


  • I own a few Alannah Hill dresses and hair clips. I always feel amazing in anything she has dreamt up. Like a pin-up girl! To the Aussie girls who dream of owning some Alannah Hill gear try Birkenhead Point (in Sydney) for ‘bargains’ (they still cost a bit but think of all you are saving!)

    I haven’t seen these yet, they’ll be at Sydney Finders Keepers but I am keen to get a vintage inspired cossie:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your creations Elsie.

  • I’m terrified to go into an Alannah Hill store because I’m sure I’ll fall in love with everything and get desperately upset when I can’t afford a thing. I used to make coffee for a girl who worked at the store on weekends, she was always so perfectly dressed and I was in awe.

  • She is amazing, so do you. I was wondering whether you will like to bring some exotic feature to your cloth? It will be more wonderful, I believe.

  • I loooove this! And I have never heard of Alanna Hill (this could be dangerous….)

    luv the vintage-inspired apple graphics on her skirts:

    Dainty June (Holiday 2009 collection is sooo cute)

    Also, for a more spendy treat, I love Kate Spade. I have never bought her clothing but I work up the street from her boutique in San Francisco and it’s always so colorful and pretty inside!

  • Oh my lord, those are beautiful outfits! And I love the ruby red lips! As for where my inspiration comes from, i’d have to say my sister. I always joke with her and call her my stylist, because without her, I would have none!

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Love the red lips. I love finding inspiration that motivates me to try just a little bit harder to capture that style that I’m going for.

  • I live in sydney and frequent her shops pretty regularly, she has quite a few now! I was gifted an amazing red love heart embroidered jacket designed by her for my birthday this year and i must say its probably the prettiest thing i own!
    Kell x

  • Hi Elsie, Im from Sydney & just stumbled across your blog a week or so ago. I have the same love for Red Velvet, oh how I wish it was here!
    My hubby is infact involed with the new Alannah Hill shop fitout in Sydney. He has been slogging away to get the damn thing finished- reopening tomorrow! I will try to get pics across to you of the new shop as im sure you will be interested!
    In the mean time I recommend I adore this little aussie label too!

  • Totally agree, Alannah Hill is amazing.
    They have finally gotten a little concession part of her stock here in newcastle at a department store,I just like to go in and get all giddy at the cuteness of her stock <3
    Pretty much the best aussie designer 🙂

  • Dear Elsie,

    You are beyond awesome, and God has blessed you with so much talent!! I just wanted you to know that you are a huge inspiration to me, and I look up to you! 😉


    Tiffany 😉

  • I have loved alannah hill for years, she just keeps getting better! I cant wait to move back to Brisbane next year so I can actually shop there, I cant get it over here in the UK! I love her cardigans and hair pieces!

  • I love Alannah Hill! Her clothes are just so so pretty! <3
    I'm hoping to find a dress there for my Mama's wedding!

  • I love Allanah Hill and have bought myself a new dress in the boxing day sales for the past two years…I can’t wait for this year’s sale! So feminine, and her dresses are totally made for curvy female bodies.

  • I used to love Alannah Hill. Really, really loved her stuff. She and I cross paths a fair bit through her child’s school.

    Unfortunately she chose to say some really irresponsible things in the media a few months ago when the CEO of a major Australian department store was accused of sexually harrassing and assaulting one of his employees. She was all over the papers saying, “I wish he’d touched ME up!” and saying that the lawsuit was “just a glitch”.

    Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, there is just no way that I could ever spent money in her stores again. Alannah Hill should be held to account for the damage she did to sexual assault victims everywhere.

  • halo, I am a young meisjeen I’m from the Netherlands but absolutely love fashion, vintage, pictures and etc. And I think you look so beautiful and inspiring blog! Like these pictures. Really cute. I write about my hobbies in my blog. And I hope you continue long you’re going to blog, so that younger girls can continue to enjoy the fashion is still open to them. xoxo Fleur

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