inspiration day

well, i am knee deep in projects and work that i am not quite ready to share (shhhhh! secrets!) so, i thought  it would be fun to share with you some other people’s work that inspires me!
here it comes…
these colors steal my heart.
this girl is such a sweetheart… i love this photo! 
i love collections…
this doll is soooo cute to me! 


and i am SUPER into this. soooo cute!

a few photos from my weekend…7(before a storm)
8and one more special person who inspires me every day….
9i hope your weekend was wonderful!! we are headed over to my parent’s house for sushi. 😀
loves… elsie

  • :] I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all of this stuff here. :] GREAT. Its amazing your boy toy is inspiring you…:] Mine is as of late…can it be love? Im not really sure. :] Im young. I have time. We’ll see. Best of luck to you and yours. Graduation is coming soon! Ahh…new worlds and life ahead of me. Wish me luck! and Good luck to you in all your new projects. I cant wait to see whats in store!

  • Hope you had a great sushi? You two look so happy together! When are you coming to teach in the UK?

  • Thanks for showing us some of the things that inspire you.

    Have a fun night eating sushi!

  • He’s tall, Elsie! How tall are you guys?

    I love that Teepee thing… that would make the COOLEST dog house ever!

    Happy Tuesday. <3

  • Hi Elsie

    I love your work, thanks for doing that. I live in Canada and recently I tried to buy your boyfriend’s CD but it said they don’t ship to Canada….I am sad……great music by the way.

    Thanks for inspiring me every day with all your work and your great personality.


  • Elsie,

    Can’t to see what your secret works in progress are. In the meantime…thanks for the pics of inspiration. Oh, and BTW…you look sooooo happy with Jeremy. I’m so happy 4u! HUGS


  • I love milkshake hum….!!!!! Wonderfull photos, I loved! Wow I recived papers your coleccion from one friends of USA, I loved soo much!!! Good week for you, kisses

    Tati Maldonado, Brasil

  • I just love how happy you look in the last photo. Your inspiration post has inspired me to put one in my creative blog tomorrow. 😉


  • great pics girl! miss your daily inspiration though but as you said you are over your knees…

    OMG sushi! I really want that now too! thnx for reminding me!


  • You are the Queen at finding such inspiring things! (i <3 that pirate monkey!)

    You 2 are the cutest! Hope the sushi was yummy!

  • OM at the happiness in your face in that last photo. It just beams thru the camera lens. Happy day!

  • Love you Elsie!!! You’re my big inspiration (and it’s strange to see that there’re some things that inspire you!


  • Just happenchanced here and GOOD GRIEF, you and all your friends are so BEAUTIFUL. Love the art too, but it makes me feel old 🙁 (PS Amy and ADAM, what a wonderful name for a wee girl. Love it.)

  • Hi Elsie,

    I’m an Aussie and I discovered your beautiful (in so many ways) blog today. I don’t think I have a creative bone in my body, which makes me appreciate your persona and your works so much more. Thanks for bringing gorgeousness and colour into my day.

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