Inspiring Instagrams / Volume 3

@_brittbassToday I am continuing my series where I share my favorite Instagram accounts with you by sharing some of my favorite artists who I follow! I love—

@_BrittBass I can’t remember how I first heard of Britt Bass, but now that I follow her, I recognize her work everywhere. It’s really fresh and pretty. Her feed is a good mix of finished pieces and works in progress!

@luliewallace@LulieWallace You guys already know that Lulie Wallace is my favorite painter. We shared a tour of her studio here last spring. Her feed is delightful, you’ll love it!

@ashleygoldberg@AshleyGoldberg I love following Ashley for a million different reasons. Her pattern design is mind blowing, and it’s fun to see her launch tons and tons of collaborations each season. I just love everything she does!

@sallykingbenedict@SallyKingBenedict I am a new follower, and I love Sally’s feed. I guess my favorite thing about following painters is that it’s fun to see their finished pieces hanging in people’s homes!

@rain_bird@rain_bird Emma and I met Raven Roxanne when we visited Lulie’s studio (they work in a group space), and we instantly fell in love with her work. It’s even prettier in person. Love!

I hope you enjoyed this! If you follow any artists who you love, leave their profile for us in the comments! I’d love to hear. xx- Elsie

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