Inspiring Instagrams / Volume 5

Awesome Instagram Accounts! @vanessamckeownWe’ve shared a couple editions of our favorite Instagram accounts that feature lots of colorful home and travel photos (see them all here!), but today’s volume is dedicated to one of our favorite categories of Instagram pics — the mashup! Sometimes these artists are mixing their subjects together digitally while others combine real objects to create their Frankenstein photos. Either way, we can’t get enough!

I love the creativity that @vanessamckeown has, and the fact that she uses the real thing to make her mixed-up fantasies come alive makes it even more impressive!

Awesome Instagram Accounts! @vanessamckeownOne of my favorite accounts in this category is @lizzie_darden. I don’t know if it’s because everything is pastel or because she also features pizza a lot, but either way, I’m in!

Awesome Instagram Accounts! @vanessamckeownThis cotton swab bike from @littledrill just kills me, and they have some really beautiful compositions on their feed.

Awesome Instagram Accounts! @vanessamckeown@paulfuentes_design has some really fun digital mashups that are out-of-the-box ideas but still keep a quirky fun feel.

Awesome Instagram Accounts! @vanessamckeownAnd last but not least, this @tasteofstreep account features Meryl herself inserted into various food situations. My other favorite pic is her as the celery in a Bloody Mary drink — HA! Hope you enjoyed this list of colorful mashup photos and found a few new favorites of your own! xo. Laura

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