inspiring person of the decade:

my boyfriend, Jeremy, blogged his most inspiring person of the decade today. i decided to blog mine too. i would be more inclined to do a top 10 (indecisive), but i narrowed it down to just one special person and it’s not an artist or a musician (surprise!). My inspiring person of the last decade is Mr. Charlie Kaufman. He is the screenwriter and producer of many of my favorite films.

I love all of his movies and three of them (Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Synecdoche, New York and Being John Malkovich) would for sure be in my top 10 favorite movies of all time and Adaptation is also pretty close to the top. 🙂 Here are some inspiring shots from some of his films….


and a couple that just make me smile….

I love you, Charlie Kaufman. 

and just incase you are curious. here are some of the inspiring people who also would need to be in my top 10 for this decade… Jenny Lewis, Mark Ryden, Betsey Johnson, Wayne Coyne, Michel Gondry, Jim Houser, Spike Jonez, Wes Anderson and  Miranda July.

Who inspires you? XOXO. e

  • For sure.. Wes Anderson! The music, the art, the dialogue, the style… everything he brings to film is thought provoking.

  • baz luhrman. he’s brilliant. sofia coppola as, LOVE eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! i’ll have to check out his other movies, thanks 🙂

  • oh! i’d agree with wes anderson. john lassiter and his work with disney/pixar. miyazaki. michel gondry times a million!

  • I love Michel Gondry! So many of those people you have listed are ridiculously inspiring. Now I want to make my own list 🙂

  • that is my ultimate favorite move: eternal sunshine… I love it, I love it, I love it!! Thanks for listings Synecdoche and New York, I haven’t seen those but the the other two of his are amazing!!!

  • eternal sunshine is my faaavorite! nice picks. miranda july is a great pick. love how she’s always working towards a bigger message–always working towards something. very inspiring. i got to spend some time with michel gondry last fall–he’s really fascinating.

    great list.

  • I definitely agree with you. I utterly adore Charlie Kauffman. I cannot get enough of his movies. My favourite is for sure Eternal Sunshine, but I love Being John Malkovich and Adaptation with all my heart too. He really is a brilliant mind! Michel Gondry is a close second for me. So inspiring; so creative! Their work is like home to me.

  • I used to like Wes Anderson, until he decided to back a rapist. As women we should unite and not contribute money to someone who supports a rapist an wants him to get a free get out of jail card just because he makes good films. Roman Polaski should have to serve time for what he did, and Wes Anderson will never get any of money again, supporting him is supporting rape and people who support crimes.

  • Don’t forget that Charlie Kaufman also gave the BEST.OSCAR.SPEECH.EVER.

    And yes, Vanessa, I was seriously disappointed in those who came out in support of Polanski (including Wes Anderson, who is a brilliant film maker). Rape is never, ever okay.

  • Okay, so I already told Jeremy that I agreed with him on the Jonny Greenwood nomination, but honestly, I love Charlie Kaufman SOOOOOO much I may have to unvote. 😉 Eternal Sunshine and Being John Malkovich are amazing movies, and Synecdoche, NY is one that I would love to watch over and over and over… You, me, Charlie Kaufman marathon. Soon. <3 <3 <3

  • Hey you,
    I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog. It seems as if you have such a wonderful life and as if all your dreams come true. That`s so nice to see.
    And thanks for the link to weheartit. I`m watching fotos there since one hour now and I`m really overwhelmed!


    P.s.: My English is not the best – I haven`t been taught since 4 years now 🙂

  • Eternal Sunshine is one of my very favorite movies. I had an ex-boyfriend who refused to watch it when it came out, because he said it was ‘too depressing.’ I watched it with my husband years later and WE LOVE IT. Silly ex, what does he know?!

  • Yes, he is one of my favourites as well. Adaptation is brilliant (I love Chris Cooper).

    I have been more into television than film this decade. Probably because I now have kids and don’t get out much 😉 My favourite shows are Damages as Glenn Close is unbelievably good as Patty Hewes. I think she is just genius, I love her. Also of course Six Feet Under, which is just amazing. And Dexter as Michael C Hall is brilliant. I especially loved the interaction between him and Jimmy Smiths as Miguel. I can almost be brought to tears from watching such stellar performances. You could tell they were having a good day at the office. The entire casting for Dexter is unbelievably good.

    So thank you America for bringing us all this great entertainment 😀

  • “most inspiring” is definitely an appropriate superlative for charlie kaufman. every time i watch one of his films i remember why i wanted to write screenplays. i absolutely adore all of his films, although i enjoyed synecdoche more in theory than in practice–it is unbelievably stressful for me to watch.

  • oh i am in love with eternal sunshine. my boyfriend introduced it to me early last year. 🙂 its wonderful.
    i have a question for you! i’m moving into my first studio/loft in february… where do you find cute loft decor?? i’m so excited to go shopping and to flea markets… 🙂
    please help! THX.

  • Ooh, I love Charlie and Jenny Lewis too… I’m going to be ultra cheesy and name you RVA girls as my ‘most inspiring’. I’m amazed at what you all make and you’ve given me a whole lot of inspiration over the last couple of years. Thanks!

  • wonderful choice! such an inspiration!:) synecdoche new york is life changing. so many beautiful films.

  • how can you enjoy Synecdoche, NY? I felt that it was one of the worst movies ever. It was pompous, exhausting and disappointing. This movie was at most a great way to time travel 2 hours.

  • I so love “Eternal Sunshine as well.” Okay if you haven’t seen this documentary you have to by “Sigur Ros” called “Heima.” They are an Icelandic band. Their music is so beautiful, but this documentary is magical! Most inspiring!

  • i love all the suggestions for inspiring people you have thrown out there too! if you do a post like this, leave me a link!

    as for people who don’t agree with my choices… i’m sorry to hear that! i love all these artists and films, but i know they are not for everyone. :)) loves!

  • yessss. i have to agree with jenny, ‘heima’ was a magical documentary! i dream of going to iceland after seeing it, such an ethereal vibe especially paired with sigur ros’ music..i highly recommend.

  • I’ve such a soft spot for Eternal Sunshine.

    When I first met Hairy, we were chatting online, and felt sooo randomly connected, and I told him it was like he had already stolen Joel’s journal to learn more about me. Hairy said it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him. 🙂

  • OK, shameless plug here. I just found your blog last night & I’ve been reading all your older posts. When I happened upon this one, I thought I’d share a link with you. My brother wrote a song that was inspired by Spotless Mind. Check it out here: The song is called Remember. You enjoy the song & I’ll get back to enjoying your oh-so-fun blog!

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  • The scarf looks great. I have been making okay progress on my first scarf (crochet). When I work on it I get a lot done, but then I forget to work on it for days. I’d better get cracking or it will be summer and too warm to wear it! And that’s a great movie list, I’ve seen most of them, but it’s time to watch them again.

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