Instagram Picture Heart Display

Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)Hi, guys! I'm LaTonya, and Elsie and Emma invited me here to share a quick and fun home DIY with you all! We're a family that loves to take photos. With my husband being a videographer, there are always plenty of cameras around, but with two kids, it's hard to carry it with us when we're out and about in New York City. Like many of you, I've turned to Instagram to catch those awesome family moments that I just don't want to forget. During my pregnancy with Oak, Instagram was the perfect way to document my pregnancy bump and all the milestones that came with carrying him. Having these photos just on Instagram wasn't enough, so I got most of them printed, and I displayed them in our home. This project is super easy and is perfect for the kids to take part in as well!
The very first thing you need to do is decide who you will print your Instagram photos through. I chose Printstagram, because their mini squares are the easiest to use when creating this. Also, their prints arrive super fast (four days!) and they are great quality.
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
-printed Instagram mini square pictures. (They come in groups of 48, and I always have some left over).
-Scotch removable mounting tape (I bought two packs of 64, because I like to use double on each picture. Since they are removable, I sometimes need extra when I add a new picture.)
-tape measure
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)Step One: Illustrate exactly what you will be creating. Whether it's words or a shape, like I did here, this step is important. Before taping your photos on your wall, you will want to know exactly how many you will need and how you will position them. This helps minimize error and ensures that your original vision comes to life!
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
Step Two: Out of the 48 photos, and using the amount of photos that your illustration allows you to use, choose your favorites. I had to choose 34 to create this heart.
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
Step Three: Using your measuring tape, measure the width of the wall you will use and mark the center of the wall with your pencil. 
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
Step Four: Peel and stick your removable mounting tape on the back of your mini square prints. For better results, I suggest using two per picture.
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
Step Five: Place your favorite photo where you marked your pencil. Using your illustration as a guideline, start placing the photos on the wall.
Since the photos are small and the space you're using is big, you might need to step back a few times to make sure everything is going accordingly. If you need to move and replace some photos, that's easy with the mounting tape. It won't leave any marks on your paint, so do all the moving you need to! 
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
Alternatively, you can use the prints to create a word or another shape. We previously had the word Eat over our dining room, and that was a big hit.
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
Instagram picture heart display (click through for tutorial!)
This DIY is the least expensive one we have in our home but is always so much fun and a topic of conversation when we have guests. As time goes on and we take more Instagram pictures, we will add to the heart. I keep thinking about how amazing it will be a year from now when we have this heart full of little squares that documented Oak's first year; it gets me so excited for what's to come! Thanks for having me! xo. –LaTonya
Credits // Author: LaTonya Staubs. Photography: Peter Staubs. Photos edited with Drew from the Fresh Collection.
  • Hi Kerry!

    There are a few photos a while back on my Instagram account – Latonyayvette. Also, if you find Social Print Studios (Printstagram) on Instagram, it was also featured on there a few months back.


  • Hi Andrea,
    I printed through Printstagram, also knows as Social Print Studios.


  • This is super sweet – I love the size of your prints – they look like they keep the resolution beautifully. This would be a nice detail for a dorm room, too. Thanks for sharing!

    Warm Regards,

  • What a great idea. I love displaying photos and this is super cute.

  • Cheap, easy and easily removable, that’s exactly the kind of ideas I need for my new place.

  • Oooh I’ve been wanting to do something like that! Great inspiration and lovely to have photos on display 🙂

  • Hey LaTonya, what a lovely photo-heart! Great idea! It looks so adorable.
    Best, Lea

  • That’s so cool! I have a polaroid so I could do the same 🙂
    xx ✿

  • Such a great DIY! I always wanted to do this.
    Thanks for the place to print the photos, I’ve been looking everywhere for a good one.


  • I would LOVE to see a picture of the Eat in your dining room, if you have one LaTonya!! Great idea 🙂

  • So happy to see LaTonya featured – she rocks! This photo heart is adorable and looks perfect over Oak’s crib. I’m brainstorming shapes to use in my own space 🙂

  • Spot on. I love a super simple DIY to brighten up the room. Just gotta leaf through those Instagram photos. :] // ♢ ☼ ☽

  • I’ve been following LaTonya since her home tour and now I’m so happy to see her again here! Such a great lady!!

  • What a cute DIY! I love this idea and what a cool piece of artwork to have above the crib.

  • I love anything DIY. This is a great idea.

  • That mounting tapes looks so useful! Right now I have pictures attached to the wall with sticky tack, but this looks like a better idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This is so lovely and such a easy project,… love all the instagram photo projects..


  • I love how simple this DIY is! It’s something I could easily tackle on a quiet Sunday. It’s a nice change from some of the HUGE projects you guys have been featuring lately.


  • absolutely love this looks so pretty, great idea!

  • what a lovely idea!! I am so gonna do it!

  • Such a cute and simple idea! I really need to get some of my Instagram pictures printed.


  • I wanna see this dining room wall 😛 Such a cute idea, thanks for sharing! I think one thing i always over look is drawing a sketch or diagram of my plan. So simple but so important too.

  • This is such a great and very modern-day home decor idea!

  • such a cute idea!! i love the “EAT” idea too!


  • I really love this post. Can’t wait to try Printstagram and really hope to see updates on your heart! What a beautiful gift to your baby!

  • That’s incredibly beautiful! I love birds!

    (little side note: it’s nice to see some diversity on your blog)

    Love from Germany,


  • Yay! I’m so glad LaTonya is a contributor- I love her blog! Super cute and simple DIY, I really like it.

  • This is adorable! I appreciate the cute art over a smartly styled space;) We are expecting our first baby in January, and are living comfortably small in Hawaii. I really want to do the EAT in our kitchen!

  • What a sweet idea. Maybe I missed it, but where did you get your instagram pics printed? I just want a stack of them!


  • I loved LaTonya’s home tour and really enjoyed the thought and love behind the DIY she shared. 🙂


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