Whoa, this blew up way bigger than we thought it would. 🙂 It went up Tuesday, and as of writing this, it’s had over 3 million views! About a month ago Trey and I got to help make this video with a few friends of ours from The Mystery Hour. I actually didn’t even know what it was about until we showed up that day to help. I had actually kind of assumed we’d just be in the background or something. But then it turned out to be this Instagram Husband concept and it was hilarious! Trey and I had a ton of fun working on the video with our friends that day, and it’s been SO fun to watch the reaction after they shared the video. It has since been featured on Buzzfeed, People, TIME, Elle, Huffington Post, BBC, AdWeek, Refinery29, Today.com and the list goes on. I’m so, so happy for our friend, Jeff Houghton, who’s super talented and works really hard bringing The Mystery Hour to life. If you haven’t gotten to see it yet, press play! xo. Emma

via InstagramHusband.com

Credits// Directed by Jeff Houghton. Shot and edited by Brandon Goodwin and Neighbor Studios

  • I can’t stop laughing! You guys are so awesome for this clip! This is so true, and i can’t wait to see the face of my love when he’s gonna see that! ahahah. You are great, thanks for the great morning coffee 😉 xoxo all the way from Paris, FR!

  • This is hilarious!I really liked the guy who was twitching! And the way Emma runs around with that flag….Priceless!

  • i had already watched it, but I did it again because it’s hilarious! I get total Portlandia vibes from this video.

  • Oh my I’m dying here! I’m pretty sure if my husband could make a video this is exactly what it would be. Every photo, every grumble, every sigh. This was amazing, thanks for sharing!

  • I watched this clip a few days ago and loved it so much! It totally deserved to go viral and I can say that my other half is also an Instagram husband.
    Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

  • I actually shared this the other day on my FB feed and didn’t realize Trey was on there. Hilarious video!

    “I support that!”

  • Ahhhhh!! This is so great! I love it! The faces, im dying. Thanks for the perfect pick me up!

  • I saw this video earlier and it KILLED me. So freaking funny. And I love the tone of the video too! Just enough sarcasm while still having fun 😉

  • I just made my husband watch this with me and we were both dying! Love love love! Thanks for making my morning start off with a good laugh.

    ♥ Heather

  • I love this! I saw it on Tuesday and immediately texted it to my husband and was like “hey! I could always be worse! ;)” haha. We’ve had a good laugh over it.

  • Emma running with the flag nearly made me spit ginger beer out my nose. Well done.

  • I actually saw this a few days ago from Cup of Jo and of course immediately recognized you, Emma and Trey! Emma prancing around with a flag…priceless.

  • OMG!! I thought that was you!!!! THIS WAS HILARIOUS. Now my boyfriend brings this up whenever I ask him to help with the blog, WHICH IS BASICALLY NEVER, JEFF, God! :DDDD

  • It was so funny; I ran across it quite by accident, on Huffington Post I think. When I saw you and your husband, I was cracking up.

  • Hilarious and clever! This weekend while I was walking my dog, I saw this playing out in real life — a husband taking and retaking – consulting and then taking some more photos of his wife in the middle of the street in various poses. Couldn’t help laughing to myself.

  • DYYYYING!! Oh man, I laughed so hard! Trey is HILARIOUS!! And you, Emma, running with the flag, hahaha! Love this! Jeff did an amazing job!

  • Haha YES, I saw this the other day on my facebook feed and thought it was the absolute BEST when I saw you and Trey were a part of it. I showed it to my husband and was like, “First of all, I think you’ll find this hilarious. Second of all, those people are from A Beautiful Mess! I know them!” (kind of) 🙂

  • Had to show this to my husband when it first came out. I shared it with several other friends too. Too funny/relatable!

  • haha…
    Hilarious! But behind those sad, exhausted, fed up faces, I bet there is enjoyment .. at least a flicker(?)
    My husband is a lucky man – he is no instagram husband. 🙂

  • I’ve shared it on FB last week ! Hilarious !
    I obviously sent it to me husband first… ah ah !
    xoxo from Paris

  • Oh my, this video totally made my Monday morning! It’s so spot on and hilarious! I love the way Trey says “we used to eat our food…”. It made me tear up from laughter 🙂

  • A clip of this was on one of our news programs here in Australia, “The Project”. I was laughing so hard and didn’t even realise it was you guys.

  • it’s just brilliant .
    the best Video of 2015 .!!!

    thank you for this great amusement 🙂

    all the best sarah

  • I had no idea that this was from you guys! It’s absolutely hilarious – love it!!

    Jess | It’s That Time For…

  • My husband nearly died laughing, I feel he may have been able to related a little too well to what was going on

  • Emma, you running across with the flag was my very favorite part! I choked I was laughing so hard. My sister posted it on her Facebook page and I squealed incredibly embarrassingly loudly when I saw it was Trey and Emma. It converted her to ABM fan! yay!

  • Have not seen that one before – loved it! It’s hilarious because it is so, so true…. well, it’s probably not hilarious for some of the husbands out there that actually do have to go through some of that. Thanks for sharing!

  • Word! I am glad you two don’t take yourselves too seriously. To your good-side, AMJ

  • The video is brilliant!! I saw it linked on reddit and had no idea you guys were in it! When I saw Trey I was like omg is that Emma’s husband?? And then I saw you! 😀 I showed it to my hubby and he couldn’t stop laughing. Also, he said that the video was very accurate haha 🙂 I also shared it on my blog too and everyone thought it was hilarious 🙂

  • Ahahhaha I love this!! Trey’s comments were the best. I watched this while feeding bub and I think my laughter freaked him out a little.. Oops! Haha

  • It was so great! I shared it with my husband on Twitter – ha ha – not in person.

  • That was absolutely hilarious!! Very well done.
    Loved the flag carrying too, Emma! ?

  • Jeff is a friend of mine, and I was so surprised to see Emma and Trey pop up in the video. It’s been really cool seeing Jeff’s video blow up and all the cool interview opportunities he and his wife have had. The Mystery Hour is awesome, and Jeff is hilarious, and I can’t wait to see more content from him now that he’s gone viral.

  • I haven’t been following you guys that long and I watched it thinking he looked like the husband off ABM. Funny that i was right! I do not have an instagram husband (I can barely work it myself!), but I still laughed a lot.

  • I actually saw that video when someone shared it on Facebook, I never connected it to you! It’s so hilarious!

  • Blew up hard! I’ve seen it EvErYwHeRe!! Nice work. Can’t just watch it once!

  • I was laughing so hysterically that my poor sick kid got out of bed to see what was the matter. You running across with the flag was my favorite part of the whole clip!!!!

  • Love it! Saw it on Facebook the other day. My marriage is kind of the opposite, my husband is a photographer, he is constantly getting photos of places and things.

  • I first saw this after a friend of mine shared it on Facebook and I can’t help but laugh hysterically. I may have squealed when I saw Emma and Trey on it! Plus this totally trended on my country on the day it was released!


  • It was SO funny! Watched it before I went to sleep yesterday. So it has travelled at least half the world away to Norway <3

  • This is so, so good. Although in our case, my husband is the prolific instagrammer. I feel the pain…

  • Oh my god, are you instagram husband ? Do you need help to manage your life ? It’s absolutely brilliant! I loved & shared this video, and the website, now I need to find time to watch all Mystery Hour videos. I’m traveling in New Zealand now but when I come back home I’ll plan an evening for that. Congratulations !


  • This one is hilarious! Its probably my husband’s life too…lol


  • This was so accurate I had to show it to my boyfriend like “look, you’re not alone” haha. The apps comment is too accurate!

    Steph – http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  • its brilliant!
    I LOVED it the first time I saw it and sent it to several people.

    congrats 😀

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