instant photos & photo booth love…



i'm pretty sure i forgot to share these… Dan & Therese had instax photos and a photo booth at their wedding. she's a girl after my own heart. photo booths are the best wedding trend of all time, in my opinion. 


and a few photos from Doren's 21st birthday last week. we all went to the Farmer's Gastropub, which is a cute place downtown that serves locally grown foods. They have really yummy soup and french fries. 

night-night. elsie

  • Hi Elsie,

    I love the look of polaroids so I downloaded a program for my computer so I can convert my regular digital photos into old school looking polaroids. Check it out!


  • Thanks for sharing your lovely instant photos. Don’t you just love the fuji instant mini?!? I finally got my first one for my birthday last week. Check out my blog for photos plus a super cute owl cake I made for myself, so cute! I know you will appreciate the cuteness. I enjoy your blog and tutorials most of all, do you have one coming up soon? Have a great week <3

  • patch work bed spread is a good idea for summer :))

    PS. i agree that photo booths at weddings are SO the way to go!


    Just wondering if you could share the place where you get your tats??? I have family in Springfield….actually my GORGEOUS niece works at Andys and we were trying to figure out where you went. Such great work…the colors are so vivid. Does your brother go to the same artist???

  • i just recently went to a wedding where they had the photo booth and it was so much fun! great idea and adds a lot of fun to the wedding party…the mister and i just to do the photo booth a bunch when we first were together….that was 9 years ago!! wow time flys…i really enjoy the photo of you where you are inspired by the spirit of a tiger and mr. larson looks confused yet scared…great!


  • Just bought a pink and white Fuji Instax camera and it should be here the day after tomorrow and I can’t wait!! I’ve been wanting to take pictures so much lately and I will probably get through the 3 boxes of film I bought in no time. I’m so excited! Cant you tell…? 🙂

  • cute cute photos! i wish i would have thought of a photo booth for my wedding. oh, and love the patchwork quilt!

  • Hi Elsie!!
    I really love your blog… Reading it has become part of my daily routine.
    I’ve already seen you mention the instax camera a couple of times and I’m thinking about getting one myself. What’s your opinion about the camera? Is it good, is it worth it? I keep wondering if the photos aren’t too small… Any thoughts would be welcomed!!

  • in its current form. Perhaps you could write about why you like Michael so much

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