3 Pretty Things!


1. the color in Yokoo's home is stunning. magical for real and i love her vintage chair too.







2. i was delighted when i saw kate spade's home featured on The Selby. i love her style! it's lady like, but still whimsical. patterns and texture everywhere. i'm in love. 





3. I have to say that Seonna Hong's home tour is still my all time favorite. It's bright and classic with pretty mid-century patterns. (plus my living room is a similar color… yay!)

I'm super inspired about home decor this week. We've lived in Jeremy's house for the past eight months or so and his brother and niece have been living there too (they've lived there for years, actually). We loved sharing and had lots of fun spending extra time with little Bella. Anyway… they're moving next week and we are totally happy for them because it will be fun for them to have a larger space. So, we're suddenly going to have two extra bedrooms and a sunroom! I am pretty excited! We're going to make a breakfast nook in the sunroom, a guest bedroom and a mini studio/mega dream closet in the third room (jeremy is pretty excited for me to get all my millions of dresses out of our bedroom). It will be a big project… carpet ripping, wood refinishing, furniture hunting and more. We're super excited to finish the home makeover, go fully into nesting mode and create our own little newlywed dream home for our first year of marriage. ♥ 

  • Good luck with the floors! It’s not nearly as difficult as you might think. I’ve done all 1400 sq ft of my first floor and while it’s a lot of work, it’s not rocket science. You’ll love it!

  • Ooh, the colour of that first wall is beautifully vibrant and fun. I love anything to do with interiors. I can’t wait to move into my flat next year and add personal touches! I wish you luck with creating your little nest for you and Jeremy. I’m sure you’ll make it look beautiful.

  • WOW! I´m very happy for you guys!! 🙂

    Love love love the color in the first picture!! It´s really incredible! And I like some yellow shades also…

    Now, you have to take lots of ideas & inspiration! I know you´re going to do it well! Show us the pictures!

  • Oh man, I can’t wait to hear about your home renovation as it unfolds…I’m assuming you’ll share pics? (I hope, I hope!) Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend, I’ve had the decorating bug too! I want to put a coat of paint on everything, and rearrange furniture like 3 times a day. Hehe. Love the beautiful spaces you shared here – they are all inspiring. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • That lamp in Seona’s pics (the turquoise and silver one) made me so envious! I am IN LOVE with it *swoon* This winter I think we are going to try and make our space more homey too, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Lady you never seem to stop and take a breath.
    I am love with Kate Spade’s home. It is exactly how I imagine/hope my house or flat will look when I am older (older than the 23 years I am now).

  • Oh fun! Home decor is pretty much the most exciting thing ever, imo. Loving that turquoise wall! I need to stop renting and buy one day so that I can do pretty stuff like that.

    Happy decorating! Can’t wait to see pics.

  • I love the seonna one. This room make me feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s so clean but not that simple. Actually, I see some elegance.

  • I know just how you feel, we just bought a new house recently and while I’m so very excited to be decorating its alot of work we are renovating the bathroom ourselves, putting in new floors in the kitch and new cabinets also refinishing the hardwood floors but its so exciting the sun room sounds dreamy!

  • Wow, such a beautiful space. I love the yellow! Have fun decorating your new space. A sunroom sounds lovely!

  • I love your enthusiasm! I’m in the middle of the beginning stages of creating our newlywed dream home. It’s been a bachelor pad for 5 years and now that all of my stuff is here in piles everywhere, I’m completely overwhelmed! Tasks on the list of things I’d wanted to do here are getting nixed as I just want it to be done already, ha!

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  • The first photo fascinates me. Besides loving the room’s wall color, I’m also in love with the painting hanging on it! It matches the wall’s paint, and adds more life to it. I also love the other photos, of course! All houses are of contemporary designs, and I am digging these! Thank you for sharing.

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