Introducing the A Beautiful Mess Print Shop!

Hi everyone! We are so excited to announce the opening of our newest project that has been in the works for quite a while: the Print Shop! Our goal was to make beautiful art for your home available at an affordable price and with a ton of options for where you print, how you print, and what size. With that in mind, this digital print shop was born! I’m going to take you through a few questions and answers from our Instagram Q&A but feel free to drop questions in the comments.

We also want to share that now through the end of June 2020, we’ll be donating ALL proceeds to Color of Change in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, so it’s a great to time grab some prints if you’re interested.

Q: So they’re all digital downloads?

A: Yes. It’s all digital, meaning we do not print the files. Once you download the file, you can have it printed wherever you want and choose the size, which is usually a lot more affordable than purchasing printed art and frames through a shop. Keeping this accessible was a big key for us in developing this shop, and we love that it has a DIY spirit!

Q: Where do I get them printed?

A: Your options here are unlimited. You can print them at home, at one of the many online printing services (like FedEx Office, Vistaprint, Artifact Uprising), at a local office store, or even better—a locally-owned print shop.

Q: Who are the artists?

A: We are looking into the possibility of featuring guest artists in the future, but as of now all of our prints are designed/photographed by the ABM team.

Q: How often will you add new prints?

A: Our goal is to add new prints every season. If you have feedback of things you are looking for and can’t find please let us know!

Q: How big can the art be printed?

A: We have tested all prints at 24×36″ and most have been tested at 36×48″. While these can be printed at pretty large sizes, we kept the file sizes under 25MB as that’s the largest most printing sites will allow you to upload.

Q: Where do I buy frames?

A: As far as frames go, we have some great DIYs like this one for smaller sizes, and this one for oversized prints—both are amazing if you’re on a budget. Other places to get frames are JOANN, Michael’s, Target, Home Goods, Amazon, thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales. The nice thing about the print shop is if you have a frame already that you’re looking for a uniquely-sized print for, you can print your file at any size you need.

So, there you have it! Just as an example, I was able to get a 36×48″ poster made from Vistaprint and did a DIY frame (the oversized print frame linked above) all for under $60. On one website we’ve used in the past for art, this size is around $300 framed. We’re really excited about this new project and hope you enjoy it! Again, if you have any questions, please let us know below!

And, of course, if you do hang one of our prints in your home, we would LOVE to see it! You can share with us by tagging us @abeautifulmess on Instagram and using #abmprintshop.

xo The A Beautiful Mess team

  • Would love to see a gallery wall, or photo ledge styled with different prints from the shop!

  • Thank you for this, these are great prints and the prices are affordable!

    • Hi! It’s not a duplicate post, but we did share a soft launch of our print shop on social media a few weeks ago, so that’s probably when you saw it. XX!

  • Can we know who designed/photographed each print? That would be fun!

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