iPhone App Mixology

IPhone App mixologyThe iPhone has really changed my life and how I think about photographing everyday things! Having my phone with me at all times has helped me to capture more random, fun phtoos of my daily life. Lately I've been experimenting with different iPhone apps and combining filters. Here are a few favorite combinations… Enjoy! 

CAMERA BAG + INSTAGRAMCamera Bag + Instagram / Camera Bag is one of the first iPhone Apps I ever purchased. It's great for getting contrasty colors and there is a cool light flare filter in there too. 

HIPSTAMATIC + INSTAGRAMHipstamatic + Instagram / Hipstamatic was my favorite app for a long time. The effects on Hipstamatic are pretty severe, so sometimes I run photos through a milder instagram app to give them a more subtle look. 

CAMERA BAG + PHONTOCamera Bag + Phonto / I love Phonto for adding text to my photos. It has a good, simple lineup of fonts that are easy to use in any color or size. This flare effect is my favorite Camera Bag filter. 

INSTAGRAM + SKETCH BOOK MOBILEInstagram + Sketch Book Mobile / I use this app with my iPhone + iPad. It's a fun and easy way to add handwriting to a photo! 

HIPSTAMATIC DISPOSABLE + INSTAGRAMHipstamatic Disposable + Instagram / I love playing witht he Hipstamatic Disposable App. The quirk of this app is that you have to take 24 photos before viewing your film. It's a fun way to pretend you are using a toy camera and I like the filters even more than the original Hipstamatic App. 

INSTAGRAM + PHONTOInstagram + Phonto / Again, when you want to add a clean line of text to a photo this app is perfect! I typed a little bit on this Instagram photo and love the look! 

Instagram + picture frames HDInstagram + Picture Frames HD / There are lots of apps out there that allow you to create dyptics or collages with your iPhone photos. These are really fun to play with, especially with previously edited photos from other apps. 

INSTAGRAM + PICTURE SHOWInstagram + Picture Show / This combines my two favorite iPhone apps. I love Picture Show because it's super versitile and Instagram has some of the best frames out there.  

I hope this little guide has inspired you to try combining some of your favorite iPhone apps to create new looks for your photos. What are your favorite combinations? xoxo, elsie 

  • Thanks Elsie! I just got an iphone and instagram last week, and I had no idea what I was missing! Love love love, downloading sketchbook mobile right now!

  • I love my iphone! Instragram is still my favorite and free. But I love all your suggestions and just d/led phonto! I’ve been wanting a text app for photos and it too was FREE! Thanks so much!

  • I love the combos! I use Photogene2 a lot before filtering with Instagram

    Before IG came out, I was OBSESSED with Hipstamatic. I just hate that I can’t get any of the newer lenses because I can’t upgrade my phone to IOS5 (my computer can’t seem to handle it)

    One day I’ll love using it again

  • I have an app called “magic hour for me” it has a infinity filters market you can get for free (the app is paid through) But it’s amazing, I’ll be blogging about it sometime this week,most likely until Saturday so if you want you can give a check for samples 😉

  • Love this post! I use Instagram, Hipstamtic, PictureShow, Grid Lens, and Camera! for my iPhone photos. They’re so much fun! My favourite is Instagram. You and Emma take wonderful Instagram photos everyday!

  • How true! My iphone has made my life so much happier! I’m excited to try out Sketch Book.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Savannah Marie

  • Thanks! These pictures are amazing and I have Instagram, but I always like to know what other camera apps are good because my IPhone is how I take pictures 🙂

  • thank you SOOOO much for this post!!! seriously awesome. 🙂 now you can follow me on instagram to see how i use your tips/apps @bighairforpeace

  • Ahh, so many pretty pictures! I love my android phone, and there are plenty of cool photo and filter apps, but I wish I could join the instagram social networking fun!

  • I love that you made a post about camera apps! Since I got a new iPod Touch, I’ve been using the camera excessively, and I’m always looking for new apps to play with. I’m definitely getting Camera Bag and Picture Show, and I already have Sketchbook. My favorite photo taker has been Camera+, and for editing I use Snapseed, and Montage is fun, too!

  • Your photos are always so lovely, and you’re such a doll for sharing!
    I have almost all of them, but it’s good to know about the sketch book.

    One that became my favorite is Pixlromatic… It’s like hipstamatic, but instead of only taking pictures you can take a plain picture there and pick masks you want to use on it… and flashes and frames.


  • Great apps! Have you tried Camera+? That’s my ultimate favourite Photography app. I pretty much stopped using Instagram after getting Camera+! x:

  • Thank you so much for this. HALF of this doesn’t make sense to me as I don’t have an iphone. BUT I am getting one (mainly for instagram…really…I am!!). And so this is SUPER SUPER helpful! THANK YOU!

  • This is so helpful, and beautiful pictures by by the way :-). I just got an Iphone and Instagram and I am already loving them. Can’t wait to try some of these other apps.

  • Q: Well, I was trying to avoid getting an iPhone because I am incredibly cheap, but after this post I am even more convinced that I need one asap. Lovely pics 🙂
    A: You can also use an iPod touch! 😀

    Q: can you explain how it works to use two different apps?
    A: I “edited” my photo with one app and then saved it and then edited it a second time with another app. Does that make sense?

    Q: I just got sketchbook mobile and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get one of my pictures on it for me to write on it!
    A: Yes- it’s a little confusing at first… Push “gallery”, then the “plus with the flower” symbol at the bottom of the screen, then “photo library” to choose your photo. After that play with the kind of lines you want to draw with, you can choose different textures, colors and sizes. Hope that helps!

  • Two things I haven’t figured out about Instagram: Can you use flash? Can you zoom in? I just got my iPhone in January and I am so NOT app savvy! Help!

  • My favorite thing is to run a photo through picfx first to add bokeh, and then open it in instagram for a pretty filter and sharing.

    @fashionisevo on instagram 🙂

  • Q: Two things I haven’t figured out about Instagram: Can you use flash? Can you zoom in?
    A: You can use photos from your camera roll in instagram, so you can take photos however you normally would and then upload them to instagram. 🙂

  • I kinda gave up on the phone pictures… I have a windows phone and syincing it wich my computer is a pain. But I always have my p&s with me and I use online programs like pixlr that do pretty great stuff, too. I love to give family pictures or snaps from weekend trips a retro look!
    I was going to poste some on friday, actually, about a pj party I had with my sisters. ;o)

    Shiny Bubbles

  • I love iPhone photo apps! I downloaded Phonto a while ago but haven’t really used it – its so easy to get into a rut! – you’ve inspired me to try it out today! I use Camera+ with almost all my iPhone photos, I love it for quick photo processing, its my default camera now, then run the photos I take through Instagram afterwards. iPhones are amazing!

    Thanks Elsie,

    Amy Xxx

  • I got an android phone, but I also found sketch book. Downloaded it straight away, will have to try somethings out today. Thanks!

  • OMGOODNESS I was not aware of how many amazing photography apps there are out there! I am new to the iphone and absolutely love INSTAGRAM. Now I am going to go nuts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I will be sharing this link on my FB page for all to see. AM-AZ-ING!!!

    Oh I so love your blog on every level! INSPIRATIONAL!!!


  • Thanks for sharing these, Elsie! I adore clean sheets as well! Bonus points if they’re line-dried in sunshine :). It’s the little things!

  • I got an iphone this week and I am just so in love with it! Thanks for the tips elsie 🙂 x


  • Thanks for the mixology tips! I love my iphone and when I don’t have my regular camera this is my go to camera. Now with these apps I can create great pics…thanks!

  • I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that pony dress…I’m still on the hunt for a white dress that I like enough o purchase but hate enough to stamp with ponies 🙂 Thanks!

  • Picture Show is my favorite photo app, yet I feel like not many people acknowledge how awesome it is! I really adore its filters and you can play with very cool effects.

    (I do have to admit to being lazy lately, though, and just shooting and editing in IG!)

  • Thanks for sharing!!! Last time you shared some of your favorite apps I headed RIGHT over to the app store and I did the same today and got two new photo editing apps. SO EXCITED to try them out! 😀

  • Man, I really need to get up-to-date with my technology. All my phone does is text and call. I downgraded before I got married to save money for the wedding and have been too lazy to go buy a new phone! haha All of these photos are lovely.

  • I use snap seed a lot as well… I like the blur effect it has and the options for saturation, select color, and white balance. I tried searching for the hipstamatic disposable and it couldn’t be found… is there another name it goes by?

  • SO cool, thanks for this roundup! I am getting my iPhone in May, after my current contract with Sprint runs up and I am eligible for an upgrade. It has been so hard to be patient! I am pinning this so I can find it again when I get my phone finally!

  • I’ve been searching for the hipstamatic disposable app in the app store and can not find it!? Would it be under a different name?

  • i dont have an iphone either. i have a galaxy s2 but im slowly figuring out which photo apps are good. not sure if you can use more than one at a time, ill have to try that

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  • I just started following your blog a few weeks ago, and i LOVE it. Your creativity is so inspiring.

    I use the photoshop app and instagram. Do you know if its possible to edit picture in instagram without posting them? And if uts possible to use the frame without the filter?:)

  • Love this! I Hipstamatic + Instagram all the time! What did you use for the bokeh in the first pic?…

  • If we are talking about the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps, I would like to mention FriendCaller VoIP here. I use it daily on my iPhone 4S and I m pretty much pleased. You might try as well. http://fc.vc/infographic-fc This is much comprehensive and packed in one location.

  • I can’t wait to start playing with all of these Elsie! I’ve been wondering for a while now, have you considered doing a photography e course or book? I LOVE your photographs, they’re so beautiful!

  • I’ve never known anyone who has as many pictures of themselves as you do. Jesus Christ.

  • Looooved this Post!! Is it just me, though- I can’t find Hipstamatic Diposable at all!

  • I love this post and other suggestions in the comments!

    FYI–The Hipstamatic Disposable app is “D-Series” and if you want to edit pictures in Instagram without posting, put it in Airplane Mode and you can edit and save in your camera roll but will “fail” to add to your feed.

  • i just got an ipad, and i’m loving instgram!!!! i’m going to have to check a few of these out. i just downloaded duomatic, and i adore it 🙂

  • Wah, I can’t find the hipstamatic disposable app! It really sounds like fun though, and I’m going to try out regular hipstamatic in the meantime.

  • Is there an app for iPad that works similarly to sketchbook mobile? I have it for iPhone but I can’t get decent handwriting on my little screen. Thanks for this great post!


  • Your ipad 3 sleeve or ipad 3 skin should fit your iPad. Some crafters crochet more tightly than others, so you may need to repeat row nine until all of the crocheted rows cover case.

  • Lovely pictures you share. I loves a lots of the photos. In our friend circle we have too these type of photos.

  • The photo editing preocss of a camera app helps give oomph to the first photograph. I like it, although I also like the original one.As for what I use for photo editing, I use PhotoShop. I use the program to tweak the levels and the contrast if required. I’m also a firm believer in using the crop feature. I don’t always crop my photos, but cropping is a way to make an image tighter and to remove those extra bits that detract from the overall image.There’s a balance when it comes to editing. Unless the effect you’re after is surreal, you want to help keep your viewer in the realm of real. Touching up an image too much can change the viewers grasp on the realism of the image. I want people to know what I captured out there is real, because it is.To edit or not to edit? I remember reading a post from a professional photographer about how digital photography almost demands post-preocssing. That the technology, as great as it is, doesn’t have the depth that film gives us and that editing a digital photo helps make the image less flat. I think we take what we need/want from that statement. But more importantly, know that the majority of people working with digital images tweak their photographs. There’s no shame in it. I think you’d be surprised just how many digital images you see have been touched up. Up until a few months ago, I used to give myself a hard time when I’d tweak the levels of a photo and then I realized it’s part of the digital preocss.

  • What great shots, Teresa! John and I still have our SLR cameras and we enjoy shontiog with film still. I hope to get a DSLR some day, but I am content with my iPhone camera and my little point and shoot for now. I have not tried Instagram yet, but I do have Hipstamatic on my phone and have enjoyed playing around with the filters. Thanks for mentioning The Daily Shoot I am going to follow them and learn more as well. I actually like both of these photos, but for different reasons. I do use Photoshop, but usually just to reduce the size of the photo and the file size. If I need a lighting adjustment I will make a minor change, but I don’t fool around with it that much. I really don’t care for photos that have been overly edited and doctored up so much they don’t look authentic and real any longer. Some people go overboard with the highlight and shadow features.

  • I like the filtered veriosn best, both for the colours/contrast, and for the square cropping. It’s cool what you can do with that and with Hipstamatic. For me, photo editing is definitely part of the creative process. I miss doing film photography and messing about in the darkroom for hours to come up with finished images; digitally editing images goes a long way towards satisfying that urge to use the darkroom. As for what programmes to use, I tried GIMP a few years ago, but I found it too unwieldy for my purposes (i.e. file sizes were enormous, and making edits took way too long). More recently, I tested out my brother’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, and thought it was very handy; when I can afford it, I may get that. Meanwhile, I just use iPhoto which is very limited, but does allow basic adjustments to tone, saturation, etc., and of course allows for cropping and resizing for different purposes.It’s exciting you’re planning to explore photography more. So much fun, isn’t it?

  • Just because i’ve already read about your Writing on photos’ tip : do you know Sig Note ?!
    it’s really a lot of fun too to be able to use your handwriting with your iPhone…

    I’m really impressed by the daily post on your blog : some much work ! your blog is really delightful !

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