It’s almost Halloween… get into it!

Black Posterboard BatsBlack Posterboard BatsYou guys, we're getting a little batty around here. Here's a little bit of (easy) Halloween inspiration. This morning I had way too much fun cutting bat shapes out from black poster board. I'm taping them up all over the house! So fun. Homemade Bat T-ShirtWe also made these fun little bat t-shirts with fabric paint. :) 

What are you doing to get festive? xo. Elsie

  • Krista, Thank you so much! It’s from Thrive Furniture. 🙂

  • I love the Halloween decorations and all, but THAT yellow couch is A-MAH-ZING! Where is it from??

  • Super cute & fairly simple idea!


  • I wish Halloween was as big here in Australia as it is in the US.. This year I’m determined to carve my first pumpkin though! Great idea with those easy wall-bat things.

  • Ahhh love all of the bats! So cute!
    xo Heather

  • LOVE the little bats! CRAZY cool!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • I am bringing Halloween to Paris! My friend Karin and I are throwing a party for children at her house, we are having a prep meeting tomorrow to discuss how we are turning her garden into a cemetary (staged, of course). I will post pics of my French Halloween, in the mean time, thank you so much for inspiring us here in France and sharing tasteful tips!
    Bisous/Kisses from France,

  • I think I’m going to chalk my hair LOL Best I can think up right lol considering I have a wedding Saturday. Xo Inna


  • Besar, saya mendapati apa yang saya ‘lookin telah berlangsung selama

  • Those bats are super awesome 🙂

    I’m awful this year at decorating because I’ve been so busy! The only thing I have is a wreath on my door which I’m proud of 🙂

  • I made a feather mask to wear on Halloween! I posted instructions on my blog, it cost under $5 to make! I’m hoping to pair it with some red lipstick.

    Check it out!

  • Those are far more awesome. Looks like klipsch is largely made to employ iProducts? I need android variations!

  • I’m gonna spend the weekend decorating the apt: can’t wait!

  • Great shirt! I’m not getting ready for Halloween at all and I don’t think we’re having a party, either.. Anyway, I like to watch all bloggers go crazy about it 🙂

  • Love the shirt!

    We gave Dracula and lady gaga a party at My house in Sweden.

  • Just bought a ridiculous amount of candy for the kids in the neighborhood. Lola’s been sporting her bumble bee costume all week!

  • That bat shirt is SO CUTE!!! It’s only fabric paint? I’ll have to try that out! And I love the Halloween decorations 🙂

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  • Am I alone in thinking that the wall bats closely resemble the Golden Snitch? Regardless, this idea is precious

  • I like the bats t-shirts. They are super-cute and look comfy:)

  • I love the bat shirts! Everything is so cute but I love the shirt and it looks perfect with the black collar!

  • Love those bats! I just love Halloween. For now, I have pumpkins all around the appartment, I made an apple potage and I will make some spicy pumpkin muffins. If I had house or children, I would so much love to make costume for them and decorate the house!

  • Katie, so beautiful!

    Love the bats 🙂


  • I love the way you drew your bats! They look like something a friend of mine draws when she’s doodling! haa.


  • love the bats on the wall and the shirt is so cute.
    You always inspire me, should experiment with fabric paint more 🙂

  • Oooh I love the wall idea! I think I need to try this in my house… I’ve been looking for ways to make it more “halloween”-y hahaha.
    Win $50 to Modcloth on P+L!

  • Your blog is amazing,girls!It was actually one of the first awesome blogs that I came across a while ago and you helped me starting one of my own!I am always looking up to you for inspiration! 🙂 This Halloween post is just in time.I am writing an article on the holiday and it definitely helps!



  • That`s a good idea and seems easy to do!! Is a pitty we don`t celebrate Halloween in Argentina 🙁

    <3 Val

  • I love the subtle touch of decorations!


  • I love this.

    I just bought some plastic snakes tonight, because I am going to be Medusa for Halloween. My husband calls me Medusa anyway. My hair is a bit crazy and curly. He calls the curls snakes. What-Ever.


  • I’d love to know where the collared shirt is from or how to make it?! The bat is cute too:)

  • Oh that is adorable! And I love the bat shirt!


  • I made some Halloween pins and hair clips for myself and my girls. You can see them here:

    We also made ghosts from an old pillow case and styrofoam balls.

  • Hi Juli,
    Thanks for your comment! Yes, we saw your comment on the decor post. Thanks for the links and we will definitely share more progress and we move along!


  • Aw, the bat print t shirt is so cute! I’m having a party this weekend so am going to bake a gingerbread house & decorate it as a haunted house.

    I’ve also been doing loads of halloween projects on my blog (here, if anyone wants to look! x

  • My daughter and I have been making tons of halloween crafts out of random things in our craft box, she made a DIY video yesterday on ‘how to make ghosts out of paper towels’ ha! its awesome..i cant wait to post it on my blog but for now it can be seen here

  • I made little bats like that for the windows at work!
    I also put black streamers coming from above the door in the kitchen area and a big ball of streamers where they all met so it looked more like a huge spider.

  • Elsie! Emma!
    did you guys read my comment on elsie´s new home decor???
    hope you have!

  • I’ve been super lazy on holiday’s lately there is no one here to see it honestly.

  • The cut out bats and t-shirt are super cute! I got some black poster paper earlier to make price is right name tags, and I’m going to make some of the cut out bats with the extra. Thank you for the idea!

  • I’m in the process of making “Day-of” Halloween decorations (glowsticks and such). I’ll take pictures of the end result, but there are some cute stuff of Pinterest that I’ll be doing as well. My cat’s name is Boo, and she’s a dark grey cat so a good chunk of my decorating is “Boo-centric” Yes, I admit I do have a problem.


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