it’s Christmas here!

i am the happiest person in the world today! seriously…. over the moon because of this: 

Photo 587

a few days ago a longtime blog reader named Lanná contacted me to see if we would be interested in adopting a little pug who needed a home. well, yes, we were thrilled!! i've been wanting (& saving for) a puppy for a long time, but have been spending all my monies on my business (ha! i suppose i spend almost all my money working! that's the life of owning a small business though…. :D). we are really happy that i've been able to find a puppy that needed a home…. it's perfect! if you've been following my blog for a long time you already know that i once owned a very lovely little pug named Cocoa. My sister owns a pug named LoveLove. Anddd my mom also owns a pug… her name is Gigi.🙂 my family really likes pugs. ha! 

we named ours Suki and we are already completely in love with her. 

Family Suki Photo 588


i'll try not to post puppy photos every day… i'll try. <3 


some new cute paper dolls in le shop tonight: 

IMG_9449 Holly's doll.

she's a hair stylist, so i gave her some cute hair spray and a blow dryer… plus cute crafty accessories and i love her bunny t-shirt! 

IMG_9436 and i've added this little collection due to sooo many requests (thank you!)…


and a new collection of fun dresses that fit all 5 dolls! :D 

IMG_9438 Holly+dress


(the girl scout uniform was my brother's favorite…. jeremy likes the skeleton dress. ha! i love it how the boys like my paper dolls!!) 

Can't believe it's Friday night already! I am working in the store tomorrow and Sunday because Miss Erin is visiting her new baby nephew in Kansas City! If you're in Springfield, come say hi! I think I'm gonna paint for fun tonight…. and play with the new puppy. What are your weekend plans? 


  • How exciting, pugs fit you so well. 🙂 and your hair looks way cute in pigtails!

  • So excited for you all!!

    This weekend is date weekend with the hubs (no kids). Plus updating my blog, and flickr (btw, I just put up my pics from Salvation Mountain… you’re right… magical!)

    Enjoy your weekend!! 🙂

  • Dan and I are headed to the Ocean, I’m so excited! Congrats on the new puppy. Lots of work. I opted for cats. 😉 Now I have 2 kittens named Sushi and Bang Bang.

  • omg omg omg omg omg totally CUTE and i LOOOOVE her name! How old is she!? How is she adjusting? this is just too cute for words. PLEASE DO post puppy photos every day! haha i love them!

    I want a puppy so bad it makes my heart hurt. haha

  • Congrats on your new addition. Suki, I know, will be well loved and photographed. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of showing her off. She is a beauty!!!

    As for weekend plans, just like you, I will be working.

  • Ahhhh puppy! I want photos often, please and thank-you! 🙂

    I have to work all weekend :/ But it’s at a shoe store, so I guess it could be worse HA!

  • From one pu lover to another – thank you for rescuing a pug! My pug Aine says HI! To Suki! She is sooooo cute! Congrats! Nan

  • yayyyy!
    Suki is soo cute! I love the photo of the three of you.
    I’m happy for you guys that it worked out to adopt her!
    love the paper doll photos! 🙂
    I’m working all weekend… boo. but I am going to sneak in some Twilight reading too… (lol! I caved…. sorry girl)
    have a great weekend!! XO

  • How about a pug paperdoll?? That would be very, very cute. Suki is adorable! The right dog always finds you.

  • Suki is ADORABLE! New puppy day in our house too, we adopted an 8 month old little Maltese/Shitzu from a local rescue. So, we’ve got Oliver at home now with his kitty brother, Gatsby, and his kitty sister, Daisy.

  • Ahhhhh! Painting for fun! I am so happy to hear that. Please, PLEASE show me when I get back. Thank you for a most wonderful week. I lovelovelovelove youuuuuuuuuuuu!! :0

  • OMGosh!!! I want a pug puppy sooooo badly. I had a beautiful pug, Sheba about 25 or so years ago and she was just the love of my life. I miss her so much and I’ve wanted to get a pug for the past 20 years or so. Please post lots of pictures! I hope to get my own by Christmas. 🙂

  • Suki is such a cute name! And please do post puppy photos every day :o)

  • I am soo proud of you for adopting. When u said u were getting a pup I was praying that u were not buying one. I just lost my best friend of 13.5 years and my heart is in a million pieces. I am hoping to rescue a pooch in his honor. If I can give a dog a 1/4 of the love I gave him, the dog would be sooooo happy!
    All the best!

  • Suki is soo cute! I’m imagining a “pet” line of cute accessories down the road 😀

  • lovelovelovelovelove her! my sister and i both have pugs, and between we also have a LOT of friends with pugs (seven pugs between five girls!). we went to one of the local pug meetups and were considerably younger and, uhmmm–slightly more colorful (!) than anyone else, so we started our own group! i wish you were closer so you could bring suki!

  • I love your blog, your art, & puppies!!!
    You should make a pug paper doll like someone said above.

  • Els, as a fellow pug slave, I know the love you’re feeling. Congratulations, she is adorable!!

    and please, WE WANT PUG PICS EVERY DAY!!!

  • YaY! I am happi that you were able to get a pug. 🙂 I remember how sad you were.

  • thanks so much, everyone!!! 😀

    kristin, yesyes… i’ve been planning & working on some dresses, hoping to release a little collection by Sept. 1. 😀

  • Suki is a great name. That’s my cousins name actually. &&& I love the skeleton doll dress if only it came in real life size. 😉

  • Oww i love Suki 😀

    I am not doing much this weekend just RELAX 😀
    The weather isn’t that good this weekend, it is going to rain and it’s 18 degrees..brrr
    Good weahter to stay inside and watch a movie… any tips?

    I would visit you in the shop if i could 😉

    have a lovely-rainbow-fairydust-magical weekend

  • Please post about Suki every day!!! =) I’m completely obsessed with pugs and really want one myself! So until the day I get my own little puglet I need to live off of yours 😉

  • YAY!! Im so happy for you!!Suki is unbelievably cute!!!..and I for one, am perfectly happy to see pics of her every day!!! LOL..
    I love the new dolls..and am stoked that Holly is a hair stylist!! I didnt know!!!(Me too!!)So glad shes part of the team too…
    When I grow up I want to be on the Red Velvet Team too!!!

  • oooooooh elsie congrats on the new pup! the cuteness of that little wrinkly face is off the charts! feel free to post pics as often as you want haha

    love your paper dolls! i think im going to buy some and make them into magnets : )

    anyways, hope youre having a most lovely day!

  • congratssss!!!! so cute. i still haven’t gotten mine yet. pugs are so rare in indonesia.

  • Elsie, I am soooo happy for you! Yeay! Pheebie Loo (my pug) says “Hello, Gorgeous!” to Suki! 🙂

    Enjoy your baby – and you better post lots of pictures or it looks like you’ll have a little trouble on your hands! Hahaha! Who wouldn’t love to see that face everyday!?

  • Suki is so cute. Love Holly’s new doll, I didn’t see it or the new dresses before I placed my order. I’ll order those next time.

  • As a proud owner of a pug, I just had to take a moment to write a quick note to say “That there is nothing in the world that is cuter then a pug.” Enjoy Suki!

  • Congrats on your new addition, she’s beautiful!! Enjoy the happiness puppies bring!

  • So Cute! My pug Roxie says Hi!! How old is Suki? I hope you have some pug paintings or other artwork in the works!

  • You can post pictures everyday! 🙂 I can never get enough pug pictures! My pug Phoebe would love to say hi!

  • Suki is adorable! You can post pics everyday! 🙂 My pug Phoebe says hi! She loves playing with other pugs at the dog park!

  • I LOVE YOUR PUG! seriously. if it goes missing i probably stole her, she is so adorable. also, i agree with your brother the girl scout dress is fantastic! have a nice day 🙂

  • Congrats on your new puppy! I think pugs are so darling! Puppy pictures every day wouldn’t be the worst thing, ya know! LOL! ;o)

  • Ohhhhhh! What a cutie! Congratulations on the new addition to your crafty family. So sweet!

    I have a pug too & am still amazed daily at what wonderful dogs they are. My little guy loves everyone, especially kids.

    My only advice? Buy ear plugs! They snore. 🙂


  • I just got my 2nd pup puppy and she is 2 1/2 months old I have been putting up pictures on facebook like everday of her! i love her so much! lol. her name is Bella! Pugs are the best dogs!

  • Suki is adorable! I’m glad you adopted, I adopted my lil guy and he’s just lovely, can’t imagine him without a home.


  • Oh goodness Suki is so sweet! Post as many pictures of her as you’d like I’d be happy to look at them!

  • Suki is a DARLING!

    I’m sure none of us will mind if you post puppy pictures every day 😉 You should include her in a painting!

  • Suki = sooooo cute!!! I have a pug too… Mabel Rose is 9 and beautiful. Congrats on your new baby. Hope to see many blog posts with her in them!

  • OMG Elsie I have wanted a PUG PUPPY for so long and then I check your blog and and there is the most adorable little face looking out at the world..congratulations to the both of you

    Melissa in ozzie land

  • sooooo cute how old is she… she looks small still. love all the paintings and the paper dresses my fav is the ruffle green one. good luck with your pup elsie..

  • Wondering why with the paper dolls you don’t have the little “tabs” that anchor the clothing onto the doll? Would make it easier to use.

    Congrats on Suki! 🙂

  • Congrats on your new friend Suki! She’s adorable! We just got a new dog too—it’s a lovely addition to your life…so much love!

  • Elsie what happened to cocoa? I just saw her/him (?) in your book and discovered your blog only last year

    Anyway Suki is cuuuuuuute


  • awwww its the first time i see your boyfriend smile in the picture…hehe! he always has this serious face in your pics… must be really happy with your new puppy ^_^

    have fun.

  • I wanted a pug for a very long time, but when I got my Viva I fell in love completely. Suki is adorable. Will you be making Suki dolls?

  • Belated congrats on the new pup! Being a mama of a rescued Italian Greyhound, I know how you feel. It’s so ridic rewarding, it’s been worth the $$ and then some! 🙂 I don’t know what I would do without the little guy! She’s a super cute pug too, looking forward to more pics!

  • Awwwww! Congrats on your new pug! And it’s so great that you adopted. I loooooooooove pugs too. Wish I could have more but am quiet busy with one! LOL!

  • Pugs. The most perfect love I have ever experienced is that from my pugs. They are pure, honest and soooo insightful. I don’t know if I’ll ever comment here again-the computer world has yet to hold my attention-but I saw your pug and I know you have got to feel that tremendous sweeping of love and joy. Wholesome goodness in the perfect package. I have 2 blacks and 1 fawn and 1 husband who looks like a fawn pug. Happy Hearts to your pack always.

  • Oh my goodness! I’m the mama to a gorgeous little girl pug too. I love her 🙂

    And anyone who owns a pug is a blogger I should be following! Glad I found ya.

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