it’s past my bedtime…..

yes, bedtime.
my new love in life!
the thing that is keeping me sane & healthy this month.

but tonight i am making an exception, to say hello… :)…. and share some of my new loves with you.

i have enlisted some talented/adorable guest bloggers for the next couple weeks. with my new store just weeks away from opening i am mentally on another planet 99% of the time, but i wanted my blog to stay lovely & full of inspiration. so thankful for cute friends!

here’s what i am loving right now….

esther pearl watson
i am in loooooove with her work. it’s beautiful.

Some new Red Velvet shop sneak peeks…








all of the peeks i’ve been showing are of accessories. i think i’ll show some art peeks soon.
with only 12 days to go, i am getting so so sooooo excited!!!

seriously… 2009 is already my favorite year. i can feel it. anyone else with me?

Jeremy is home. He had a wonderful experience playing with Mute Math on the Tonight Show! So happy for him. Thank you for your support & for the happy flood of e-mails and text messages during the airing! What would I do without you? xo. lovelove, elsie

  • Loving the Bluebird Vintage dresses!! 🙂 I’m guessing you’re the proud owner of the dresses in picture #2 and 3??

    Can’t wait for the RVA store to open! Super exciting!! 😀 😀

  • Please don’t think I am being harsh and critical, but could please explain (as best as artist’s can) what the obsession is with art drawings of underwear? Am I just not getting it? Thanks much! A fan! Jeane

  • those clothes are outta sight! ALso I TOTALLY agree about those glasses! triple digis for a pair of SUNGLASSES? lol

    I currently want some like Holly Golightly’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The black frames with the amber lenses? *swoon*

    Loving all of you store peeks too. I’m hoping my boyfriend brings me down for Valentine’s Day *fingers crossed!*

    Have a sweet day!

  • just love that I found your blog-so fun! yeah 2009 has been great for us too. My husband and I are rockin’ in this economy so things are off to a great start! Loving those glasses too. I posted a post on glasses recently. I need to find some cheap hip ones too!!!

  • I just got an email from American Apparel – they have a bunch of new glasses/sunglasses. It looks like they have one pair very similar to the ones you like!

  • I love the look of those journals. Please show some art peeks soon, can’t wait 😉

  • the journals are soooo pretty!

    and I think you are the thrilled owner of dresses #1 and 3! but all of the dresses are so fun! :]

  • love bleubird! thanks for introducing us! did you pick #1 & #2???

    2009 will be an INCREDIBLE year!! one of my highlights will def be coming down to rva in june! can’t wait! :]



  • Hey Elsie… I have a pair of sunglasses that look identical to these. I got them from Target and I don’t think I paid very much for them. You could always pop out the lenses and use just the frames?

  • Here is a lesson learned:

    I will read the above posts before posting my own…lol! Thanks for posting the You Tube link!

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