Jalapeño Bloody Mary

Jalapeno Bloody Mary RecipeIt's time for a new Bloody Mary flavor! This time we're trying jalapeño. This delicious and spicy drink is one of our favorites so far. Are you a jalapeño fan? Here's the recipe:How to mix a jalapeno bloody maryNeeded: Bloody mary mix, jalapeño vodka, horseradish sauce, lime. Shrimp, fresh jalapeño and olives for garnish.Jalapeno Bloody Mary Recipe  Directions: In the bottom of your glass, whisk together two ounces bloody mary mix and 1 tablespoon horseradish sauce with a mini whisk. Fill half the glass with ice. Add two ounces jalapeno vodka. Add juice of once half lime and top off the drink with more bloody mary mix. Add a garnish of fresh jalapeño, shrimp, olives and a lime wedge. Enjoy!Jalapeno Bloody MaryI hope you enjoy our spicy cocktail! xo. Elsie

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