Progress Report: Jeremy’s Studio

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheckI am so so happy to finally be able to share these photos with you all! This is not the official tour yet (some of the spaces are still in progress). But rather peeks and certain views photographed by Alyssa Rosenheck for domino magazine earlier this summer.

Jeremy’s studio was by far the riskiest, most expensive and most complicated renovation in our home. It started out as a very small office and a garage, and now it’s one big space with a lot added to it, like extra rooms and a bathroom! If you want to be confused and shocked, take a look at our before photos here. They are even shocking to us. Haha!

Here’s some photos of how it looks now—

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck In the room that was formerly a garage, we had shiplap GLUED to the cinder block walls. This was a last minute choice, and it just helps the room to feel less like a garage and more like a real room.

The giant David Lynch poster is something we made (it’s just a blueprint copy and a giant frame we found at a thrift shop). The side table is actually the first dresser that we had in our first house. We just painted the fronts of each door white.

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck Jeremy says this is the most inspiring space to him. This is where he writes lyrics and it’s also a good space for meetings with clients. Since it was such a big open room, we created a faux wall with plants to break it up a little.

Funny side note! When we were in the process of moving, Jeremy said the ONE trend he didn’t like was rug layering. Well, you can guess what happened. When it came down to finishing up the room, we ended up feeling like the cowhide rug he LOVES (he actually found it himself at a flea market!) was much too small for the space. So we ordered this light jute rug. (One of the best rugs and prices I’ve found in the 9×12 size—we used this in our bedroom as well!) But when we put the rug down, it was a little boring. So we layered them and styled it all, and then asked him to just consider it. But when he saw it all in person, he loved it! (Sigh of relief!)

With such dark floors, I feel like the large light rug really ties this area together.

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck Now let’s talk about this sofa! You know we’re longtime fans of JoyBird. For this space we chose the Braxton Sofa in Zenith Teal. It was between that color and light grey, and I’m glad we went for a little bit of color. The Franco Albini pouf was a flea market find.

Behind this area (behind the plants), we plan to install a wet bar for coffee and La Croix. Just haven’t gotten around to that yet! In the right hand corner, you can see a small room—this is the half bathroom we added. It’s not fully decorated yet either, but we’re thrilled with how it’s coming along.

The chandeliers are from Schoolhouse Electric. They’re called the Vega 5 Chandelier. I don’t think I’ve ever installed multiple matching chandeliers before, but it’s a design trick I’ll absolutely use again.

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck This is Jeremy’s control room, which is really just a fancy word for computer room. To the right there are two small rooms we added (not photographed yet) for recording vocals and piano, and then one for recording drums.

This desk was custom built by Josh Rhodes. We hired him to build it while we were both still living in Missouri.

One of the struggles with studios is CORDS and CLUTTER. There are so many cords and so much clutter. We did our best to keep them under control. There are some that go through walls, and if you look closely in the bottom right of this photo, you can see a hole drilled though the walls to accommodate cords.

I’m not going to go into talking about recording gear at all here. I don’t think it’s relevant to 99% of you guys, and he is SO into his gear that it could probably become a 5 part series. Haha! That said, if you want to ask Jeremy any questions, he will gladly answer you! Just send him a DM on Instagram.

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck This wall really makes me smile! We are trying to use the instruments as decor as much as possible. It’s functional and beautiful. And it makes a lot more sense than buying tons of art for this space.

This set of chairs is an old flea market find. We decided to paint the fronts of them to help them pop against the dark wall. But we kept some of the old rustic wood because Jeremy’s studio is the only part of our home where anything “rustic” happens. So we tried to play that up!

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck There was this empty, sunken-in area in one wall. We added shelves for his vintage drum collection.

Jeremy Larson's Studio ©AlyssaRosenheck Well, that’s it for now!!! Stay tuned for the FULL tour (with a video tour as well) coming some time this winter. This is the first studio renovation we’ve ever taken on, and it was very much a joint effort. We’re so proud of the finished result. As I type this, Jeremy is downstairs recording a string arrangement.

I don’t always get emotional about renovations (at least not in a happy tears way—haha!), but this space is a dream come true for both of us. I am a true fan of what he does and am so happy to hear all the new songs being written here! In fact, he has a full-length album that will be coming out this winter. I’m so proud! xx -Elsie

Full resource list: Sitting Room—9×12 light jute rug, Braxton Sofa c/o JoybirdVega 5 Chandelier/Schoolhouse Electric, Leather Chairs/Urban Outfitters, Coffee table/West Elm, Console Table/West Elm, Buffalo Plaid Throw/Schoolhouse Electric, Faceted hanging planter/All Modern, Macrame planter hangers/CB2. Studio Room—Grey Rug/Rugs USA, Light fixture/CB2, Stool and Lamp/Target.

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck

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