Juicing 101

Juicing 101 Hey friends! A couple years ago I bought my first juicer. Before that I had been an big fan of all the green juices you can buy at coffee shops and grocery stores. But oh man, my juicer converted me quickly. Homemade juice is a million times more delicious! It’s incredible.

Today I put together a few of my favorite juicing tips and solutions. Juicing 101 The Juicer/

There’s a juicer for every almost budget. If you don’t have one yet and aren’t ready to take the plunge I suggest healthy smoothies instead. If you’re in the market for a juicer I suggest reading up on them and learning from people who have the one you want.

With that said, here’s a little about the juicers I’ve tried: My first one was this Cuisinart juicer. It’s inexpensive for a juicer, but pretty powerful and I got a lot of wear out of it. It’s pretty hard to clean and a little dangerous because of the sharp blades. The juicer I’m using now is the Krups Infinity Slow Juicer. It’s less powerful, but much safer to clean because the blade isn’t really sharp (I know, it’s weird!). It’s also easier to clean. Both good juicers for someone like me. What do you guys use?

The Produce/

The fruit and vegetables are the most important part of juicing. Here a few tips that work for me to reduce waste and make the healthiest juice possible!

•When you shop for ingredients you’ll need a base, these are fruits and vegetables that produce more liquid and add volume. Carrots, green apples, cucumbers and celery make great bases. After you have that you can also add things that add a lot of vitamins or color like leafy greens, beets and other fruits. Last, you might want to add something flavorful like herbs or spices. My favorite flavor additions are mint leaves and fresh ginger.

• Have you heard of the dirty dozen? It’s a list of the twelve most contaminated (with pesticides and herbicides) fruits and vegetables. These is is the list of produce you should always try to buy organic when possible. Peaches, Apples, Sweet Bell Peppers, Celery, Nectarines, Strawberries, Cherries, Pears, Imported Grapes, Spinach, Lettuce and Potatoes. Things that are safer to buy non-organic usually have a rind or peel like Oranges, Melons or Onions.

• The more leafy green vegetables you can get into your juice the better! Green juice is an acquired taste just like coffee or wine. The first time you taste if you might think you’d rather drink poison, but the more you try it, the more you will like it. So if you’re brand new to juicing you might want to add a lot of fruit to your juices, but over time you’ll be able to enjoy it with less and less which reduces your sugar intake. Moral of the story: Don’t feel bad adding lots of fruit to your fresh juice in the beginning, but keep challenging yourself by shifting the proportions over time! 🙂

• One thing I was surprised to learned was how many ingredients it takes to make a good glass of juice. It’s kinda intense. You can see here I used everything on my counter top (above) to make the three little containers of juice you see (below). It can be a little expensive, but I think it’s worth it. Now when we’re traveling, and I buy fresh juice for the price of two lattes I never ever complain.Juicing 101 When you juice something that has a rind or peel you need to remove it before juicing.

Juicing 101 When you juice something coarse and leafy like kale or collard greens, you need to remove the leafy part from the stem before juicing.

Juicing 101 Storing Juice/ You can store juice in airtight containers in your refrigerator. Sadly, I’ve read over and over again that the best time to drink juice (for nutrition benefits) is immediately. Still, sometimes I make extra to use for a few days because it’s so time consuming, and it still tastes great the next day. 🙂


Above are three juices I love. The first one is an intense green juice (for that acquired taste I was talking about before!) It has a whole bunch of kale, half a batch of celery, two cucumbers, a lemon and a lime. It’s intense, but awesome. The second juice is 10 carrots, 1 lemon, 2 apples and ginger to taste (I always use too much, and it’s crazy spicy, but still really good!) The last juice is a refreshing morning juice. It’s not as “green tasting” as it looks. It has 6 cucumbers, half a celery bunch, 3 apples and 2 limes.

A few other combinations I love: fresh orange juice + ginger, green apple + collard greens + cucumber, pineapple + cucumber and pomegranate + pineapple + coconut milk. Juicing 101I’d love to hear about your juicing experiences too! I excited to learn more. xo. Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson

  • Such a delightful read.
    I’ll try out your recommended recipes. I love having quite a bit of ginger even in my food. Can’t wait to taste that spicy punch in my next glass of juice!

  • after reading your blogs i purchased a juicer and man i love it thank alot

  • I just bought a juicer a week ago! I am excited to start trying all the different types of juices I can make! I think it is a great way to get all your nutrients in. Thanks for sharing! I was thinking about celery juice and came across this article, https://www.ez.insure/2020/05/the-celery-juice-fad/ , What are your thoughts on the celery juice fad?

  • What a great post. Anyone serious about managing their weight and living healthy should prioritize juicing. I previously struggled doing so but with the variety of recipes online, I have successfully managed to replace one meal a day with juice. I would advise anyone to go for cold press juicers such Omega 8006 or Hurom Slow Elite juicer because they optimize juice extraction. What’s more important is that they are easy to clean. I don’t like centrifugal juicers because they tend to produce somewhat warm juice but I have Breville juice fountain in my collection and i use occasionally.

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  • Great post. I will definitely put this to use. I am 5 ft 11 and I was 200 pounds and very ill. I started doing juice cleansing once a month for four months and I have lost 45 pounds and I feel great. I highly recommend juicing. I can’t tell you how much better I feel and my quality of life is much better. https://bit.ly/2N1Qhpr this master cleanse helped me as well. Good luck to everyone trying to keep up their health.

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  • I know the health benefits of the juices and that’s why I have my own juicing business in India. It’s a passion to express myself and to make humans healthy.

  • Juicing and Smoothies are two of the best way to extract fruits and vegetable with no negative side effects, for delicious smoothies and juiced I want to highly recommend this Vitamix Blender It goes well with smoothies and purees you may also want to visit this site for more information about healthy juicing. Nice article by the way!

  • Thanks for the recipe. good article. I will definitely try with my juicer.I love juices.

  • Awesome tips. Thank you for this. I am ready to take the plunge of healthy smoothies instead.

  • I am super interested in trying juicing, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t want to buy a juicer if I end up not liking all the different juices. Plus, I haven’t really had homemade juices when I am out because most places I’ve been to don’t really do that. In need of some advice 🙂

  • Awesome pictures! Juicing has changed my life, so I love finding posts like this on other peoples blogs 🙂



  • I love to juice! My juicer is a hand-me-down from my mom. I had it for months before using it. When I finally discovered it’s full potential, not only was I in love but I am forever hooked! It’s all about the preparation of shopping for your ingredients and taking the time to juice them. This post especially spoke to me this morning because I just watched a documentary about juicing last night. It’s called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s an inspiring film about the health benefits of juicing and how powerful fruits and veggies really are!

  • ohhh, this post has perfect timing! i got a new juicer for christmas, and can’t waaait to try some of these recipes!
    xo, cheyenne

  • Silly question but.. Where did you find the bottles with the metal clip tops?

  • We’ve juiced off and on for a lot over the years, and I made a few discoveries as well:

    The rotary/shreddy sort of juicers are fairly similar to one another: we had the Cuisinart (hard to clean), Jack LaLane (hard to clean, aactually requires a tool to remove the cutters), and one other that was so bad I can’t remember it.

    For a few weeks now we’ve been using an Omega J8005 “Masticating” juicer. $250, give or take. Totally different world.

    – Oranges (any citrus) can go in with peel. Makes a remarkable flavor difference.
    – Apples go in seeds and all.
    – Wheatgrass (I tried it once. Ew.), basil, parsley are all basically vaporized by this thing.

    So we chop a little, shove stuff in the juicer, and drink whatever comes out. It’s kind of amazing the difference in the flavors when you leave the skins on.

    Basic recipes are the best for me:

    – 1 orange, 1 apple, 3 carrots, handful of Italian parsley, and a thick sliver of Ginger.

    – 3 carrots, 4 celery stalks, 4 tomatoes, 1/4 a jalapeno, handful of parsley. Bonus: add 2 radishes, another 1/4 jalapeno, and 2 cloves of garlic, a drizzle of olive oil and salt/pepper in the glass.

    – 3 oranges, 1/2 lime, 1/2 lemon, sliver of ginger.

    Bonus on the Omega: pour peanuts, almonds, pecans into it and make nut butters.

    Bonus-bonus: if you like Pasta, mix your dough and have someone feed it in, and there are 3 pasta shapers. One person feeds, the other cuts and hangs.

    And: There;s a little bit of pulp that comes through – the catch cup has a filter screen you can put over it for less. Me, I like pulp.

    Last: this is a VERY low speed juicer. It feeds a lot a stuff fast because of it’s design, but the low RPM’s it runs at mean little or no foam – bonus!

  • You don’t ‘need’ a juicer, I have a little hand held blender and while it’s not able to do carrots and really hard stuff it’s fine with apples and celery, cucumber type produce. If it’s too chunky just put it through a sieve afterwards.

  • I’ve not yet climbed on the bandwagon. My kids juice all the time and my grandchildren love it. I found your post very informative. Thanks. I may just give it a try. Would a regular blender work to start with? If not I’ll have to taste when I visit my kids. Then I can really know before investing a small fortune.

  • Just got a juicer for xmas and am loving playing around with it! Kiwi / Apple / Celery / Lime has been a delicious combo!

  • I love juicing because it is so healthy! I put almost every vegetable and fruit inside that i can find in the refrigerator. Often i use orange, lemon, carrot, spinach, green apple, cucumber together 🙂

  • I would highly recommend my juicer (Breville) it cost me about $120 and is easy to clean, simple, and very effective for even the most difficult to juice fruits and veggies. It is also the same kind of juicer used in the juicing documentary ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’.

  • They look soo delicious. Ive been thinking about buing a juicer for a long time. After seeing your photos Im more than convinced! 🙂

  • Sweet potatoes are great! I juice them with mango, carrot, orange, spinach, lime. For a little softer taste, romaine in place of the spinach is nice. I’ve also used apples, cucumber,celery, kale. Ginger spices it up!

  • I love juicing! I consider it my multi-vitamin. You’ve convinced me to pick up some ginger this weekend… I don’t know why it has always intimidated me? Also, apparently I need to get some jelly jars and striped straws! Juicing never looked so pretty!

  • How long would you say the juice normally lasts you? I’m super interested in juicing, but I’m trying to take everything into account (budget, benefits, and time in effort compared to how long it lasts) in to account first.

  • I have a Vitamix, and cleaning it couldn’t be easier. Put in a drop of dish washing liquid, a little water and pulse/mix away for 10-15 seconds. Rinse well with hot water and air dry.

  • Great recipes!

    I absolutely love juicing! And like you say, it’s an acquired taste. But once you’re into it, you can start to add super awesome detox greens like cilantro and parsley (have you tried that yet?). At first it’s a little rough, but you get used to it, then you start to crave it! The results are amazing: clearer skin, brighter eyes, and more energy just to name a few. I’m going to visit my mom this weekend and I’m packing my juicer to take it with me!

  • These look delicious! How long do you think they would last in the fridge? Couple days??

  • My fiance and I wanted to put a juicer on our registry but we heard that it’s quite expensive to juice versus making smoothies. Thoughts?


  • I just started juicing and this was great to read. I’ve quickly become obsessed. I love reading different recipes, because I always just throw whats in my fridge in the juicer and cross my fingers. Any other favorite combinations?

  • I have green juices all the time but I haven’t made them at home yet. I hate the hassle of having to clean so many parts to make one or two glasses of juice. I do, however, make smoothies in my blender on some mornings. When it comes to juice I’d rather spend a little extra cash at Pressed Juicery and buy a few to keep in my fridge so I can just grab one and go.

  • We started juicing last year with a Omega 8005. It’s a slow auger juicer and the juice it produces is great. We got a lot of juice and really dry pulp so I was very pleased with it. It is a little more expensive, but I saved my pennies. I figured as much as I spent on the organic fruits and veggies I want the best value for my buck. Just this week we inherited a Norwalk that was bought for my grandma last year when she was battling cancer. I used it the other night and it is amazing how much juice you get out of everything pressed. It has to easily be double what the Omega did. I got a little discouraged juicing this year because I stupidly juiced veggies that interfere with my thyroid function, so this year i’m looking to find new juices that are healthy and tasty, but avoid all those foods I shouldn’t have raw (kale, spinach, cabbage, etc… basically all the dark greens). My favorite juice is green apple, pear, beet and ginger.

  • We have the Breville too and did juice fasts last summer. I did 14 days and it changed my life. I no longer crave carbs and I’ve lost the last 25 lbs and reached a goal I started 2 years ago and have gone beyond. We juice for breakfast and eat organic whenever possible. My eating habits have changed and if there is a holiday or occasion I can snap back much easier with a day or two of juicing. I should add that I am 59 and always struggled, I feel so much better too.

  • i have never made an attempt at homemade juices, but these look marvellous!

  • Excellent timing on the post. We got our juicer this week. The place I worked at years ago had a juicer so I made carrot juice often. My hubbie doesn’t like the texture of fruit and eats very little veg. He had an apple, lychee and mango juice yesterday and a carrot and apple juice this morning. So it’s amazing progress!
    Thanks for the tips and recipes!

  • If you enjoy it, you’ll be able to find time to do it. For us, it’s become a habit and we just plan for it. And you can always make a big batch that you can drink over a day or two. It’s just recommended to drink it immediately for the most nutrients. The juice that Elsie made was a sweeter juice. It’s more tolerable to the taste buds, but she did make a strong one too. 4 cucumbers is too much for me, as they have LOTS of liquid in them.

  • Yes! I love juice and the grassier the better. I’m totally that weirdo who loves the taste of wheatgrass! I really would like to get a juicer but there are a few different places near me that I can get juice and two of those (the deli on my corner and this juice place a block away) are actually fairly inexpensive.

  • Great tips, thank you so much. I wanted to register for a juicer when we got married, but the Vitamix I wanted was a bit pricey for a novice juicer. I still have my heart set on getting into juicing one day. Thanks for the recipes!

  • You do end up with a bit of waste. We just throw it out. But some juicers will come with a book that have recipes that include the pulp. I hear they make great baked goods.

  • My husband and I have been juicing just shy of 2 years. We got our first juicer for our wedding. It was a Juiceman from Target, and we went through 3 of those in less than a year. Customer service was good. High power, not durable, and the cleaning was time consuming. We’ve since switched to the Jack Lalanne juicer from Costco, and it’s nice. The clean up is quick, it’s high power, and so far only a small rubber piece has broken. The only annoying thing is leaves tend to get wedged between the chute and the pusher, and I’ve whacked my hand a couple times via pulling it out and my hand hitting on a cabinet. One thing we immediately noticed between juicers is the amount of pulp in the juice. Juiceman left more in, Lalanne takes more out so it’s thinner. We read once that if you “chew” the juice, you get more from it, assuming that has to do with the amount of pulp.

    I suggest to try cabbage! We started out with green cabbage, but found that red cabbage is packed with cancer fighting properties. We juice a big batch that’ll last for 2 days between us. 1 large beet, 7 carrots, a medium stalk of celery, 1 apple, 1 lemon, 1/4 head of red cabbage, 1 cucumber, 3 bell peppers, 3-4 leaves of kale, and a chunk of ginger.

    Also, I read somewhere to juice the lemon last, since they have natural cleaning properties.

  • Oh, I’ve been wanting to try juicing for a while now, but I’m waiting till I get a juicer. But, two days ago I tried a green smoothie for the first time, and I am officially hooked. 🙂
    Now to try the juicing…. 🙂

  • Staying in the same color family generally makes the best combos too! (and avoids that unappealing brown color, oops!) My favorite orange juice is : carrots + mango + pineapple + orange + ginger 🙂

  • I just started juicing but I have never removed the kale or spinach leaves from the stems. I just throw the whole leaf in!

  • we were just given a juicer for christmas by our relatives so i’m really excited to try these out 😀

  • Oh thank you for this post on juicing.

    We must, must, must get back into the habit of juicing.

    Habit, habit, habit. So important. Must. Must. Must.

    Thank you!

  • I love juicing! My favorite recipe is 5 carrots, 2 beets, 3 green apples, 1 lemon and ginger, sweet and delicious!

  • This post is right on time..I feel bloated recently and I need a detox so I did a similar post yesterday!


  • I think juices are a great way to get a lot of nutrients in to you if you don’t usually have them, but they don’t make you feel full so you’re more likely to snack. Well, I am anyway. I’d rather just eat the fruit 🙂

  • you actually can leave the stems on they still contain a lot of nutrients and it makes more juice. why not. you can also leave the rinds on lemon and limes because they contain a lot of juice and flavor but rinds on grape fruit or oranges are bitter and wouldnt taste good.

  • My favourite juice is – celery, beetroot, carrot, lime and ginger – we call it our “super juice”. If we ever feel sick or run down, we have these twice a day and ZING, we are well. I don’t take the kale (or anything) off the stems though and I have an old (20 years) Panasonic juicer.

  • Green jucie is da thang, no doubt about that but man sometimes I find it so hard to drink it…

  • Oh sounds lovely! I haven’t had a green juice since I was pregnant but I had them a lot during pregnancy because it’s a great way to make sure your getting all the right nutrients! I do however have a smoothie every morning I have 2 bananas, half a cup of frozen blueberries, half a cup of frozen raspberries, 1 cup oats, 2 cups of milk and a squirt of honey. It’s lovely and quite filling:) I really like your blog!


  • I am definitely getting a juicer when I go home! Almost as good as smoothies!
    Thanks for these tips 🙂

  • I’ve only made smoothies, but I’m with ya on the ginger – so much that it’s a little spicy.

  • I’ve heard some juice-fast horror stories that have probably influenced my desire to juice, but i think it’s definitely worth a try and, of course, super healthy. Do yiu usually just drink the juice in the morning, or do you have breakfast as well?

  • This is such a helpful post!
    Juicing has been something that I’ve been interested in but have never really gotten into.
    Think I will give it a try!

  • Super timely post as we’ve just bought our first juicer – an inexpensive one from Aldi – super easy to clean too 🙂

  • I’m doing a juice fast right now, so it was nice to get a few extra tips. I’m so happy I bought a juicer, I’m completely obsessed. Making your own juices is fun and delicious!

  • SO loving this post! We got a juicer for our wedding (3 years ago) and haven’t touched it out of sheer intimidation. This post helps!

  • This post was actually super helpful. I knew what juicing was obviously but this has some great tips. I may have to get into it at some point… hmm… Thanks for sharing.

  • I’ve been back on a juice kick lately and have been loving it! I’m loving it so much that I’m even thinking about upgrading from my hand-me-down juicer from the 80s to a real, powerful juicer.

    One thing I was curious about though, is why you remove the rind and stem? I always juice both, so I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if that’s taste preference.

  • I don’t have a juicer but it’s on my wishlist. Beautiful photography to go along with you post–love the vibrant colors of the juices you made! You know it’s good for you when it’s that intense. :]

  • Thanks for the tips! My hubs and I are fairly new to juicing. We started with a hand me down Champion juicer, but found out that it doesn’t handle leafy greens very well. For Christmas we purchased an Omega masticating juicer, and it works great on just about everything, but we did find that it doesn’t get out quite all of the juice from the produce (the leftover pulp is still quite juicy). So now have two and get the best of both worlds! I guess this just shows that there are pros and cons for every juicer.

  • A really fun combination is Granny Smith apples and lemons! So good!! There’s a restaurant here in Mpls that makes that as their lemonade- it’s very fresh tasting. 🙂


  • These all look delicious, but I am still on the fence about juicing…In the meantime, breakfast tostadas kind of count, right? They are topped with lime, avocado, cilantro…All healthy…

    Here is my recipe: http://districtandmore.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/breakfast-tostadas/

  • Apple + cucumber + carrot is my favorite combination! I usually throw a bunch of spinach and romaine in there as well.

  • I recently came upon your blog and I just love it! I started juicing just a bit ago and we didn’t have juicer so we used our blender. I had to come up with creative ways to strain the pulp, but the best cheap method I found is to use a paint strainer, which is just $4 at Home Depot for two ( a great alternative than buying a juicer for now). Here is my experience: http://victoriaswaterfalls.blogspot.com/2013/11/first-time-juicer.html

  • Do you feel that that juicer is slower? Is the leftover pulp dry? I bought some basic model to see if I liked it, I do, and I want to upgrade to a slower speed so I get more out of my produce.

    Ginger is my favorite, I love it with apples and it’s so good for you. Strawberries and oranges are fantastic together. I also like putting in a clove of garlic. My husband hates it when I do this but I find one per juicing isn’t so noticeable — note that I always add at least one lemon or lime to cover up the taste. Its one of those foods that’s just soo good for you I cant bear to skip it!I’ve also been working on increasing the spinach ratio as well!

    Yay for juicing!

    • Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t have a juicer yet but I’ve been thinking about making the plunge… in the meantime these are helpful tips for smoothies, too! Do you have recommendations for a good blender that are cheaper than Vitamix?

  • Oh, yes, this post is so informative, I love it. So far been blending smoothies mostly, as juicers are, like mentioned, quite the investment. But next time I have a bonus, I think it will go towards this!!

  • I absolutely love color coded juices. Always fun and a challenge to find ingredients that not only go together flavour wise but are close on the color wheel. Green, Red, Yellow, Purple … love em! Thanks for the coconut milk suggestion .. must do a White juice soon! x

  • Is there a reason why you remove the stem? I usually juice the stem. As a matter of fact, when I make kale salad I remove the stem and save it so I can juice it the next day. Just wondering if there is a nutritional reason or just because you don’t care for it…

  • I much prefer smoothies because I feel like with juicing…you kinda waste all the fiber and plant matter and all that good stuff, no? I’m sure the nutrition benefits are still great, but I can’t get past the feeling wasteful part!!

  • I’ve been considering buying a juicer and looking at the Breville Compact juicer. I was thinking that you used a Breville. Thanks for all of the great tips. I have to admit I keep going back on forth on wether I’ll use it due to time and clean up. I’m also a little taken back about how many vegetables and fruit went into your juices.

  • I fell in love with fresh juice over the holidays. YUM YUM


  • This was really interesting! Thank you for all of the tips and the info on the juicers that you have used. I’ll be bookmarking this post for future reference. I just got a food processor so I think I’ll learn to use that first and then graduate up to juicing later! 😉 I’m definitely planning on trying some smoothie recipes this year though.

    By the way, it would be really helpful to see a post like this on using a food processor. I got mine due in large part to your recipes (I love the edamame burgers but they were really hard to make in a blender!)

  • I love juicing, but I don’t like wasting the pulp, so I make smoothies instead. You still get a lot of vegetables and fruits, but you also get the pulp so you end up needing less. It makes it more affordable. Add a banana and it counteracts the ‘vegetable’ flavor. 🙂 Making smoothies ensures you don’t end up using too many fruits. It is a lot of sugar.

  • We’ve been juicing for years, and recently upgraded to a slower, masticating juicer as it retains more of the phytonutrients in the produce, as it doesn’t get as hot as it does with the centrifugal one.

    I really enjoying juicing beets and lots and lots of greens. Kale (all kinds!), Swiss chard, spinach, collards, etc. are so good when you just add a couple apples to the mix it’s not as hard to swallow. My motto is, if it’s edible eat it! Beets for example – make sure to throw the beet greens in with them!

    I’ve read about peeling citrus fruits before juicing, but honestly have never done it and it always comes out tasting great. I’ve never had that bitter peel taste in the juice. I’ve also always juiced the rinds of the kale too, just shove the whole thing in!

    Thanks for sharing your tips and such lovely photos!


  • Hey! I think it’s great to see whole, fresh ingredients being presented so attractively. Juicing is one way to introduce more produce into your diet, but you’d be much better off eating the fruits and veggies whole. Vitamins and minerals aren’t the only healthy benefit from these foods, and when you juice, you’re automatically missing out on all of that fiber, not to mention getting into the habit of drinking your calories. Just something to consider amongst the current craze of the juicing fad.

  • We’ve been juicing for years and make HUGE batches at once. There are two ways I’ve done this, both using small mason jars:

    1) Over a large bowl (to catch the overflow) slowly fill up the mason jar til it’s overflowing the top, kinda making the juice convex, then popping the first lid on, then screwing the top on. It seals in the juice with minimal air bubbles-the enemy of juice.

    2) Again with a small mason jar, fill it up to about 1/2-3/4 inch from the top, put the top on, and freeze. You must leave space for the liquid to expand.

    My father uses the first method, but my husband and I prefer the 2nd. When we drink our juice in the morning, we pull out the next day’s juices from the freezer, put in the fridge to defrost and it’s ready the next day!

  • I cannot wait to get settled into my new house and try making my own juices.


  • i just created a post on juicing yesterday – i’ve had my juicer for less than a month and im hooked! ive also gotten my boyfriend hooked too! its such a great healthy snack!

  • So glad you’ve featured juice. I juice almost every day for breakfast, my favorite is 2 handfuls spinach, 4 celery ribs, 1 apple and 1 lemon

  • I just got a juicer for Christmas, and I’m so excited to become familiar with juicing. This post came at a perfect time for me as I’m trying to gather as much info and as many recipes as possible as I embark on making this a daily habit. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is such a well timed post for me! I just bought a juicer and used it for the first time this morning. I made apple, beet, and carrot juice as well as apple, orange, carrot, spinach. Both were really good! I’m excited to try out more combinations. It definitely seems like it might be a bit expensive. I was surprised by how little I got out of my carrots. Definitely seems worth it though!


  • LOL – sometimes I think you guys are in my head! I just bought our first juicer yesterday – thank you for this!

  • I love the idea of juicing, but I can’t seem to switch from putting all that stuff in the blender to putting it through a juicer. do you end up with a lot of waste? what do you do with the waste? can it be used for soups or stews instead of tossing or composting? does the waste even have any nutritional value? does the juice have any fiber or is it all taken out in the solids? i’m just so curious and have so many questions!


  • This is great! Love these tips! I’m more of a smoothie girl, but I’d love to try juicing!


  • I am loving my new juicer, but so far I’ve only made orange juice. I’ll have to try the combinations you suggested.


  • these don’t look the most appetizing, but i’m sure they taste yummy! i’ll have to try for myself one of these days! www.heartofchic.com

  • I used to have fresh juice everyday for breakfast! But the clean up was such a hassle – I had the Breville juicer, so many parts to clean and leftover waste. Recently the bf and I invested in a Vitamix. I’ve tried making juice/smoothies a few times with it. On the plus side you get all the fiber that a juicer leaves behind. But on the down side the consistency and taste isn’t as good (to me anyways). I guess, I just have to let my taste buds adjust!



  • Just did my first juicing post after we got a juicer for Xmas! So much fun (but kind of a lot of clean up).


  • Great timing! We started juicing for the first time yesterday and my husband plans to to do it for 3 weeks, but I’m hoping to last at least one before incorporating back solid (healthy) foods. I’m having a rough time with the greens, but I made a pretty beet/celery juice that’s very earthy…I added lots of apples to cut the earth taste, haha.

  • I have a blender, so I think I will have to do smoothies first and then make a gentle transition. One of my old roomies had a juicer though and it was the BEST.

  • Oh my goodness! I have always wanted to juice, this is so perfect. Normally I just makes smoothies, but I am looking forward to beginning juicing.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Oohh, I love freshly squeezed juice! My go to recipe is three carrots, three celery sticks, an apple and half a lime 🙂 Thanks for sharing your recipes! I’ll definitely try them out 🙂


  • great tips! i would love love to get a juicer…but until then i will just stick to my daily green smoothies 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • very helpful, thanks! I don’t have a juicer yet but I’ve been thinking about making the plunge… in the meantime these are helpful tips for smoothies, too! Do you have recommendations for awesome blenders that are cheaper than Vitamix? would love a post on smoothies!


  • thats awesome – they all look so tempting. I have been juicing as well or rather smoothieing 🙂 as well since I have a Vitamix which is a blender and not a juicer.

    My favorite is green mix (organic, baby spinach, kale, chard)2 cups, one green apple and a tsp of agave nectar – delish

    Second that I tried today

    green mix (organic, baby spinach, kale, chard) 2 cups, half banana, pomegranate seeds 1 cup and a tsp of agave nectar – delish

    Hope you try these – if you do let me know if you like it

  • I love the idea of juicing but it’s so time consuming!


  • This post just made me want to buy a juicer even more and I have done some research on juicers, lend books at the library.

  • I have done sweet potatoes! They make a very thick and rich juice. I think I did it with apples and cinnamon. Like pie in a tumbler!

  • I did a 20 day juicing cleanse last February and loved it! I had so much energy, was completely satiated, and lost 6lbs. I learned something about myself, by only being able to have 3 unique flavors a day (I juiced at mealtimes). After juicing, I hated any food that was remotely salty and quit adding salt to almost everything. I highly recommend juicing as a cleanse or as a supplement to your diet. YUM! Now I am hooked on banana smoothies (6-8 very ripe bananas, water, ice). Simple and sweet!

  • i love juicing! i use an omega 8006.

    my favorite is a great breakfast juice of orange + pineapple + mango. i try to only drink it in the mornings though because it is so high in sugar, then i stick to the more veggie based juices the rest of the day. i was amazed at how easy it was for me to juice during the day and then have a regular dinner. and i feel so healthy!

    i recently learned you can juice sweet potatoes and it totally blew my mind. still scared to try it, but i have about 6 waiting in my veggie bowl just incase i’m feeling frisky.

  • I just got a Breville as a gift and am really excited about using it. I’d love to know how often you juice? How often do you think is necessary to get a lot of the health benefits?

  • I’m a juice addict! I have a Breville Juice Fountain and I adore it! Very easy to use and most of all easy to clean! My favorite combos are romaine, carrot,+ fennel. Kale + Apple. Cucumber, celery, carrot, beet, spinach, + apple. Cheers to juicing!

  • my husband and i juice every other day, and my favorite combo is kale, lemon, carrots & apples with ginger. so delicious!!

  • I’ve never juiced before and it’s a little intimidating because juicers are so expensive. These look delicious though and hopefully one day I’ll be able to try them out!



  • I’ve not tried making my own juices just yet, but I love drinking them, especially when I’m eating out with friends. Just the other day I had one containing carrot, orange and ginger, it was so delicious!

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