• Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • This is a bit late, but as a bike-commuter I get very frustrated with photo shoots such as this which feature bicycles as an accessory rather than a mode of transportation. Biking without a helmet and proper shoes (obviously I can’t see your shoes, but often these kind of shoots show women wearing heals/wedges/flip-flops on bikes) is extremely dangerous. There are over a dozen people killed bicycling in Seattle (where I live) every year. Many many more have close calls. While, I’m ecstatic that biking is becoming more popular and even “trendy,” I find shoots such as these unethical.

  • Oh, cool, I saw that magazine in the store and I THOUGHT that was you, but I wasn’t sure (& didn’t have a chance to peek through). Thanks for sharing!

  • I just made a poor-gal’s version of your Sosie dress! Nice to see it on the site again (I’d saved a copy of it from the first time round for reference). Looks much better on you but I’m super pleased with mine. Only cost me £6 to make!


  • I knew that was your pretty face! Saw the magazine news on Selective Potential! Congrats girlie!!

  • oh that’s so nice! so happy for you (:


  • You are so cute! And congrats on your magazine article.

    I loved the one of your wedding in Mollie Makes too!


  • I miss your old studio/loft. It was such a happy/creative space!

  • Congratulations, Elsie! I’ve seen the first feature recently on ‘Selective Potential’, I was so happy for you!

  • Congratulations! that is fantastic. The photo with the bicycle is fabulous!

  • This might be a bit more personal, but i’m kind of confused at how you and emma are sisters but she is chapman and you are flannigan?

  • Lovely! Bikes are so much fun to photograph!


  • ELSIE! That is awesome! I was just telling my dad your story earlier today, and how far you’ve come through blogging. You’re a true inspiration, Mrs. Larson!

  • Lovely photos! And yes, that guy on the page next to you is certainly stylin’ 🙂


  • You look beautiful! Congratz on the press!

    Amanda Rose

  • Wow, your old studio is so inspringly beautiful!


  • Congrats! Wish I had a copy to read in to, but these sneak peaks look awesome!

  • Aww, you’re just SO CUTE on that and in it!

    xoxo, Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  • Wow! You are an inspiration!

    What a wonderful accomplishment. You go girl!!

    Cathy Trails

  • Wowza, glad you’re getting all the positive attention you do for your hard (and inspirational) work.Rx


  • I really like this bicycle-article and these photos!


  • I have a copy of that Momentum magazine!!
    I get sent a lot of publications at work, and that cover definitely jumped out at me!! Congrats girl!!


  • Oh, that’s cool! And I like the red dress with the dotts (are this ‘dotts’? Ouu, my english!!) 🙂

  • Congrats on the feature. It must be so exciting, because I would be jumping out of my shoes if I were to ever be featured. 🙂

    THATS GRYT, Aves Gry

  • Those photos are both adorable! Really want to go and take some bike photos after exams. 🙂

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