Katie’s Gallery Wall

Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful MessHey, friends!! This morning we wanted to update you on the results of this recent contest we hosted with Canon USA, where we got to give away a new printer, $1,000, and a little visit from us. It’s not every day that we get to visit a blog reader’s home and help them make over a wall. We had SO much fun!

The winner of our contest was Katie Thierjung. She’s a college student with an incredible Instagram and super cute Etsy shop. We immediately loved Katie’s whole aesthetic and begged her to use some of her own photos in her gallery wall.

Here’s a photo of Katie’s bedroom before:

BeforeShe made us a pin board with a lot of inspiration, and then we pitched her three ideas to choose from. One was a crazy tissue fringe covered wall, one was an abstract painted wall, and the last was a classic gallery wall. Katie chose the gallery wall and after really knowing her space, I think she made the right choice! It turned out so fresh and nice.

Before we arrived, Katie did a few updates she had already been wanting to do, painting her walls white and replacing her bed with a sofa bed. It brightened the space up and served her function as a bedroom and workspace for her design work.

Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess We started with a few fun prints from past Happy Mail boxes. Emma and I raided our stashes at home and brought a bunch of pieces for Katie to choose from.

Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess Next, we printed a bunch of Katie’s Instagram photos using the Canon PIXMA iP8720 Crafting Printer that she won in the contest. It’s a wide format printer and very useful for a gallery wall project like this. It’s crazy how good the quality is when you’ve only seen a photo TINY on Instagram. Her photos looked incredible blown up.

You can also see here that we used colorful poster board to trace all the frame sizes, and then we hung them in place to make sure the spacing looked right.


Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess Here we are halfway through the hanging process.

Here’s a video where you can see a time lapse of pretty much our whole day!


Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess SUCCESS! This gallery wall made a huge impact, and we had it done before sunset – wooooo!!!

Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess Katie's Gallery Wall with A Beautiful Mess What a fun day! High fives all around. xx- Elsie + Emma

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I want to know too!
    I also want the deets on her sofa bed, if you have them!

  • Hi Lea!
    I’m not 100% clear on what you mean, but just to clarify-
    Katie does not work for us. She’s a blog readers just like everyone else who entered! 🙂 Canon was the sponsor of this giveaway.
    Does that clear it up?
    xx- Elsie

  • I love the result, but find it a bit odd that she is working for the same company you work with. For a giveaway that seems a bit weird, because I think there shouldn’t be any obvious connection. 🙂

  • It’s the Friheten from Ikea… I have one myself!


  • This looks so cute! I am planning on doing something similar on the wall behind my bed, so at least I have some inspiration here 🙂

  • Love it! I have hanging glass globes to incorporate into my gallery wall I’m creating and am not sure what type of plants to put in them. Did you use air plants or succulents? Are they hanging from the ceiling or the wall?

  • Such a lovely thing to do! Love the result!
    Holly x
    The Twins’ Wardrobe

  • That looks so wonderful, well done!

  • I loved the project! Became the space so much more personal. Very cool. I wanna make one on my bedroom.
    Did you use photo paper?


  • Super cute!
    Where are the frames from? I’m trying to do my own gallery wall and can’t find the right white frames.


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