Keyboard Piano Plush Toy

Keyboard Piano Plush ToyIt's no secret that we love plush! Today Katie is going to teach you to make an adorable plush keyboard piano toy. The little ones in your life will love this plush, plus it doubles as a pillow too! Here's how it's done: 
Keyboard Piano Plush Toy1. Supplies Needed: 1/4-yard canvas fabric in two colors (one for the front and one for the back of your pillow), white felt, black felt, scissors, permanent ink (we use StazOn), a letter stamp set and polyfill stuffing. A sewing machine is optional for this project. You can also stitch it by hand! 2. Cut out your shapes and arrange them on your keyboard. My keyboard measured 28 inches wide by 15 inches tall, the white felt key pad was 17-1/2 inches wide by 9 inches tall, and the black keys were 1/2 inch wide by 5 inches tall. For the smaller shapes I traced around household items such as spools of thread, bobbins, and butter boxes. Use a pen, and mark the placement of your controls on your keyboard. Measure out your keys (mine were 1-1/4 inches apart) and draw guidelines with a straight edge for stitching them later. 3. Stitch the knobs, controls, and label on with a sewing machine. 4. Take your keypad piece of white felt and stitch along your guidelines (with black thread) to create the lines defining the keys. Add the black keys in as you go. 5. Once all of your keys are sewn on, sew the keypad onto the top piece of the keyboard. Once the keypad is attached, sew the top and bottom pieces of your keyboard together (inside out). Leave one of the sides open for stuffing. 6. Flip the keyboard right-side-out and stuff. Handstitch the open end closed.

Keyboard Piano Plush Toy (finished)Keyboard Piano Plush Toy (finished)Have fun making your own plush piano keyboard! These make great gifts! 

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