Kiddo Gift Guide

Hello friends! It’s Elsie! I am excited to write today’s gift guide because even before I was a mom, I have been a proud aunt for more than 10 years. I love shopping for kiddos—it’s my favorite part of the holidays. Here are some things on my list this year for my own kids and also some of the older kiddos on our Christmas list!

1. Mouse vacation set
I love these toys! Everything Maileg is my absolute favorite!

2. First balance bike I REALLY want to get this for Nova. It’s so gorgeous and looks like a lot of fun!

3. Instax square camera
If you’ve got a larger gift budget, this is absolutely the best gift I’ve ever given my daughter. We’ve used it SO much. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. We’ve made so many memories with this camera!

4. Ukulele 
By far one of my favorite gifts to give kiddos. They come in lots of colors including blue and yellow too!

5. Take Out Plush Toy
Just so cute!

6. Pottery wheel
This is a genius gift. 10-year-old Elsie is SUPER into this!

7. Calico Critters otter family
These are in Nova’s stocking this year. They are my favorite toy to collect for her. They are getting a DIY dollhouse to play in, too. I love how both the mom and dad otter are carrying a baby!

8. Easel with storage drawer
This is a NICE easel that can grow with your child into adulthood.

9. Swan JoyRides Rocker

10. Sequin cape and wand set

11. Monkey family

12.  Dream World Puzzles
Nova is SO into puzzles. It’s not as easy as you would think to find puzzles under 100 pieces and there are a huge variety of these. Plus, I love Emily Martin and everything she does, so it’s fun to pass that along to Nova!

Happy shopping! XX- Elsie

  • I have that mermaid tea party puzzle and another EWM puzzle and my almost four year old daughter LOVES them. She’s got a balance bike coming to her for her birthday just after the new year…not as cute as this one, but it comes with pedals separately that you can add later. Hopefully she’ll enjoy growing into this bike and riding it for years to come!

  • How old was your daughter when you gave her the camera? I’d like to do this with my girl, she’s just over 2, so I think she is still a little young.

  • Any thoughts on what to get tweens and teens? I have no idea what my nieces think is cool!

  • I have to share an emotional ukulele story.

    4 years ago, I bought 2 ukuleles. One for myself, and one for my kids, to give as Christmas presents. In mid-November, we had a house fire. The presents were in the closet in which the fire started (caused by a power surge). Everything I bought, including the ukuleles, was gone. We had that Christmas in a temporary rental house.

    A few months ago, my daughter, now 7, started guitar lessons. Every time she walks in the music store where her lessons are held, she goes to the ukuleles and begs for one. This year, in our brand new house (we sold the house where the fire occurred), she’s finally getting a ukulele for Christmas.

  • Oh gosh, I want the camera for myself! Cute picks! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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