Kids Clothes Rack DIY

KidsClothesRack7Our little bungalow came with an itty bitty closet in the kids’ shared room. We’ve been able to teach them to put their folded clothes away in their dresser drawers, but button-up shirts and dresses are usually left for me to hang since they still can’t reach the rod in the closet. I have always loved the look of pipe clothing racks, but they can be costly, so I decided to try out a PVC pipe version. It’s a great way to add more clothing storage and put things within arms reach so my kids can put their hanging clothes away themselves!

-precut wood measuring 3/4″ x 15″ x 36″
-spray paint in two colors
-three 3/4″ x 5′ lengths of PVC pipe
-super glue (not shown)

-power drill
-1 3/8″ drill bit
-hand saw
-sandpaper in 150 and 100 grit

HolesStep One: Mark the center of each short end of your board about 2″ in from the edge with your pencil. Attach your bit to your drill and carefully drill through. Be sure to wear your safety goggles! Sand your board with your roughest sandpaper and then your finer sandpaper for a smooth finish.

IMG_7162Step Two: Cut one length of your 5′ PVC pipe in half to get two 30″ pieces. This height is perfect for 4-6T dresses. If you’re needing a taller rack, cut two of your 5′ PVC pipes to measure between 32″-38″. For the top bar, cut another 5′ PVC pipe to measure 32″. Then cut four 5 1/2″ lengths and four 3″ lengths for the base. I used a hand saw, but you can easily use a circular saw if you have one available.

SprayStep Three: Spray your wood and your pipes with your specific spray paints. I chose the yellow for its unique color, not its specific job. Be sure you’re using plastic-friendly spray paint on the PVC pipe. I went over mine in white to help hide the bar codes and other type. You may need to spot spray a few coats over the black if you’re using a light color such as white. Follow manufacturer’s directions.

GlueitalltogetherStep Four: Place your two 30″ pipes (or whichever equal lengths you choose) parallel to each other as shown. Attach one 90-degree elbow pipe to the top of each 30″ pipe so that they face each other. Fit one 5 1/2″ length into each side of both tee fittings. Follow with one 90-degree elbow fitting on the other end of each 5 1/2″ pipe length. Follow with one 3″ length into the open end of the elbow fitting, and finish with the end caps. That will create both base legs as shown above. Do not attach side pipes to base legs yet.

Step Five: Unless you’re planning on taking this apart often, I suggest adding super glue inside the elbow fittings on top of both sides before adding your top pipe. This will help strengthen it and keep it from getting pulled apart easily. DO NOT super glue your base legs to the side pipes until AFTER you’ve added the wood. 

IMG_7316Step Six: Fit your base legs so that they are sitting cozily inside your drilled holes, and attach your side poles. I suggest super glue in between these joints unless you plan on taking it apart for storage.

KidsClothesRack3KidsClothesRack6KidsClothesRack4KidsClothesRack8This can easily be added to a play room and filled with costumes to help keep a dress-up space organized. The wood shelf is a great spot to store shoes and bags and gives kids easy access to all of their stuff.

Ruby claimed it as hers right away. I have a feeling I won’t have to remind her to hang her dresses up when she’s decided it’s time for a wardrobe change! Rachel

Note: While this piece works as a great storage option, it’s not strong enough for kids to climb and hang on. Be sure to have a chat with your kids about using it appropriately so they can stay safe.

Credits // Author: Rachel Denbow. Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with Pearl from the Fresh Collection.

  • See my comment about using an inner dowel for added strength. Also use 1″ pvc instead of 3/4″ for extra strength.

  • Suggestion: To make it stronger without going bigger, insert hardwood dowels inside the pvc running the long verticals and top cross bar. Make the top one the longest to reach the inner end of each elbow. Another possible adjustment is to use tee’s instead of elbows at the top having the dowel touch the tee at both sides. The tees keep hangers from slipping off the ends if too many hangers are used.

  • Such a great idea! A cool tool to try for this DIY project would be Bondic! It’s a liquid plastic welder that is super easy to use and dries in only four seconds when exposed to a UV light! Check it out:

  • I need to make a half-size version of this for my dogs. What? Your dogs don’t have clothes too? It’s the only way my Dachshund and Chiweenie will go outside in the rain, they have to be wearing clothes. Nope, not ashamed to be that doggy mama. Haha.

  • This is a super cute litle clothing rack, but I’m wondering what other materials could be used, as I thought using PVC for children’s products can be hazardous. (More info here: and a quick google search may tell you more ).

  • That’s such a fab idea! Looks great, and it’s good because you can paint it any colour to suit your colour scheme!

  • Really glad I found your blog! I have been itching to do DIY projects 🙂 I love anthropologie and your crafts remind me a lot of their store!

    Bombshell approved!
    Boys and Bombshells

  • Dying of cuteness right now. RIP…

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    I hope you have a beautiful day!!! <3

  • This is so cute for…one day!

  • I really love displaying my own clothes on my clothing rack and I love the idea of a kiddy version! So cute! I don’t have my own littles yet, but this is definitely getting filed away for the future.


  • That is so adorable. And dang, that kid is dressed better than me! XD

  • This is SO CUTE! I don’t have kids, but I sell homemade skirts online and this would make a great hanging rail for all my skirts! I love the yellow plank at the bottom, it’s such a lovely colour xx

  • Now how could this not be cool I wonder!!! I just love it and see my 3 grand daughters getting pretty excited about this project.

    Thank you,


  • wow so cute and simple could probably knock this up over a weekend!

  • Wow, what a clever little idea, and very professional finish. I bet they love putting their pretty clothes on that, and arranging things on the bench.

  • Hey, that’s a great idea! I bought a standalone closet organizer with two hanging bars, and the lower one is about 5 inches too short for my shirts. Boo hiss! I bet it’d be easy to DIY a double-decker, tailor-made, correct-height closet organizer with this technique.

  • I love the idea of having a platform at the bottom to put shoes and stuff. What a cool idea! 🙂

  • Great idea using pvc pipes! Here’s a different version if you’re interested.

  • Absolutely love that! I was thinking about this in my own room! amazing!

  • Tara,
    I wouldn’t suggest trying one for grown ups unless you made it rather narrow and used larger, thicker pipe. The weight of adult clothing and how many you’d hang on there to make it practical might buckle it or at least cause it to bend.

  • It looks awesome. I like the yellow you chose so bright and pretty.

  • How smart to make your own cheap version and it looks great!

  • This is so cute! Do you think it’s durable enough for a grown-up closet too?

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