Kinsey’s Everyday Styling Routine

Kinsey's Everyday Styling RoutineIt's time for round four of Everyday Styling with Kinsey. Click here to see the rest- 1+2+3.

1 - concealer and loose powder Growing up, my freckles were my biggest insecurity. I couldn't wait till I was old enough to wear makeup and cover them up. But in high school I realized if I'm going to have these freckles forever, I might as well learn to love them! Since then, I started choosing earth tones to highlight my darker features and compliment my millions of freckles.

I start off my makeup routine with a small amount of foundation on any blemishes and underneath my eyes. I use Rimmel London Clean Finish 230 Warm Ivory. I then cover my t-zone with loose powder by CoverGirl. If there is one makeup step I never skip, it's powder. I have naturally oily skin, so I try and keep a loose powder handy at all times. 2 - bronzer Next, I apply bronzer to my face, with an extra brush or two on my cheek bones. I switch up my bronzer quite frequently, but my favorite is bareMinerals Warmth All Over3- eyeshadowI start off my eye makeup by first applying eye shadow. I'm an eye shadow fanatic, so I usually wear two or three shades at a time. I first apply a dark, copper color to my lid, then blend it up to a gold shade. Here I'm wearing Maybelline Eyeshadow in Golden Halo and Maybelline Eyeshadow in Copper Craze.4 eye linerI'm all about the cat eye look. I use Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Liner in black. Making sure I have a waterproof liner is really important to me during a photo shoot because I'm constantly squinting and looking through the view finder on my camera so my eyes tend to water a lot.  5 - mascara To finish off my eyes I use an eyelash curler and CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara7 - brows Next, I lightly pencil in my brows. My brows are really dark, so I use a shade lighter so that they don't look too bold once I'm finished. 8 - chapstickThe last step to my makeup routine is a good dose of chapstick.  I wear Nivea Lip Balm, A Kiss of Moisture and occasionally A Kiss of Shimmer when my outfit has a little pink or violet in it. I've tried out lipstick and it's just not for me. Either that or I have yet to find my perfect shade. Until that day, I'll stick with my good ole chapstick.9 - teasing hairI have fine hair, so I always tease my roots a bit before styling.9 - teasing hairYou can find my hair routine here. When I'm not sporting the mermaid curls or beach waves I've usually put my locks into a top knot. This has been my favorite during the summer heat. Kinsey's Everyday Styling RoutineKinsey's Everyday Styling RoutineKinsey's Everyday Styling RoutineThanks so much for sharing your styling routine, Kinsey! You are beautiful. ♥

  • beautiful! and your freckles are gorgeous, don’t try to cover them up 🙂 xx

  • So much better without the makeup! The bronzer is just over the top, you’re too pretty to use it!

  • She has too much bronzer on and it isn’t properly applied. Her before picture is much nicer.

  • I love the use of Drugstore brands. I, myself am currently trying to kick the expensive makeup habit!

  • I love your hair kinsey! The curls are gorgeous..I wish I was good at curling my hair!

    Sita xx

  • I just clicked on the top knot link – sooooo interesting, I never knew you actually knotted the hair into place …. having said that my hair is sooooo fine I’m not sure it would work :o( … and anyway I guess it would need to get a lot longer … good to know though as I reckon at least one of my daughters is going to have gorgeous hair!

  • I absolutely adore these posts! Before and Afters are one of my favs to read up on, on ABM (and of course your amazing DIY posts). Thanks E+E for your amazing content.


  • I absolutely love her freckles. Also, the fact that she uses easily found/drugstore products!


  • Oooo thanks for posting makeup tips from a freckled girl! My coloring is similar to Kinsey’s and I always struggle with traditional makeup guides. I’ll be trying these tips out when I’m a bridesmaid this weekend!

  • Oh my, she is so gorgeous! Don’t cover up those freckles- they’re beautiful. Great routine!

  • I am a big fan of Revlon’s Lip Butters in Pink Truffle. It’s a nice pink brown neutral shade. It has more color than a chapstick but not as heavy as lipsticks. I recommend it. Or any shade in the Lip Butters collection that you might like better.

  • great tutorial ! Love it !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog

  • wooooow, how beautiful!!
    i have thick hair so it’s very hard for me to find the right technique.. but a friend of mine got also a straightener like this. i think i should try if it works better with this one then with my curler.

  • I love your blog!! And these series are beautiful!!
    Would you one day consider showing the everyday styling routine of a black woman with dark skin?

  • Kinsey looks so beautiful and she has such a beautiful smile and rarely smiles!! I love all of the tutorials of the everyday styling routines! 😀 It gives me tons of ideas for when I have rush mornings getting ready for work. Thank you! “Natural Beauty is just well, Beautiful”

  • Hey! Nivea is the best! I know a lady who has no wrinkles almost with her 80! XD Love this series! Cute freckles!!! Natusia

  • How do you get your fine hair to grow so long? I have fine hair and lately it just doesn’t want to grow.

  • So gorgeous! And we definitely have a similar styling routine. I love these posts. Looking forward to more! 😀


  • I just have to say that I have yet to see one of these everyday hair and makeup routine photos where the girl didn’t look 1,000,000 times better in the before photo. Perhaps that’s just my bias, but why are you girls covering up your lovely faces so much?

  • I just love her. she is so cute! I agree Kinsly, lipstick isn’t my thing either.

  • SO pretty! And very simple makeup which I love!


  • Looks beautiful with and without and those freckles are so cute.


  • I just love how she looks with no make-up! I thought the same on Emma’s post. I mean, they both do beautiful make-up routines and end up looking really pretty, but in the end I like the first picture the most. This just goes to show me that maybe make-up is not always necessary. I’m quite an addict myself and hardly ever feel pretty without make-up, although people keep telling me that I am. Now that I see these ladies are also prettier with a totally fresh bare look – maybe I should start looking at myself the same way.
    No, seriously, the make-up is really pretty, but she just looks sort of smarter without, if I dare to say this. Less girly, more capable, daring, ambitious.

  • You are seriously beautiful! you don’t even need makeup I wish i looked like you :’)

  • kinsey, you have gorgeous hair & pretty eyes! i never liked my freckles either. yours are darling. 🙂

  • Kinsey is beautiful! her beauty routine is actually quite similar tomine

  • Thanks for sharing! I honestly love the “before” picture more than the “after” though! Stunning.

  • She’s so gorgeous! I totally want to try out this look. Check out my blog:

  • Lol freckles! that’s nothing 🙂 And freckles aren’t ugly or anything! I think they look super cute!

    You’re very very pretty!!!


  • maybe its just me , but i think she pulls the little-no makeup look extremely well- much better than i do Kami from thebluekazoo

  • You are just the prettiest thing ever! I love how you do your eye make-up. You look so fresh and radiant.

  • Love this! I just filmed a video last week to go up at the end of the month about my everyday routine as well. These are just so much fun to read!

  • Love this! i love kinsey!!


  • I adore freckles! I wish I had some 🙂
    Merrily Merrily,


  • I adore frecles! I wish I had some 🙂
    Merrily Merrily,


  • She has the cutest freckles! I am definitely going to try this.

  • Very beautiful! I love that you embrace your freckles.

  • LOVELY! You look great in both the before AND the AFTER!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Lovely! And, as an Irish girl who surprisingly does not have freckles, I have always been obsessed with them. I think freckles are lovely…they add such a unique element to a person’s complexion.

  • I’m sorry but I think she looks way better in the “Let’s begin..”-photo!

  • Wonderful post for the makeup 🙂 I have a quick question, the last time Kinsey posted her beautiful beach waves and mermaid hair “how to” I tried it but couldn’t get the same results 🙁 I couldn’t understand the twisting part with the flat iron.. Do you think she could post a video how to? Would be great! Help please <3

  • I love this series! So lovely to look at and sometimes, the tips shown come in handy! 🙂


  • She’s absolutely stunning, i’m always so jealous of people with freckles and i love the beachy waves!

  • I think she looked just as beautiful before. If I was that pretty with such naturally awesome hair, I’d definitely save myself the faff of doing my hair and makeup everyday. Sigh.

    Still, the beachy waves look rad all the same (:

  • Kinsey is so so cute- her freckles are adorable, I love that she doesn’t try to hide them x

  • Love nivea lip balm 🙂 She’s beautiful, love her natural freckles!

  • I love that she uses drugstore products- it proves that the expensive brands aren’t always the best.

    Life Unsweetened

  • Love how fresh & natural this look is!
    That is always the prettiest, in my opinion! 🙂

  • I love your eye shadow!! I have a few similar colors so I might have to try my own take on your look.

  • I love these Everyday styling routine posts. Kinsey, you have beautiful hair that I’m jealous of. I love how you style your hair daily.

    xoxo Jess.

  • Kinsey is gorgeous with no make up, but her beauty is emphasized even more with the make up.

  • Agreed with the natural beauty comment, Kinsey is pretty with no make-up at all. And as a naturally curly-haired chick I’m jealous of that slick straight hair. I like it even more before it’s curled!

  • Yay! I love this series. 🙂

    Kinsey, you’re SO beautiful, with or without makeup. The before-picture is so stunning!

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