(LA hacks ABM) 10 Things we Love about Elsie

Hi Everyone! This is Leigh-Ann (not Elsie).

Today is our sweet Elsie's 28th Birthday and I'm hacking her blog to make a special post for her with YOU! Let's make a big list of all the things we love about Elsie! The goal: To make her blush, smile big, and feel all the love possible from her readers, friends and fans! xo


Feel free to leave Birthday Wishes for Elsie in the comments along with why you love her (or little things that are so special about our favorite blogger)! The Top 10 list below was created throughout the day today with comments Elsie's wonderful readers left 🙂 Thanks for joining in everyone! xo, LA

1. (from LA) You are amazing. As your friend, I see you behind the scenes and I think you're absolutely incredible (on top of your blog & career). You have a huge, tender, generous heart and you love your friends and family so selflessly, majorly and in ways I've never seen before. Your relationship with your family is beautiful and in my opinion, you and Jeremy are the strongest young couple I've ever seen. You're so perfect for him and he is for you– it's a gift to the world! The way you melt when you see puppies is the cutest thing about you and when you laugh so hard your can't talk, it's perfection. You dance in the aisles of Target when no ones looking, you change your outfit like, 50 times a day and you keep Starbucks in business 😉 You enjoy life in a way that is uniquely you and you help us and everyone who knows you see the world through your beautiful eyes! I'm so thankful to have you as a friend and I hope you have the best year ever ahead of you! Happy Birthday Pilgrim!

2. You prove dreams are possible! Thanks for showing us that it really does pay off to work hard and put your heart in what you believe in.

3. 100% the real deal… authentic, creative, genuine, motivational, kind, talented, fun, determined, optimistic, sweet, fearless, business savy, dedicated, true to yourself.

4. The most inspirational person and a big impact on so many lives! Your blog puts a smile on so many faces 🙂

5. Your style & creativity is awesome and contagious!

6. "You inspire me to appreciate every moment. To always look positively on a situation. To be true to myself. To dream big and then go do it!"

7. You have awesome hair.

8. "You're a little sprite who sprinkles us all with her magical dust."

9. "I've followed you for a long long time. Ever since your first book, and regularly drooled over your Love, Elsie line that was carried at the scrapbooking store I worked at. I gotta say, seeing where you were and where you are now… I really admire your tenacity and passion to pursue a handmade dream. You very well could have kept on the mainstream path that was proving you very successful, but instead you followed your heart. That is without a doubt, the most admirable thing about you… You didn't choose the easy road! That tenacity, passion and spark for life is an amazing gift that you share the world over everyday. Thanks for being an inspiration to everyone who is trying to follow their own dreams!"

10. You are a real life SUPER HERO!


Happy Birthday Elsiecakeeeee!!

  • Elsie is the most inspirational person I’ve found and I hope to tell her so face to face one day!

    Penblwydd Hapus i ti Elsie! (that’s Welsh)

    Beth xx

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! I love your originality, creativity, and the way you inspire people. You put a smile on the faces of people who have never even met you! You truly seem excited about life and all it has to offer, and I think that more people should take a page out of that book. The world is a better place with someone like you in it, and I hope you have an absolutely fabulous day.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You are so inspiring, you creativity and enthusiasm always motivate me to being willing to step out and try new ideas.Hope you have a fabulous day!

  • Happy birthday lady!
    your style & foxy good looks are very inspiring, your outlook on life is actually very refreshing. have an amazing day, cheers =)

  • it’s so easy to love elsie because she is 100% the real deal… authentically, creatively, genuinely, eslie-ly

    happy birthday, elsie!
    thanks for sharing your light with us.

  • Happy birthday, Elsie!! You are seriously the most stylish, talented and gorgeous girl I have ever seen. I hope you have a super wonderful birthday.

  • elsie, happy birthday! you’re living life to the fullest! it’s inspiring! thanks for taking all of us on the journey! so excited for all your new ventures! hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  • Happy birthday, Elsie.

    I love you for being so inspirational and motivating. Reading your blog always brightens up my day.

    I love that you are living your dream and never stop dreaming bigger.

    You are fabulous.

    I hope your day will be extra special and magical and you will have the best time ever with all your loved ones around you.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!

    You have been such a HUGE inspiration to me to follow my dreams + always be happy and creative where ever I go.

    You are my favourite blogger and I really hope you have the best day ever! <3

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! I’ve been in love with your blog and your art for a few years now. I am in awe of your talent! You are truly an inspiration to the crafting community. But you don’t let it all go to your head – you are also super-sweet!
    <3 Amy

  • Happy Birthday, Elise!!

    You are one of the most creative, skilled, and beautiful ladies I know. I check your blog like 15 times a day to see what sort of wonders you are posting. I love it. Visiting your store is definetly on my “things to do before I die or move out of the country” list. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into your blog and into the world. You really do make the world a brighter place. 🙂

    <3 Katie Mae

  • When I stumbled across a beautiful mess a year and a half ago, I didn’t realise how much of an impact both the blog and you would have on my life. You opened my eyes to a world of creativity, inspiration, community and *beauty* that I had never experienced before. Since first visiting your little corner of the internet I have come back every single day since, and as bizarre as it may sound you have become an incredibly important part of my life even though you are on the other side of the world.

    Your life seems so dreamy, I am incredibly envious of what you have achieved, you are the perfect example of hard work really paying off and for that I will always look up to you. I guess what I’m getting at is that I want to thank you for helping me discover so much more about myself and for inspiring me *every single day*. You are a beautiful, beautiful woman and I wish you the most perfect birthday, you absolutely deserve it.

  • Happy birthday to you! 😀
    I really hope you have a great day 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that I’m reading your blog every day, here in Holland ^^


  • Happy Birthday Elsie!

    You inspire me everyday with your blog and motivate me to keep my goals in front of me!

    Thank you for being so open and honest and such an inspiration. Have A Great Birthday!


  • Elsie, your determination, creativity and optimism make you an inspiration to young women from all over the world. It was only after I found your blog that I felt like my dreams of becoming an artist were achievable. You are a go-getter and an incredible woman. You make me strive to be a better one!

    Kayleigh x

  • happy birthday elsie!
    you inspire me completely. it’s so weird how someone you’ve never met, and never even had personal contact with can inspire you. i hope one day to get where you are. i’d love to have my own store with vintage and handmade. and you’ve done it perfectly! you obviously work really hard at what you do and you manage to make it successful. you seem to be able to appreciate everything that happens to you and learn from it. your blog and your life is inspiring. you’re a wonderful person and woman and i’m glad to have found your blog.

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie!

    Your blog was my first saved favorite on my new computer in June! You are talented, loyal, dedicated, inspiring, gorgeous, and amazingly kind! I love that you are proof that dreams can come true. You give me the courage each day to know that if I work hard, I really will succeed. I cannot give up, and you are the encouragement I need….my daily dose of “you can do it!” Thanks Elsie, for everything that you do, you talented Diva! I hope that your birthday is every bit as amazing as you are!

  • happy birthday elsie! you do what you do so well. i love your blog; it’s practically bursting with creativity and it’s impossible not to be inspired by you and your work. the best thing about you is that you are so completely “you”. it’s unique and lovely and so rare.
    best wishes on your special day.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You have been one of my biggest inspirations for a long time! I love your originality, sweetness and fun spirit!

  • happy birthday elsie.

    in the past year, you’ve motivated me to be creative and ambitious again. i think you send a message to your viewers to be yourself and make the most of every day. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! Your blog has been consistently something I can go to put a smile on my face! Reading it is my favorite part of every morning, seriously! Your blog and classes have given me so much. You a huge inspiration as a super talented artist and business woman. Thank you for putting so much of yourself on the internet for all of us to adore and strive to live as magical a life as you do!

  • Happy Birthday E!

    She makes me crafty. I can easily use her ideas for a craft prompt and feel amazed I was even able to try it, let alone accomplish it. Thanks!!

  • happy birthday elsie!! hope you have the most fantastic weekend to celebrate! when i first started blogging and finding other blogs, a beautiful mess was among one of the first ones i found and added to my blogroll 10 months ago! it has been wonderful to see elsie turn her dream into a reality and it truly is an inspiration for us all! just from reading elsie’s blog and tweets, you can tell she is sweet, business savvy, fashionable, fun, and obviously beautiful!! 😀

  • happy birthday elsie!
    i love elsie ’cause everyday when i’m reading her blog, she put a smile on my face! =)
    best wishes from brasil!

  • you’re creativity and passion for what you do are contagious. you love what you do, you put yourself out there, you are so BRAVE. it’s inspiring 🙂

    happy birthday lady!!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! Wow! This is probably the nicest thing ever!! You have awesome friends!

    You inspire me to appreciate every moment. To always look positively on a situation. To be true to myself. To dream big and then go do it! Your blog is my favorite – its always beautiful. My friend and I dream about making a road trip to Red Velvet! If you only knew how many people care about you…

    I hope you have a fabulous day and don’t foget to tell us all about it hee hee 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!!

    Well I’ve only known you’ve existed for about a year but you’ve probably been my biggest inspiration since I discovered the online crafty community… about 6 years ago… and I read a LOT of internet so that’s saying something! haha 🙂 You’ve shown me and thousands of others designers and artists in the making just what’s possible in the creative industry and just when we think you can’t be any more amazing – you pull something else out of your sleeve! Your joy for life really shines through your work and rubs off on me after every blog post – so thankyou! xoxo

  • Happy Birthday! You are without a doubt inspiring with your creativity and your dedication to all your projects and endeavors. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • Happy birthday, girl!!!!
    Elsie is so generous with the advice and inspiration she gives to other aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. She wants to see others succeed, and that is something I truly appreciate about that sweet girl.

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! I think it’s sooo sweet that you stopped to have coffee with a fan and a Springfield tourist (me!) at the drop of a hat. Not many people would have done that, and I really am giddy that I got to share a coffee date with you! Until next time… thanks for being a dear! Can’t wait to see the new shop! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday – I’ve a blog stalker for quite some time and being 28 myself you are so inspirational I wish I had the determination to be self employed like you and live the dream instead of having a day job that pays the bills you are so strong brave and independent and not afraid to be your true self!! Amazing!!

  • Happy Birthday again!! You are the most inspiring person in all blogland!! Not only for the precious things you create, or for the funny way you show them, also for the worderful loving person you are with your family, friends and with us here. Thank you so much for beeing there! 🙂

  • happy birthday, Elsie! I am always inspired by your blog and your work. I hope this year is as amazing as the last!
    lots and lots of love.


  • Wow LA… your words made me cry. What beautiful words.

    Happiest of Birthdays Elsie!
    You are without a doubt one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. To make your dreams become reality and share it, giving us hope that it is truly possible… I think that is the most remarkable thing. Many blessing to you!!

  • lets be honest… elsie is the beginning of inspiration in the internet blog world! elsie, you make us all want to DO and DO BETTER 😉
    happy birthday darling!

    -tiffany. (Los Angeles)

  • I love you cause eventhough i only know you on blogland ( and met you once at a CHA)you let us all in on your life and are so real, I feel like Ive known you forever!!! Youve inspired my love of redvelvet cupcakes, free style scrappin, and a ETSY ( omg what did you do!!!) Happy birthday chica!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for all you do and for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!

  • Elsie!!!! happy birthday!!! you are one of the most inspiring people!!! i hope that one day when i have my own successful art career i can only be half as inspiring as you! for me, as a struggling student and artist, i often feel like i should give in and pursue another dream but your store and your story are in the back of my mind giving me that little extra push that i need sometimes! and for that, there are not enough thank yous!
    hope year 28 is the very best so far!

  • Elsie! Happiest of Birthdays!! I am so giddy and so honored to have gotten to know you a little better this year. You are truly a beautiful soul, inside and out. You inspire me and thousands of people to follow their dreams. You’re a little sprite who sprinkles us all with her magical dust. Love you!!! xoxoxo


    Hope you to have the most beautiful day ever, wanna tell you that I admire you as a person, as an artist, as a stylist, wow!!! you´re great =)

    I wishhh youuu TONS of happiness today,

    my best for you =)

    Gina F.

  • Hope you’re having a *wonderful* birthday, Elsie! (and since it’s a Friday, the rule of thumb is that you have permission to keep celebrating throughout the weekend! Enjoy!!)

    To reiterate what many of your readers/friends/fans have already said: you are an inspiration…and we’re all just super lucky that you permit us to participate in your life through this lovely blog of yours.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • I’ve came across Elsie’s blog and Flickr page around a year ago. I finally got to meet her in person when she took part in the San Francisco edition of Renegade this year.

    One of my favorite things about Elsie is seeing the strength she has and how restlessly she pursuits her dreams. I’ve been watching Red Velvet shop becoming a reality through her blog, and it continues to amaze me. I also love to see some objects in her shop that I know belonged to her and her house. To me this is such a clear sign of how she is making this place HER place in the world, and I am proud and happy to see her succeeding everyday.

    Happy Birthday sweet Els!

  • Happy Happy Birthday Elsie! You are the type of person that everyone dreams of being friends with. You share your life with all of us through your blog and business and I am so thankful for that!

  • Happy Birthday to you Elsie! I hope your day is as fabulous as you are 😉 I love that you’re not afraid to be you. You’ve always impressed me with your thoughtfulness and love for handmade art. You have truly created your own magic & it’s amazing to see how it has been sprinkled onto others.

  • Happy birthday Elsie!! You inspire me to go to bed late, get up early, and to follow my dreams no matter how far away or impossible they seem. You have a beautiful way of viewing the world, and also you have so much talent, and not to mention great style! My life has been even better since I started reading your blog about a year or two ago (how time flies!). I’m happy to even share a silmilar name to you!! (mine’s really chelsea, chelz is a nickname ;D).

    Have another fabulous and magical year filled with lovlieness!

    <3 chelz

  • Happy birthday Elsie! I love all the inspiration and loveliness you share, but what keeps me coming back here is seeing someone my age succeed and have so much drive, determination and business savvy while still being so sweet and nice. It’s a balance I strive for and you are an inspiration. 🙂 xoxo!

  • Elsie- I was so excited to meet you at SF Renegade. I was nervous to go and introduce myself (silly, I know), but I was blown away with how real and genuinely kind and nice you were. You were so down to earth for being amazingly talented, beautiful, and successful. Thanks for totally making my trip! 🙂
    I am continuously inspired by your blog and classes and all that you do and are.
    Happy Birthday!

    PS My 28th birthday is on Tuesday, so I’m following behind you soon!

  • i stumbled across you by complete accident and since then have come back almost every day to get my fix of beautiful things. i like in New Zealand so you’re now on my extremem wish list of thing i’d like to do – go to your shop, buy one of your amazing quirky cool “things”. your whole blog satisfies my need for beauty, simplity, quirkyness, joy and its wonderful seeing someone live a dream! God bless you in this adventure! ps your wedding blog makes me want to get married again (to my wondeful husband of course!)

  • Happy birthday Elsie!

    I’ve followed you for a long long time. Ever since your first book, and regularly drooled over your Love, Elsie line that was carried at the scrapbooking store I worked at.

    I gotta say, seeing where you were and where you are now… I really admire your tenacity and passion to pursue a handmade dream. You very well could have kept on the mainstream path that was proving you very successful, but instead you followed your heart. That is without a doubt, the most admirable thing about you… You didn’t choose the easy road! That tenacity, passion and spark for life is an amazing gift that you share the world over everyday. Thanks for being an inspiration to everyone who is trying to follow their own dreams! And have a very very special day!

  • You make it look like anyone can realize their dreams but you never down play the hard work it takes. you love to share your ideas and inspiration. love you!

  • Birthday Wishes and cupcakes,too! Elsie, your blog is such a magical and sweet spot! I always feel so inspired!! I am 47 and trying to find my creative spark, thanks for bringing a smile each time I visit!!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I don’t often comment much on your blog because usually so many people have already said exactly what I would say, but I check it every day, you are a genuine inspiration in so many ways. You have worked so hard and deserve all the happiness that comes your way. I hope you have a beautiful weekend celebrating your birthday! 🙂


  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I’ve never met you but I adore your blog and I can tell that you are just a genuinely kind person, it brings a smile to my face!

    Have a LOVELYY day!

  • Happy Birthday dear Elsie! In portuguese: FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO!! I’ll make it my wish ok, keep doing whatever you do, keep being this amazing person, keep inspiring people all over the world – like me, keep being gorgeous as always!

    Love from Brazil


  • I stumbled across Elsie’s blog a few years ago and was immediately smitten. I had to tell everyone I knew about it! I was completely in awe of this super creative girl who has never been afraid to take risks and go after her dreams. What’s more amazing is that it seems everything she touches turns to gold. It’s been so rewarding to be inspired every day to go after my own creative dreams, and even more so to watch hers come true. Whether it was back in her Etsy days, watching her get her own RVA website, to the store, Jeremy, changing locations, and now her wedding blog! Throughout it all she’s maintained her cute optimism & shown that success truly comes with hard work and dedication. She’s a true inspiration!

  • happy birthday elsie. you’re an inspirational person and i can see it just by reading and spending my time in your blog. even though i have never meet you alive but i am sure you’re a great person. i adore your stuffs and your creative imagination you express through this blog and your business. you’re an artsy person.

    kudos to elsie with love,

  • Happy birthday Elsie. You are inspiring, your creativity is contagious and your clothes rock. 😉 Hope it is a super day for you!

  • happy birthday elsie! thank you for all your beautiful inspiration and great words of wisdom. You are amaaazing!xo,c.f.

  • Elsie I don’t know you personally, but I love your blog. You are so cute and genuine. You have inspired me in so many ways. Many wishes to you on your Special Day! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday!! I randomly found your blog one day a couple of years ago and it never ceases to amaze me. You inspire me to find beauty in new ways and to push my creativity! So so so happy for your success in your career and family. Truly best wishes for your amazing future 🙂

  • elsie,

    happy birthday! you are the most creative person i know.
    (well i feel like i know you, because i’ve followed your blog FOR YEARS! ha.)

    hope you had a great day. thanks for brightening everyone else’s with your magical posts.

    <3 liz

  • Elsie is a very stylish person and has been my rolemodel for over a year now. I look up to her and I am inspired everytime to craft more.

    Hope you have a wonderful day Elsie! Happy Birthday!


  • #1 source of inspiration period. You are just the cutest! Happy Birthday Elsie…..we love the peek you give us into your magical little world! Please don’t ever stop. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! I am always so inspired by your creativity, your drive and all the things you do. I hope this year brings more wonderful things for you!

  • Happy, happy birthday Miss Elsie! 🙂 You & your amazing blog inspire me everyday in a way no one else can! & your fashion is thee cutest! 😉 I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true! xo

  • Happy birthday! Elsie, you are incredibly inspiring. I love how you collaborate with your galpals and come up with the cutest of worlds. Someday I hope to take a road-trip out to Red Velvet and see you in action! All the best to you, girlie!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!
    Have a fabulous one!
    You are a true role model. Someone who has dreamed up her goals and made it into a reality. You are such an inspirational person!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! Feliz Cumpleaños! You are definitely inspiring! I realized following your blog that I shouldn’t give up on my dreams! So thank you very much! xo

  • happy birthday miss elsie!!

    we’ve never met(but one day!)…but we think that your ability to be light on even the cloudiest of days shines through like nothing else! you’re like a rainbow! dancing in the aisles of target when no ones looking? if you ever hear the sounds of someone shakin a tail feather in the aisle next to you, check to see if its us! your happy little life is boundless and we love that about you! so, clap your hands and say “yeah!” cause its your earth day!! and with out it you wouldn’t be here to send your little bubbles of love around the world! happy 28 candles!!

    x’s and o’s…


    “the Funk Off! crew”

  • elsie you have helped people make connections with each other, from throughout the world. that without you, may not have existed. you have shown that though there are differences within us, we are each alike in many ways. thank you for being a courageous innovator. have a lovely day, celebrating the birth of you!

  • Wishing you a very happy birthday Elsie! I have loved your blog for a few years now, you have inspired me to follow my creative dreams and for that I am forever grateful 🙂
    Have a wonderful day xxxxx

  • Happy birthday, Elsie!

    You are one of my biggest role models in my life because you are everything I want to be. You are beautiful, creative, in love, and full of confidence and positive energy. You give me hope when I feel like giving up. You have amazing courage and I admire you so much. I’m so grateful I found your blog and that you share so much with all of your readers and inspire us all every day.


  • Happy Birthday, Elsie. I’m wishing you a wonderful and creative new year. I love reading your blog because you show dreams can come true with hard work, belief in your self, having fun and staying true to your heart.

  • happy birthday, elsie! you really are one of the most inspirational people ever… i always feel so motivated and creative to pursue my dreams when i visit your blog. 🙂 thanks for being who you are, never ever change. <3

  • Elsie is a giant inspiration both artistically and in life. Her work with indie shops and achieving what she wants through hardwork and dedication has made her blog a daily read.

  • Elsie-
    May your birthday be filled with everything you wanted and everything you didn’t know you wanted. I found you in a time where I felt stuck and so outside myself. Your blog is my favorite to this day as it helped me to see outside my situation and dream again. I finally was able to see possibilities that never existed before. You are on my list of most admired people. I am truly encouraged and inspired by you again and again. I can only hope that I will be able to see your lovely face in person one day. Have the very best birthday.

  • Happy Birthday!!
    I love how you make the rest of us feel like we can do it too! That life is not about the corporate grind 🙂 –you too, Jeremy!

  • Happy birthday you gorgeous lady!!

    I have learned so much from you. My favorite of them all is that I’ve learned to be goal oriented; have a vision, and make small goals in order to achieve that vision.
    Thank you so SO much.

  • Because of you I dropped my other boring major to pursue art and my love of photography in university. Because of you I tried oil painting and found out I loved it. Because of you I picked up a needle and started crocheting. Because of you I stared to plan my own independent business. Because of you making radical decisions with your hair (oh goodness, that bright pink) I chopped off all of my tresses for a pixie cut. Because of you I pushed myself to try things that make me uncomfortable and unsafe– and find myself on solid ground with more accomplishments under my belt in the process. Now I’m a happy art student doing what I love, on her way to a bright and artistic future snuggling with her laptop covered by a afghan I crocheted myself. Cubicle job avoided, saving pennies for pretty lenses, looking forward to the rest of my life. Thanks! Much love, Rhiannon from herthreebirds.blogspot.com

  • i can’t start my day without looking at your blog. you’re such an inspiration to my style, my career and my outlook on life. happy birthday, elsie!!!

    xo, megs

  • Happy, Happy Birthday dear Elsie! I’ve followed you and your inspirations since I discovered “52 Scrapbooking Challenges”. That book was so refreshing…I knew then that you were very special. When I discovered your blog, I was elated! Now I had a way to see how you evolve as a person, an artist, and an online force. I have children older than you, but I’ve enjoyed following your adventures so much that it seems age doesn’t matter. Watching your relationship with Jeremy unfold has been like a modern day fairy tale to your readers. Thank you so much for sharing that part of your life. I wish you tremendous success with your new shop (which I’m lovin’), and in every project you undertake. You’re such a breath of fresh air!

    (Thank you LA for the opportunity to share.)

  • Happy Birthday!
    I love how inspirational and positive you seem all the time! That and the fact that you have a fantastic blog! oxo

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!! Even though I am older by 5 years, you are definitely wiser. Your zest for life inspires me daily. I am not a fashionable person but you inspire me to try a little harder. I appreciate vintage much more since I’ve been reading your blog. The way you write about your family is heart warming. You are an amazing person and I’m thankful to be able to read what you share with all of us. Have an amazing year!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You are very sweet and a big inspiration. Instead of just waiting for things to happen you went out there and made your dreams come true, with your lovely sister no less. :)I wish you the happiest of days!

  • i look at this blog at least 4 times a day but usually more hopeing there will be another post!! this is the only blog ive found that truely is amazing, unique and makes me feel like creating everyday!! i told my husband that my dream is to meet u elsie but i think ill cry lol its pretty much number one on my dream list haha i have drempt about going to ur store and wondering around hahaha i definitely look up to u and hope i can create something awesome like u have when i turn 28 6 more years but i hope to meet u before then!! love one of ur biggest fans!!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I hope you enjoy all that this day has to offer! Grab yourself a delicious cupcake and bubble tea and just relax! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity with us! You inspire me every day! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! I love checking out your blog because you’re carelessly optimistic and upbeat, it’s inspiring!

    I hope your day has been wonderfully filled with lots of love!

  • Happy Birthday, Elise!!
    I love you cause every time I come to your blog, I felt happy, and you had never disappointed me. You let us all in on your life and are so real, and, what’s more, you make me feel that we can own a happy life in a easy way. I love you, girl. You shall always live in a beautiful mass.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! As many have already said, your blog is a part of my daily life. I check in throughout the day and am excited for every new post you share with us. Thank you so much for sharing your life, creativity, and determination with us. You are cherished far more than you will ever know.
    Have a GREAT birthday weekend!

  • Elsie, no one has inspired me the way you have. I can honestly say that because of you, I am a better Me! You are an amazing woman and a fabluous role model for girls/women of all ages. Keep on being true to you and we will all reap the rewards! Happy Birthday! May this year ahead be the most magical ever!

    Lots of love…

  • When I find myself in a rut, I think, “What would Elsie Flannigan do?” Then I will either craft, find inspiration, drink coffee, or simply get off my rear and accomplish SOMETHING. You are a very big inspiration and your blog is a constant reminder for me (and many others) to find joy and beauty in the little things. Thank you & Happy Birthday! <3 <3 <3

  • To a sweet, sweet friend of many years. You amaze me still. Have a fabulous year Els. Happy Day! Love you Dear!

    p.s. i must say, the art class collage pic of Lucile Ball has to be one of my favs, still.;)

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!!

    You are such a beautiful person! Your talent, creativity, and passion for creating a wonderful blog and shop is like no other! The way you view the world is just so magical, so beautiful. You are a huge inspiration to others to follow their dreams and goals.

    Have a magical 28th year!!!

  • I look forward to stopping by your blog everyday. Whether it is to see what you dreamed up or some creative goodness you are sharing with us.
    Thank you for your passing along your passion!
    Hope your Birthday was lovely!

  • Happy, Happy Birthday, Elsie!! I always feel so motivated to get out and live my dream after reading your posts! Thanks for giving me hope and loads of pure, lovely inspiration!!

  • You deserve to be very successful! Thanks for showing us that it really does pay off to work hard and put your heart in what you believe in.

  • you inspire me to do bigger and better things with my life! By being able to share in your success and magical life you have given me hope that I can do the same. Thank you for being you and sharing you with all of us!! I wish you the most amazing birthday ever!!!! YOU ROCK!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!
    You are loved by so many and a huge inspiration to all. Enjoy your magical year ahead.

  • You inspire me more than anybody. Your ability to maintain happiness and contentment astounds me, and it’s a total encouragement to me to keep going. You make me realize that life is beautiful, and to make the most of every precious moment.
    I hope to meet you one day.
    Happy birthday! xoxo

  • happy birthday elsie! thank you for having such a positive outlook and for sharing your inspiration day after day. your the reason i decided to give blogging a try 🙂

  • happy birthday elsiecake 🙂

    you are truly an inspiration to all of us young crafty people.
    your blog is the start to my days.me and the best have already planned to come visit red velvet as soon as spring semester is over! we honestly cant wait 🙂
    i hope you have a fabulous birthday.

  • Happy Birthday!

    What keeps me coming back is your enthusiasm for your work/ life/ art. I also enjoy that you keep your blog upbeat and positive. It’s one place that I can go to and see something pretty or something that inspires me to go a little further and put in that extra step of effort in the day. Even if it is something as simple as what you are wearing that day.

    Blessings and Thank you!

  • Happy birthday Elsie!!! You are so inspiring and genuine! You are true to yourself and it SHINES through to us out here in blogland! Thank you for being who you are and doing all that you do 🙂 xoxo

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! Your like the best friend I’ve never met…ridiculous right?…not really because…. One of the best things about Elsie is that she invests herself in her creative endeavors and you can truly see who she really is; even a stranger can see how amazing she is a consider her one of their daily best friends as your read her blog. This means that you touch peoples lives in a positive way, even if you never see the awesomeness you put out into the world. Have an amazing day…seriously, we looove reading about your awesome days! Happy Date of Birth, Hearts, janna lynn

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You inspire me to be more creative so thank you! I hope your day was magical. 😉

  • Happy birthday! I have been so inspired by you and even though I live in springfield and have yet to visit your store I about peed my pants the day it opened because I was so excited for you and your sister! I am excited to meet you in person too!

    Anyways, you are a beautiful inspiration and a great example of how to take life by it’s creative horns and turn it into a lifestyle.



  • happy birthday elsie,
    you are my inspiration.
    when I see you and your amazing blog, I believe that my dreams will come true!!
    wish you all the best for all of your life…
    I love you elsie!!!

  • Elsie 😀 Your voice is the cutest and I love your videos and blog posts. You follow your heart and dreams and don’t SEEM to have any regrets. I really admire your courage. It seems that you are shy, but you put yourself out there and take a chance. Thats what inspires me <3 Keep being your courageous self! 😀

    Happy 28th! Kiss Kiss!


  • Happy Birthday Sweet Elsie!!

    I love you because you are inspiring, lovely, happy, positive….just a beautiful person.

    Have a wonderful day with your loving family and friends.


  • Happy birthday, Elsie! Thank you for what you do. Your blog makes me feel more like myself than most other times in my day. Best wishes for a year of magic and wonder.

  • Dear Elsie,
    You are the most cleverest, pretty, wonderful, fantastic, awesome and fabulous creative person ever!!! You are so clever at all the wonderful art things you do and you are so kind and so pretty. Thank-you for being kind, inspiring, creative, cool, awesome and wonderful!
    Love from Emily xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Aww, happy birthday Elsie. and i love Twinkie Chan’s reference to Rainbow Brite. She (Rainbow Brite, that is) has been one of my hero’s and inspiration since i was a kid. you and her are both on that list 🙂

  • Happy birthday! I just started reading your blog, and now I cannot stop! Your clothes are fab, your DIY projects are to die for, and you give people the inspiration and courage to truly embrace themselves and live life to the fullest. Cheers to another year of a wonderful person like you on this planet!

  • HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELSIE!! You are such an inspirational and beautiful person! You stun me with your adorable creations and your commitment to follow your dreams. I can tell that you are truly a passionate and caring person and i admire you very much, m’dear. You deserve all the best!

    <3 Amanda

    P.S. Just a short story you might like... A couple of my friends and I were at the Sleeping At Last concert in Tyler, TX earlier this year and had the privilege of meeting Jeremy, who had opened up for them. He was sitting at the merchandise table and we thought he looked a bit lonely, as most everyone else was talking amongst themselves. So, we walked up to where he was sitting and struck up a conversation with him about our hometown. We complimented him on the show and said that we would buy his album if only we had brought enough money. He told us to forget about paying him and gave us a copy of his cd, only asking that we would buy something from your shop (we had also mentioned earlier that we loved Red Velvet.) Anyway, it was just a small thing, but I could tell that he really cares about you. You two are so sweet for each other and I hope you have the most lovely wedding, as well! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! I hope 28 is the best year yet! I admire your ability to make the cutest projects seem simple and doable. My cat wouldn’t have a snow hat if it weren’t for you! LOL

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!!

    Your blog is the number one place I go to to get my Happy Fix. I don’t need coffee, I need ABM in the mornings! 😀

    Thank you for providing us with tons of inspiration be it for our creativity, our careers, our personal development or our love lives. 🙂

    Lots of love from the other side of the world!

  • Happy birthday elsie! Its 20th Nov in Singapore but I hope its still 19th Nov in US.

    Its been 4 years and more since I have followed ur blog!

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful person inside out! Who creates, inspires and above all has a great imagination. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

  • Elsie, You are a real life SUPER HERO! You’re an inspiration to so many. You lead by example & I’m thankful you give all of us a glimpse into your dreams come true…Thank you & Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday lovely girl!! xoxo

    I have loved you since I first saw some scrapbook pages you made back in CK years ago…and then when I met you and you were just as lovely and fun and genuine in real life, that was magic. 🙂 You make your life absolutely beautiful, and you show everyone that meets you that they can do the same.

    LOVE YOU Elsie!



  • Dear Elsie,

    the one thing that has stuck with me through out your blog is that you pause from time to time to let us know that you are human. Like Janelle Monae says whether you’re high or low you tend to bring perspective as we begin to think that your life is perfect. We as viewers can tend to want that illusion of perfection ourselves. You remind us that with great success there has been great failures as well. The key is to get back up and keep moving foward pressing on for our goals and dreams.

    Thank you for balance and amazing inspiration.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Dearest Elsie, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday from me to you. Thank you for your generous heart, for encouraging my girl to be true to herself and follow her heart. For giving her confidence to be unique in a world that encourages sameness too. Thank you for sharing about your business highs and lows – as a small business owner, it is great to share these thoughts and know that we are not alone. You are a constant inspiration and these are just a few of the reasons we love and appreciate you so much. Happy Birthday xxx Janelle

  • Your hair! Oh my. Everyday it looks superb. Ribbons, bows, headbands, hats, you name it, it looks great on you!

    Happy Birthday Favorite Blogger :]

  • A big Happy Birthday!!

    Miss Elsie, you make me feel so happy and inspired even in my worst times. Your posts always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.
    You’re so passionate and cheerful and excited about just being alive!! You see the world as a vast array of opportunities, and that’s wonderful.
    So have a wonderful day and year~ <3

  • definitely an inspiration and most definitely ADORABLE.
    the world loves you, elsie.
    hap-hap-happy birthday to you! xo

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!
    You’re such an inspiration lady – you make people see that dreams are attainable!
    Have a happy happy day

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!

    Thank you for enlightening us with your creativity and inspiration! What I like most about you is that you follow through with your plans and you are what having dreams is all about.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You’re the most inspiring person for me, you brings me every day inspiration, but not just an inspiration, it’s inspiration that reminded that life is beautiful and it is always possible to achieve your dreams! You remind us all what is important : the love of family and friends, dreams, learn to express themselves through art, be happy, and be yourself ! Thank you for this ! I hope this new year will be for you the most wonderful ever!

  • Happy Birthday to the most talented and inspiring young woman that I have ever “known”. Oh, how I wish I could have known you in person. From the first time that I’ve stumble upon your blog i was hooked! I’ve read it until the very first post! You have opened my eyes and helped me realize that “the dream” that I’ve had all my life it actually could come true because someone else had already made it. I was so impressed and I’m still. You never stop to amaze me!
    I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world and always be surrounded with people who love you and respect you! <3

  • Oh, I forgot something important : We not only love Elsie for what she creates, we love her for what she is! Happy Birthday again from France Elsie !

  • elsie flannigan. thank you so much for opening me to the blogosphere by being the first style/inspiration blog i religiously followed almost a year and a half ago. i was obsessed with your lovely style and creative energy oozing from my iPod touch so i checked a beautiful mess at least 3 times a day.
    i hope this year is absolutely wonderful, with tons of blessings. thank you for being born and sharing a piece of your life with all of us. your self starter nature and dedication to doing what you love is incredible and individual. never have i happened upon a person who pursued their passion in their life so fully.

    happiest birthday wishes your way!!!

  • happy birthday! t’you for having a wonderful energy, big heart and creative soul….your blog has got me through many dark days and inspired me to create bright days instead!

  • Happy birthday, Elsie! I wish you all the best for the coming year, and beyond. Since stumbling on your blog earlier this year I have been so inspired to be as creative as I can. It’s so lovely to read your blog and absorb all the great inspiration within it.

    You seem to be so lovely and I just can’t say enough how well I wish you, Jeremy and the whole team at RVA the absolute best. I hope to be able to visit the RVA store in person some time in the future!


  • Happy Birthday and best wishes from Poland! I love your enthusiasm, style (and lifestyle :)) and something so-called “colour” :).
    I’m always in a great mood reading your blog and looking and your pics.
    Wishes in Polish: Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin! Sto lat Elsie!!! 🙂

    Greetings and hugs,
    Gosia – “Jaspisowa”

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! Thank you so much for inspiring me, and bazillions of other crafty gals across the globe! You truly inspire me to follow my dreams and live a passionate and creative life. I wish you many more years of creativity, happiness, love, and success.



  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!! I’m going to follow the general trend and tell you how inspiring you are. You make living a dreamy, creatively satisfying life seem so accessible! Thanks for sharing your unique voice with blogland!

  • You have been such a huge inspiration to me! Your blog always makes my day.

    Palju õnne sünnipäevaks Elsie!(that’s Estonian)

  • Hi Elsie,

    Happy de pappy B-day!!!!

    I love your blog because your always so optemistic and happy in them. I also love the pictures you put on them. the whole thing looks so artsy and different

    keep on going like your doing!

    much love from the Netherlands (country in between germany and belgium)


  • happy-happy birthday elsie!!!
    Zorionak!!! (that’s basque)
    Thanks for making us so happy every day … and for being so special…
    I hope your day is as beautiful as you deserve…
    Lots of hugs+kisses

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you sooo much for inspiring so many people to follow their hand-made dreams!

  • Wishing you a happy birthday sweet Elsie. Thanks for who you are and what you do to inspire people all arround the world! Three birthday kisses on the cheeks (as we do here in Holland) and hope it will be a marvelous year for you!

    Love Annemieke

  • Happy Birthday Elsie, you’re my inspiration 🙂
    I hope you have a fabulous day and don’t foget to tell us all about it hee hee ^^

  • Happy, happy, lovely 28th birthday Elsie! You’re really a sweet, artistic, lovely, enthusiastic (oh my gosh, i might use all the positive adjectives if i don’t stop already) person. You will forever be my lifetime idol, who inspired me to change my life for the better. Thank you so much Elsie!

  • Agree with all of it – Elsie you are fabulous and I aspire to live my life like you do! Happy Birthday! xxx

  • dear Elsie,
    I love your creativity, your soul, your love,..
    You inspire me and you really are a rolemodel to me. 🙂
    I hope for you that all your dreams can come true and I wish you lots of happiness and love.
    Happy birthday, xoxo

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You are the most inspiring person I know, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! It is magical!

  • Well, reading in English is fine but writting is an other story,… 🙂
    I love so much what you do and who you are.
    My motivation is “Dream you life and live your dreams”, it seems to me that you’re an incarnation of that sentence, and I like you for that, for making me believe it’s possible.
    As we say,… “Joyeux Anniversaire” and keep being the beautiful person you are.

  • o happy day elsie! i love your blog.. and your creativity and joy and passion shine right through, thank you for sharing all that you do and for inspiring me as a new blogger.

  • Elsie is my, crafty hero, my role model, she inspires me every single day. If it wasnt for her, id never have gotten back to painting again!! Im dead serious!! Moreover, she gives me hope that one day my dreams will come true.
    She is someone id definitely swap bodies and talents with.;)

    Elsie, i love you! 🙂 Have the greatest birthday ever!

  • Happy birthday Elsie!
    i love your blog posts a lot, inspires me all the time.
    and i hope to meet you someday.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas (they are wonderful and most magical).

    Wishing you a beautiful Magical day.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You make me want to work harder towards my goals and I am so glad I found your blog years ago. I truly believe my life would be different if I hadn’t.

  • AWWW, I love this post. A Beautiful Mess is the first blog I click on every morning because I can’t wait to see what Elsie has up her sleeve every day. She seems to have the energy of a non-human. and she’s pretty.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You may not know it but you and your blog is really what got me into actually blogging. I had signed up years ago so I could do some rants when I wanted to….plus I didn’t know anyone on blogger. Then I found my friend Carol at That Is Charming and there was a link to your blog there and that was it! I was determined after that to continue to post on my blog continually and try to inspire others with my crafts/ideas like you! I can’t wait to take a trip to Springfield to come see you and your wonderful shop! Anyway, Happy birthday!


  • Happy Birthday Elsieee!! You are so creative, inspirational and original!
    I learn so much following you blog since your 26 birthday! 🙂
    Lots of kisses from Spain!! *Nerea*

  • happy birthday lovely lady !!!!!

    you are my daily blog reminder that little dreams are there to come true – and heck – what a magical inspirational fulfilling journey it can be on the way to them

    wishing you sprinkles on joy and happiness into your next year

    dommie x

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!
    You are my hero, the person I wish I could be and the person who inspires me not to let my creative side dwindle.

    I hope your day is magical and you realise how you have touched so many peoples lives 🙂

  • happy birthday elsie! you are such an inspiration to me, and i so aspire to gain your saavy to follow your dream. <3


    p.s. i am still sending your cupcake charm that i made you, for some reason i thought i already sent it and i saw it sitting on top of my craft drawers the other day!! <3

  • Happy birthday, Elsie! What a beautiful life you live. Keep following your dreams and know that you inspire so many people on the internet!

  • In addition to being totally insprired by your blog every day, I have gotten to make a road trip w/ my bestie (& once even with my daughters) to your 1st RVA store. You left a hand written note and little illustration for my girls at the counter. My girls were so thrilled that you took the time to do that! I have pics that I will (someday) remember to mail you of them trying on glasses and buying cool handmade stuff (their friends are JEALOUS)!!! Happy Birthday!

  • Have a beautiful birthday Elsie! I’ve been reading your blog everyday here in Nova Scotia. I tell all my friends about how happy it makes me. So, thank you for sharing your life with all of us 🙂

  • Happy birthday!

    You don’t know me, but I adore your creativity and will of power.

    Sending b-day wishes from across the globe,


  • Happy birthday Elsie! I’m late to comment, but only because my son’s birthday is this weekend and we have a bit of celebrating going on here! I want you to know that you make me feel positive and inspired every single day. I love how you share so much of yourself with us. Thank you for being so amazing.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  • Happy birthday, Elsie! I look forward to reading your blog every single day when I get home from work. Thanks for keeping us inspired!

  • Happy birthday Elsie,

    I love reading your blog and ideas, keep them coming.

    have a wonderful day


  • your blog is always so creative. you aren’t afraid to be real and really wonderful. thanks for all the inspiration.

  • Happy 28 years of YOU…how wonderful! Your zest for life and the way you see things and then turn around and share them with others is a treat. The world is a brighter place because of you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and lots of happiness in the years to come too.

  • happy birthday from colorado! because of you, i have taken waaaay more pictures than i ever have before. you’re such an inspiration! hope your birthday is filled with tons of love and happiness! ♥

  • Happy Birthday from an anonymous fan of your work,of your site,of you..haha … seriously,i love all that you do and hope you have a special b-day,with many cute cupcakes,colorful balloons,vintage clothes n etc,etc… keep it up.xoxo

  • You’ve inspired me to work harder, work smarter, blog regularly, dress for myself, and I’m so happy you’re where you are!
    xoxo for all the inspiration you give to us all!! (even those of us OVER 40!)

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! You are so cute and so inspirational! I love checking your blog and dreaming about meeting you someday and becoming instant best friends! 🙂

  • Happy birthday Elsie! Your positive outlook on life and determination to pursue the life and dreams that make you happy and fulfilled is inspiring. 🙂 I hope you have the best of days. xox

  • Happy birthday Elsie!! Your blog is such an inspiration and i’m so glad to have found it 🙂 Have a lovely day XOXO

  • When the thought of possibly owning an artsy business seems too daunting or destined to fail, I think of you. Even though it’s probably a ton of hard work and nit & grit, you make it look accessible; you help me to picture doing something like Red Velvet. Thank you, not only for your creativity, but your business saavy.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I couldn’t agree more with all the wonderful comments about you. You are sooo inspiring and creative and talented!!! I loooove your style and your perspective. I look forward to reading your blog and always leave with a huge amount of creative inspiration. You introduced me to my love for vintage things and really have helped motivate me to craft and create. I have enjoyed taking a couple of your online classes and you always do such an amazing job as a teacher and the projects are so much fun. Thank you for encouraging someone like me who you don’t even know 🙂 C.

  • Happy birthday Elsie! Your blog is a bright spot and artistic inspiration every day. Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into it!

  • Happy happy happy Birthday!

    Reading your blog can turn my day around (Seriously!) I am completely inspired and motivated by what a thoughtful, sweet, unique, powerful and creative woman you are! You inspire more people than you can even imagine and most of them you won’t meet! How awesome is that?

    Have a beautiful day and keep doing what you do so well!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I have been following your blog for some time and am planning a trip to Red Velvet next week. I cannot wait! thank you so much for sharing some of you with us, you are such an inspiration.

  • even though i’m not into vintage stuff, i love to come and read your blog. your creativity inspires me and brings joy to my day.

    happy birthday and keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!! You are authentic. I admire so much your ability to live authentically. Most choose not to or tell themselves they can’t. You just do. Thank you.

  • Feliz cumpleaños!!!! ive been a reader for a long time and eventhough im far away (Guatemala)you always keep me inspired!! you are great!! and i wish you the best year ever 🙂

  • Happy Birthday, Elsie! You are such a creative person that it really does inspire me to enjoy life even more. You are also the very first blogger that I’ve read and I’ve been reading your blog for a good year. I enjoy every moment you post something about scrap booking and seeing how much your creativity grows.
    I hope to visit your gorgeous store some time. <3
    Becca in Cali.

  • Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fabulous year! My husband and I wandered into your sweet store last weekend but I was too shy to talk to you much. 🙂 You are an inspiration to me and keep me going creatively after my office job eats my soul during the day. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!
    You have been the biggest source of inspiration for me since I started crafting regularly, I love how you always seem so positive and share everything that you find beautiful with the world.
    Warmest wishes xx

  • happy birthday, miss elsie! (again) 🙂
    even though you are so well-known in the handmade/craft world, you are completely down-to-earth. i love how you stay connected to your readers and are always so relatable.

  • You’re genuinely creative,talented, and positive, and just seem like a fantastic person! Thanks for being you and one of the best bloggers around 🙂

  • Happy birthday Elsie!

    I became a follower when I took your art journal class! You helped to revive my creativity and inspired me to start my blog. I love coming to your blog to feel like I’m in a retro world- I love it!!

  • Oh I’m so sorry I’m late… happy birthday Elsie! You are an absolute inspiration.. I’m so glad you’re doing something you love and have found so much success!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie..your my favorite craft inspired blog. you also are a blog that i read and look to for motivation. you truly have helped my own entrepreneurial journey and i so appreciate your down to earthiness and your love of community to share what you have learned!

  • so much love here ! of course ! you are just wonderful! my daily inspiration ! Yes a hero

    Happy Birthday !
    xoxo from France

  • Happy Birthday! You blog is so inspiring (I’ve said it many times before!), and you seem very real—the kind of person I’d love to meet someday! Hope today is special and you have a fabulous year!



  • What I ADORE about Elsie is that girl YOU ARE FEARLESS…and you inspire me sooo much I hope this new year brings lots of good karma and tons of new inspirations

  • I love you because when I was going through chemo and radiation and was bald and looked horrible…you reached out to me and gave me a big hug while my sister took our picture! That was almost four years ago and I treasure that moment!

  • happy happy birthday! you are truly amazing and inspiring, thank-you for sharing little pieces of your life 🙂 i hope you have a great birthday! x

  • Happpy Birthday Sparkle Girl!
    As everyone has already said, you are such an inspiring girlie. You seem to have such a positive attitude and creative outlook on life. AND YAY FOR BLYTHE LOVIN’ GIRLIES!

    hope yer day was super duper magical!

  • happy belated birthday!!

    wow over 200 comments….look how many ppl you inspire, encourage + touch with your creativity!!…..myself included….so thank you for that!!

    hoping your day was filled with fun + cake!!

  • Happy birthday!!! To have you here to prove to everyone who has a dream that if you really set your mind to it and live what you love DREAMS DO COME TRUE. That is the biggest motivator in the world. Not to mention that you do it so sweet and with this much caring and independence is amazing! I can’t wait to see what happens between now and your next birthday! HUGS!

  • Listen. I may be 51 (gasp!) but i am a huuuuge fan. Have been with you from the very beginning (two peas days…) have watched you grow and grow. You have an amazing gift. originality, sweetness, beauty, and most important of all FAMILY. Thank you for sharing your life with us. (sometimes that’s not easy. you do that with alot of class, by BTW). It’s funny how you manage to make us all feel like we know you. I feel like if you called me to hang out I would know exactly what to do . Keep it up girl!

  • Happy Birthday Elsie! I hope you had a magical day! I just adore you & your blog! You are a huge inspiration to me as a shop owner & independant crafter/artist as well. You are AMAZING! Next on my to do.. visit your new store some day soon! Wisconsin isn’t too far right? Lol! Have a great weekend! xo!

  • Hope your birthday was wonderful! When I first started scrapbooking, your work was such an inspiration to me. I love visiting your blog & seeing all the pretties you are creating!

  • Happy Birthday!!! We share the same one!!! How fun I love your blog, you’ve inspired me to write a “26 before 27” list this year! Hope you had a great day and keep up all your good work 🙂 Your blog is obviously well loved.

  • happy bday! thanks for being positive and having a bubbly online presence. you inspire so many to dare to dream. thanks 🙂
    hope you had a fantastic day

  • Happy Birthday Elsie (:
    I hope you had a lovely birthday. I agree with all these points. You prove that with good old fashioned hard work you can make your dreams come true.

  • Happy Birthday!! Hope you have an amazing one – you deserve it! You’re so inspiring and even though I’ve just recently started reading your blog you’ve already inspired me to follow through with my dream of owning my very own boutique 🙂

    Enjoy your day, and get spoiled by the ones you love!


  • Happy Birthday Elsie!!

    I discovered your blog a couple months ago, and I always look forward to reading it. You are such an inspiration. Keep on truckin’ and doing what you do in full force!! Best wishes 🙂


  • Happy Belated birthday Elsie!! Everytime I open up your blog I always leave with a smile on my face! You are such an inspiration and are truely magical. Thanks for sharing SO much, I appreciate you!!! Glad you had a fabulous day yesterday! Just what you deserve :))) Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Happy 28th Birthday!! <3 Kristine from Arizona

  • Hello Elsie, happy belated birthday. I love your blog, your personality and everything about you. You are so inspiring and positive.

    I hope someday I can fly over to visit your store and meet you in person. May you continue to produce wonderful, cute and lovely work.

  • Happy Birthday Elsie!! I love your blog so much and am so thankful for all of the magic you post! I recently bought my first home and I love opening your blog to find inspiration for decorating and life! My birthday was in August, but you inspired me to make a 26 before 27 list a few months late! 🙂 One of my 26 is to come visit the shop this summer! I can’t wait!! I hope you had a fabulous day!! xo Joy

  • Happy belated anniversary Elsie! I can only agree with the other ones… You’e such a creative and inspirational person! I just dig your style and your shiny blog always makes me smile. Thank you for that! Wish you all the best!! Greets from Paris.

  • Elsie, you truly are an inspiration to many!! Happy belated birthday. November birthdays are the BEST ~ seeing that I was born just a year and few days later than you. 🙂

  • Happy Be-lated bday! <3 Everyday, i can't wait till my lunch break so i can see what wonderful things you have blogged about. You are truely original. thank you for so much fun in the blog world!

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