LA of Freckled Nest wearing The First Date Dress





I sent Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest a First Date Dress to try out. Here's what she said about the dress… "I have only good things to say about the dress. It fits PERFECT. I felt really special wearing it because it's handmade. I loved the black and white palette because it allowed me to use lots of color in my accessories and I had so many ideas for how to wear it. It was hard to pick today's outfit! I can't wait to wear it again and again and I'm so happy Red Velvet is offering extended sizing! You got it perfect! I would wear it on a date to one of our favorite dessert shops downtown or on a shopping trip with my girlfriends." (yay! Thanks, LA.)

Last season was our first dress collection ever. We only produced sizes Small-Large because we were just starting out and I didn't even know if there would be a demand for extended sizing. Well, the demand was overwhelming. We recieved countless e-mails and comments asking for a larger size range next season. We spent lots of time developing a more extensive size chart and this season The First Date Dress and The Sewing Kit Dress (below) are available in small-3X! We are so excited to offer this.


The Sewing Kit Dress is the same pattern in all sizes. It has a tent fit and is extremely easy to wear and looks great with a belt. The First Date Dress is a different pattern in extended sizes. See LA's photos above to get an idea of the fit. We made the extrended sizes a tent fit as well (small-large is a shift dress fit) so that it is easier to wear and more flattering in extended sizing. It's also a tiny bit longer in extended sizing, so it fits more like the Sewing Kit Dress. I'll be posting the full size chart in my next post. 

Thanks again, LA, for modeling this dress! I love your photos. You're the ultimate cutie. XO, elsie

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  • It was a well written article with beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing very helpful information.

  • wow ,so cute ,so sweet :

  • Before I read the text of this post, I was thinking, ‘It’s so awesome that they made their dresses in extended sizes for everyone, that’s awesome!’ That dress is super flattering, and if I had more [read: any] money, I’d buy that AND the library date dress.

  • Gorgeous girl right here! Her dress looks good on her without a doubt! And oh btw, that blue Cadillac is priceless! Is that hers?

  • I love this post! On most of the websites you see more skinny girls beeing cool and fashionable! Fashion is not about beeing skinny after all, is about everyones taste in fashion!

  • Leigh-Ann looks great in that dress!
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  • Why not XS? Real size-two girls don’t fit in smalls and must have as hard a time finding indie clothing as plus-size girls.

  • ooh it looks gorgeous on her! and her hat is pretty cool too lol i like that shade of green


  • Super sweet! Thanks for offering something for the “extended size” ladies (and for making adjustments to make sure that the dresses will look great on us too!).

    I must tell you that I also appreciate that LA is modeling the dress. She looks FAB – and it is also really helpful to know how sweet the dress looks on a frame similar to my own. I think that you will have a lot of interest in these dresses! Congratulations you creative and clever business lady.

  • How cute is she!?! The dress looks amazing on her and I love the way she accessorized it!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I love L.A. she is Awesome! Loved seeing her in this! Like sunshine on the screen and…..That Car….so Rad!

  • Really love that you can show the dresses in normal people, and normal people dont have only S size! Really really love that! We can be special and feminine in any size, and she is really rocking with this dress! Kiss for all you girls of red velvet that know how to respect normal life!

  • This made me buying the first date dress. Im starting to picture myself with it, and what combinations i can make with my wardrobe!

  • she looks amazing with that dress 🙂

    I also just saw a post where Katie was wearing the Flower Shop Dress, she made me love it even more!

  • LA is so cute and she looks adorable in this really nice dress! Well done, Elsie and the whole team! I love your work!

  • breeoxd, It’s true there are a lot of short dresses in this collection. I really love short dresses.

    The longer dresses (work appropriate) are The Sewing Kit Dress, The Library Date Dress and the teal silk one that I haven’t blogged about yet.
    The Teacher’s Pet Blouse is also totally work appropriate. 🙂

  • I have to say, I love all of your designs, but it’s sort of frustrating that everything is so short. I like being fashionable, but not all of us can pull off minis, even if we aren’t plus sizes. Particularly if we want to be able to wear them to work. The length of the sewing dress is a nice compromise, but really thats the only one that looks like it’s not a mini length. Just some food for thought!

  • Oh my gosh it’s so cute! Now if I could just get that lifeguard who finally asked me for my digits to actually ask me on that first date I’d order it!

  • you posted the sewing kit dress in a previous post right? It looks totally different here! I love it!


  • What time will these dresses be going on sale tomorrow? I wanna be first in line!!

  • Yes I completely agree with what everyone before me have said, I have recently (a couple of months) found and fell in love with beautiful mess and red velvet, I am almost tempted to get a red velvet tatoo, but even more tempted to buy everything in your store that fits!!! which by the looks of it will be quite a few things…. 🙂 big hugs from New Zealand x

  • I’m in love with this dress too!

    ♥ sécia

  • Love all your dresses, nice to have a variety of sizes, I’m a M-XL, depends, I have boob-age going on. In Tokyo, sizes are s, m, L, LL but they are junior sizes so the L is more like a U.S. Medium! Gah. I think I’ll order one size up, and take it in if I have too.

  • LA looks so cute!! I LOVE all the dresses in your new collection. I’ll have a very tough decision to make!

  • LA, you look so cute in that dress! I’m going to have to wear that cute number on my next first date! xo, rv

  • oh yay!!!!!!!!
    I just showed my husband the sewing kit dress wishing so hard that you offered it in plus sizes. You just made my day.

  • I absolutely love her green hat with that dress! The apple green is such a lovely pop of color with the black and white!


  • Elsie – I didn’t think it was possible for me to love you and your store MORE. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for offering these sizes!!!! I am so excited to order one (or both!) of these tomorrow.


  • This is so awesome! Being a size 12 it’s a little tricky when it comes to sizing, some Larges fit while others don’t. So excited about the new collection, you are are such an inspiration!


  • Can you tell us how much the sewing kit dress will be? I want to make sure Im ready to hit that paypal button!! : ) Must. have. it.

    thank you lady!

  • The collars on these dresses are phenomenal! So unique and lovely.




  • Aaw – it’s so cute on La! I can picture her wearing some cute yellow tights with it, too. And yay for bigger sizes!! 🙂

  • That dress is amazing!!! I want it!!

    She looks so awesome!

  • Oh awesome, I love the sewing kit dress, but didn’t think you would make it to suit my *ahem* ample frame. When are they on sale??

  • I’m glad that you had the response from the first line to know that you could have extended sizing for the second line. Great work!

  • Oh, you’re truly wonderful. I’m so glad you’re offering extended sizing!!! I was excited /for you/ for the launch, and now I’m excited /for me/. Haha!! Selfish much? Probably….

  • Yay yay YAY! I have my eye on the sewing kit dress, and now that I know I can get one in an XL I am SOLD! Can’t wait!!

    And LA is the cutest! 🙂

  • Oh THANK YOU soooo much! I love both dresses! Hopefully I’ll be able to snag one when it comes out! I think I want the sewing kit one b/c I love the pattern…!

  • I just cried a little bit reading this. Thank you so much for offering extended sizes.

    Being a girl who needs extended sizes I can never find clothes that I express my personality.

    Thank you Elsie.

  • She looks lovely [and she’s wearing one of my hats! yay!]. I seriously think I’m going to get this dress, it’s just so cute.

  • YAY!
    Extended sizes. You are the best best best! Now I just have to decide which one I want to get. Eep! :]
    And LA is a total babe. so much love for her.

  • LA looks absolutely adorable! Elsie, how am I ever going to decide on a dress???

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