Last Minute Costume Ideas For Couples

Last minute costumes for couplesJosh and I have yet to dress up for Halloween as a couple, so this was a fun challenge to take on. I think the main reason we haven't dressed up in the past was the assumption we didn't have the time to put in the effort to create a really neat costume, so thinking of last minute costumes was perfect for our busy schedule. We can be a little shy about this kind of thing, so it was fun to see what types of costumes we could make that were simple, easy, but still cute. Here's what we came up with!Fantastic mr. fox ideaFantastic mr. fox ideaFantastic mr. fox ideaThis has got to be my favorite of the bunch. Josh chose khaki pants, brown dress shoes, a button up shirt, tie and suit jacket. He already owned all but the vintage suit jacket. I wore a vintage dress and shoes plus a pair of brown tights. We made our masks out of poster board and water color paint to give it a streaked look for the fur. What's nice about this costume is, if we want to put the masks down, we still have a vintage inspired outfit, so our costume isn't totally out of place without them.
Grease costume ideaGrease costume ideaGrease costume ideaOur Grease inspired look involved a vintage dress and shoes and thrifted leather jacket. Josh also threw on a pair of black jeans, dress shoes, and black t-shirt. This outfit is definitely the most fun of the group, but still super easy to pull together. 
Cowboy + cowgirl costume ideaCowboy + cowgirl costume ideaCowboy + cowgirl costume ideaThis costume is perfect if you're invited to a last minute costume party and have zero time to run to the store and find specific pieces. We already owned all of these pieces, so it took five minutes to put together.We both chose cowboy boots, plaid tops, and fitted jeans. I added a vest and leather hat, while Josh used his banjo as another accessory to the outfit.

Thanks for letting me share our last minute costume ideas with you! Kinsey

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